Volkswagen Touran reviews

Negative reviews


A Golf, only with seven-seats and, erm, little else besides. But we’re not complaining. The Golf ranks among our favourite hatchbacks, so the Touran really ought to be good. And it is, if a bit worthy. This new one sits on the hugely versatile MQB platform, which underpins everything from Golfs and A3s right the way up to the tremendous Skoda Superb. It’s a bit wider and significantly longer than the car it replaces, but lighter and oftentimes more economical. As the added benefit is a great deal of extra interior space, particularly for passengers, this is one example of new car growth we thoroughly approve of.


The Touran feels like you're in a golf just jacked up and it goes round corners like its on rails, the 1.6tdi after 10000 miles is punchy and does well on the motorway economy wise, and the DSG auto gearbox is a dream.


Owning it for 7 weeks with 1100km on the odometer, the DSG struck. Car been jerking so bad and at times goes half clutch. Towed back to VCS and found no issues. Did a software reload, drove home and immediately the problem came back. Got worse instead with gear grinding badly, car lost power, and suddenly surge forward. Not sure about the reliability of this car is able to last beyond 1 year. Probably it's a part and parcel to be stranded by road side in a Volkswagen

What I like

- handling is superb

- very fuel efficient at 14km/L

- ease of getting in and out of car due to wide door opening

- 5 isofix seats

What I do not like

- DSG reliability, seriously avoid at all cost! What salesperson claim that issue solved is a mystery, it's a lie to me.

- car rattled badly inside.

- no option for electric seat. Difficult to switch between Wife and myself driving position.


Had owned the comfortline EQP for 6 months and so far the ride has been very good. Full tank coverage can reach minimum 800km and more for 70%Highway 30%Urban and driving light footed. At times when I drive more urban, is around 760km -780km which is still not too bad. Averaging around 14-13km/L respectively.

Comfort wise is very good. With a higher seating position, the view is great. The boxy design also mean a more practical space at the back. 3rd row is comfortable for tall people like me at 1.8m. With the 2nd row pushed slightly forward, there's still plentiful of leg room for middle row. Much more than those which I had test driven such as the Renault Grand Scenic, BMW 2GT, Kia Carens, Mazda 5 and Toyota Wish. This is taking in consideration of headroom as well for my height.

The pickup of this 1.4L petrol turbo engine is surpassingly good. It's quick and even with full load, it doesn't show any major sign of restlessness. During my drive up North, overtaking had no issues at all. Acceleration is quick with little lag. The only complain is wind noise can get high at speeds above 100. This is no issue in Singapore roads as speed limit is at 90km/h.

What I like

Acceleration is quick.

Good quality

Good fuel consumption

Good 3rd row leg and headroom

Panoramic sun/moon roof

LED headlights

Emergency city braking. This is a useful function especially during heavy slow traffic. It automatically brakes before collision if I get to close to the front vehicle. So far it works well during emergency, it also"supplement" the braking force to prevent collision.

3 individual seats at 2nd row seats

5 isofix points on 2nd and 3rd row seats

Huge door bins at 2nd row

Easy to fold down 2nd and 3rd row seats

What I do not like

Quality of materials gets lower from 2nd row onwards. i.e. plastic along the window sill on doors instead of soft rubber material you get at front row doors.

Wind noise at high speeds

Didn't come with lane assist

No integrated pull up sunshade at 2nd row Windows

No mirror link/android auto and navigation as standard.


The VW Touran is an impressive package in a world where fewer people than ever want to buy one. As the appeal of SUVs and 4x4s grows, so the market for the humble people-carrier has dropped accordingly. We think that’s a shame, because it comes out on top when compared to many of today’s more popular models.


Great car in terms of versatility space wise but unreliable and expensive to repair


Very comfortable and reliable on the road. Awful design is outweighed by comfort. Have had to pay out a lot of money recently to have electrical problems fixed,which has been a bit of a disappointment. My last VW went through to 120,000 miles with no problems,this one is proving costly at less than 80,000. Still,I'd buy a Touran again.


