Volvo V40 reviews

Negative reviews


The V40 was launched in 2012 and after 6 years they are still trying to package as a new model. The only thing new is the engine and headlights. The exterior is so passé and the interior still has number pad buttons which makes it look like a dinosaur. They are trying to get rid of old stock. It's like paying the price of a new model and getting an old model instead.

What I like

Good for those who like old school looks

What I do not like

There are so many V40 on the road since 2012 and it does not look like a new model unless you go near and see the Thor headlights.

The number pad is like an old mobile phone sitting in the console of a new car.

Not worth paying so much for a Swedish car.


The Volvo V40 luxury hatchback is essentially the V40 Cross Country sans the rugged styling features. Thus, it ditches the SUV cosmetic features to adopt a hatchback visual, while the ground clearance is reduced as well. The Swedish car comes with great looks and features to win hearts of buyers.

What I like

+Striking looks

+Best-in-class safety

+Plush Interiors

What I do not like

-Brand Image vis-a-vis competition

-Less service outlets

-Low in space

Neutral reviews


The Volvo V40 is a classy and economical alternative to the Audi A3 Sportback, as long as you don't need maximum boot space

The Volvo V40 is a worthy alternative to up-market family hatchback models such as the Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3, and VW Golf. Even though the V40 is now getting a little long in the tooth, the hatchback is actually one of Volvo’s biggest sellers, which is due in part to its versatility.


The V40 is very comfortable, but cabin storage, rear seat space and boot capacity are all a little lacking


All Volvo V40 models have a full complement of airbags, including a pedestrian airbag that pops out from under the bonnet


Unfortunately, the V40 hatchback is pretty average to drive by those same standards. It doesn’t change direction with the verve of a BMW 1 Series, and the V40’s bigger wheels and the optional sports suspension make it a too firm for UK roads.

Four engines are available for the Volvo V40, but the standout favourite is the D2 diesel. Not only is it very cheap to run, but it’s also quick enough to feel comfortable in and out of town. Entry level V40 Momentum models are generously equipped with climate control, alloy wheels, DAB digital radio and a comprehensive range of safety systems. It even has a dedicated airbag for pedestrians.


The V40 is Volvo's first direct rival for big-selling premium hatchbacks, such as the Audi A3, BMW 1-series and Volkswagen Golf. It originally went on sale in 2012, but was given a new "Thor's Hammer" headlight design in 2016 to bring it in line with the result of Volvo's range.

Good looking inside and out, it promises low running costs, a generous standard specification and Volvo's usual emphasis on safety.


The V40 is a good all-rounder with its comfy, reasonably well-equipped interior, smooth ride and tidy road handling. It's also no longer the newest medium hatchback, lacking some of the newest technology, which could hold it back - though it's still packed with plenty of safety kit.

So the V40 is definitely safe, but is it exciting enough to warrant bypassing the Audi, BMW and VW showrooms?


I never laid eyes on this car until my wife persuaded me to take a look at the showroom. Weird rear design and small LCD screen. Many button on middle console. Solid build with reasonable trimming.

To be fair, we never test drove this car. So I cannot comment on handling and engine performance but the system set it as mandatory field to be filled in. So "Average" Rating is given.

What I like

1. Small yet sporty look.

What I do not like

1. weird rear design.

2. small LCD screen.

3. Overpriced package

4. Reliability

5. car seat is made of hide cow leather. Volvo is insensitive to certain group of consumers. How many cows are killed in the process of making Volvo?


This has been a great car and very useful as a work horse as it has got a little older. There has been a ticking on the dashboard which I think is a fan. It clicks for about 5 seconds whenever the ignition is switched on. It then stops. I have chosen to live with it as the repair would be expensive for very little gain

Positive reviews

Sven Höchenberger

I love my v40 like the first day when he was in the showroom. Im very excited for the successor.

Dileep Hari

Very happy with my v40cc d2 here in Netherlands. The cup holder - handbrake problem at 6:08 does not exist here. It applies only to right hand drive versions - uk, south Africa, India etc.. Volvo did not redesign the position of the handbrakes for right hand drive models.

Muhammed azhar

Volvo V40 is a heavy sporty performance with advanced safety features.


Is it crazy to spend over 25 lacks on a small hatch back Well, consider this. Your family could be safer in this, than a huge imposing SUV, that you could buy for the same money. What if its also luxurious and more fun to drive than similarly priced vehicles. Sound good right But there is a problem. If you had been driving a sedan for a few years, chances are, you would have thought about a luxury car at some point. And for me (and possibly others), only three German brands come to mind. So, when I think of buying an entry level luxury, Volvo was not particularly on my list. That was until recently. I had an opportunity to drive a Volvo V40 on a week-long trip. Within few miles of driving it was clear to me this was not the Volvo I imagined. This was fun. A couple weeks earlier, on a business trip to Europe, I had the opportunity to drive an A4. So, I had a good yard stick to compare. Yes, the A4 is a class above and almost double the price. But a good yardstick none the less. If anything, the V40 was far more engaging and fun. The V40 has low ground clearance. While it could possibly handle a bit of country side, it can?t handle the monster speed breakers in some cities. So, if you live in Bangalore, avoid it like the plague. Now that is out of the way, let?s look at the good stuff. Inside and outside, attention to detail is meticulous. Just look at the rimless rear view mirror. The Scandinavians make great and elegant interiors. It makes some German interior look industrious. However, the small TFT screen is disappointing and there are too many buttons. Who uses number pad keys? It has a thumping great sound system. Acceleration is rapid. But not linear. Lets say you put your foot down. Nothing seems to happen for about two second and then everything happens in the next second. If you want a lesson in how forced combustion engines work, this is a great example. The turbo kick-in will wake up the Sebastian Vettel in you. By the way, this 5-cylinder must be the best sounding diesel engine I have heard. Want more power? No problem. You can take it to your authorized Volvo dealer and say so. Unlike any other car in India, Volvo can perform an official engine mod for you, called the polestar optimization. Now that the good stuffs are out of the way, lets look at the great stuff. The V40 has the best brakes I have every tried in any car. (3-series, A4, Civic included). It gives so much confidence when you push the car. It has the best front row seats of any car I have ever driven too. Don?t know why. But it is genuinely good. I guess, Volvo sees both as Safety aspects. Naturally, they have to be the best at it. This Volvo is so much fun, I almost forgot to talk about safety. The 5-star safety rating doesn?t begin to explain how safe this car is. This car has airbags even outside. Yes, if you crash into a pedestrian an airbag would pop out of the front to help save the pedestrian. Wait, it gets better. It wont let you crash into a pedestrian or anything in the first place (at city speeds). The V40 comes standard with front facing radar and camera that will automatically brake the car, if it senses an impending collision. The verdict It works. I drove through bumper to bumper traffic, narrow village streets and highways and it doesnt intrude normal driving. It auto braked twice during my entire trip. Both the time, I felt it, it made the safer judgement. That to me is the greatest value of this car. If you are a first time luxury car owner, you are probably going to be overwhelmed with the thought of how much you would lose if you crash, dent or bump. In the Volvo, you will feel invincible. Whats more, it feels every bit built to last. If you think VWs are built like a tank, this in on whole another level. If the Volvo forums are true, this would be far cheaper than the Germans to service and repair.


The V40 is an excellent medium size family car with good performance from the D3 Diesel and excellent fuel efficiency It handles very well and is the right size to park in the cramped car parks of York but still comfortable for family motoring


Have had car from new..always been excellent vehicle whether on long 700 mile journeys or local trips. Fuel consumption is excellent and car is comfortable on all day trips. Would buy similar vehicle again


This car is very stable in the driving process, sound insulation effect is particularly good, do not feel outside disturbance.

The interior decoration makes people feel very comfortable and steady with extraordinary breath.

The operating cost of this car is acceptable to ordinary people. Of course, I will recommend him to my friends. Anyway, this is a very good car.


This is my second V40. Although it is considered a "small" car, it offers plenty of space and has that "roomy" feeling. We got the Sport package, with the black interior trim, and the leather seats: very comfy! All the options I wanted. Handles great. And to top it off, it is a looker!