A basic Touran, at around £22,000 on the road, is pretty decent value, but it’s worth remembering that S models have rather bare cabins and miss out on a lot of the better technology, comfort and safety options. You really need to be buying an SE Family model to get the best Touran, and that’s a more considerable £25,000 or so. The cheapest diesel model starts at around £24,000 while the cheapest 1.4 TSI petrol is an SE-L at around £27,000. Top-spec R-Line 2.0-litre TDI diesels push through the £30,000 barrier. While the Touran isn’t viciously expensive, it is worth remembering that cars such as the new Renault Scenic and the Kia Carens represent significantly better value in some trims.


The Volkswagen Touran is a sleeper car among a vehicle fleet of look-at-me crossovers. It wears its practicality on its sleeve and that creates a boxy-looking car, which - particularly when rendered in the brown of our test model - isn't what you'd describe as a looker. But you already knew that from our pictures.

Still, if you really need the space - for stuff and people - then the Touran does an admirable and impressive job. It never wows, as such, but just constantly supports your life and impresses with it ability to cope with almost anything you throw at it. The interior space, storage and seat design makes it a go-to model for anyone with three or more children.

Add that it's good value, a decent drive for this type of vehicle, highly refined and well built, and the Touran is a car that has truly surprised us with its blend of abilities. And with its range of engines and specs, there's a Touran to suit most budgets and most needs.

It might not be all the car you'll ever desire - but for a young or growing family crowd, it is arguably more than all the car you could ever need.

As An

Its the second Touran I have had and as a family car I think it is excellent. Out of choice I would rather have a Golf GTi but until the kids grow up it will do. Being 140bhp its not bad and with the sports suspension it handles well for an MPV


The VW Touran is a good car for the family but the interior and exterior design is really pedestrian. It has a lot of room for luggage and passengers. The 1.4 litre TSI engine is great but to thirsty at max speed.


Performance as for a family car isn't that bad actually, for it's price (18 grand) it is a good car. Build quality- well, you can't expect a 18 grand car to be properly build, so the dashboard is plastic, bodywork isn't so great, and the feel of steering wheel.. well, next time I won't go for cheap car :) it does about 35 MPG, and really.. for 1900cc engine it isn't a great result. although it's a family car, so don't expect it to be cheap to keep :P as for maintenance- remote open boot didn't work when we bought it, but it's not a big issue. but overall it isn't bad, we had it for about a year now, and there wasn't anything wrong with it at all (well, except the broken remote boot opening :P) fun to drive- haha, don't expect it from a family, 7 seater car lol


This is about as minor a facelift as we can remember in terms of what’s actually changed. The Touran is still an excellent family car with a very versatile interior. The big news is the Park Assist, and as a convenience feature it will probably appeal to a percentage of buyers. But if you want to save yourself £500, take a few cones to a quiet bit of road and learn how to manoeuvre the old-fashioned way.

Positive reviews


Been driving the car for 2 weeks.

Was used to driving Japanese car and took some time to get used to the European handling. But now ok.

This is my first MPV. Previously all sedan.

The fixtures in the car are of high quality.

The features of the car from entertainment system, to car lock/unlock, handsfree phone and many others makes this car value for money.

The sunroof is great, giving a wow factor to the car especially when picking up friends and family for a ride.

Engine performance is smooth, pickup is very fast and internal very quiet which allows user to enjoy the entertainment system.

What I like

Smooth and fast pickup.



Quality feel.

What I do not like

The small headlights that is always on.


Have had 2 - both from new. For my needs this is almost the perfect vehicle; easy to drive (drives like a car, not a people carrier!), plenty of power, comfortable and very practical. Well thought out, roomy - regular trips to Southern France and Cornwall - loaded up with people / bikes / roofbox etc vehicle still pulls and drives as normal, and overall pretty economical under any conditions. So far pretty reliable, although as the first one I had (an 04 model) got older I had some issues with the turbo. On buying had considered all other manufacturer equivalents but none seemed as solidly built or as well thought out, or with such a good engine; 2L diesel is excellent.


VW touran is reliable and provides flexibility between taking large load and up to 7 people occasionally. It is economical for most journeys whether with just 1 person or full to capacity. We've had it 7 years and are still delighted with it.