Volkswagen Passat reviews

Negative reviews

Balraj of Malvern

My 2007 VW Passat has around 123K miles now. I figured I can still continue to enjoy my car once after I spend $1200 on timing belt work since that is said to be the major bill. But nope, I was wrong. My AC died so VW dealership dinged of around 1300 for compressor work. Before that, it stopped blowing air so they replaced fan motor for $300-$400. It has been never the same. With 80 degrees, my AC feels like doesn't work at all. CV boots wear out very quickly so be ready to shed out 500-700 for that every year or so.

Just came back today because my starter died so that adds another $750. There are few other incidents that I am unable to recall (this includes alternator, new battery I think) that costed me around 2k. Well, guess what, when calling me back on my starter repair, service manager told me about timing belt tensioner being loose which would take another 1000 to fix. I have had enough of VW dealership. I have started looking for a reliable local mechanic. And since I have put so much money into this, I will probably run it for another 1-2 years before turning it in. Have dropped almost 7k since it crossed 100k miles.

Eric of San Antonio

Purchased a 2013 VW CC with 34000K miles and within 30 days of ownership it has stalled more than 20 times while driving and in park. Not on recall list and VW states that no issue can be found. Airbag inflator recall was supposedly completed while in maintenance and now my horn is inoperable.

Wendy of Canada

I purchased (brand new) a 2012 Volkswagen CC along with a Rust inhibiting module ($500) which was supposed to guarantee the vehicle would not rust for 10 years. It is now 6 years old and I have many rust spots on my car. After 6 months of getting the runaround, Volkswagen has decided it will fix most of the rust spots but not all, apparently only some are warranted. When trying to get an explanation for this, the dealership tells me to call Customer Service and Customer Service tells me to call the dealership. Save yourself a headache and purchase something else.

Jamie of Boonville

I bought a 2013 VW Passat 1 year ago with 29,000 miles and have had many issues. I have replaced done a coolant flush at 32,000 miles, replaced head gasket at 35,000 miles, replaced heater core at 37,000, replaced axle and boot at 52,000. And replaced struts at 56,000! Do NOT buy a VW!

Neutral reviews

Mat Watson

Although it was launched exclusively with diesel engines, the Volkswagen Passat is now also available with a 1.5-litre petrol engine as well. However, the plug-in hybrid GTE is no longer on sale. The petrol units suit people who spend most of their time in and around town or on short runs. But, if you do a higher mileage and spend a lot of time on the motorway, one of the diesels will suit you better.

Most are available with either a manual or automatic gearbox, although the most powerful diesels come only with the DSG automatic. You can also get four-wheel drive versions, but as they come only with the most powerful engine, they’re very expensive to buy and run.

There’s also a wide range of trim levels to choose from, but even the most basic models come with air-conditioning, alloy wheels, height-adjustable front seats, DAB radio and an 8.0-inch colour touchscreen. You’ll need Volkswagen Passat SE Business to add sat-nav and adaptive cruise control, get smarter interior trim and upgrade the air-con to climate control, while R-Line models give the car a more sporty look.

Among the tempting options are leather upholstery, metallic paint and the Navigation Pro system, which also brings a larger touchscreen. You can also pay to upgrade from the standard stereo or add a variety of driver-assistance features, such as Lane Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Trailer Assist.

Mind you, even without all the available features, the Volkswagen Passat is a safe car. Admittedly, the tests were less strict back then, but when the car was launched back in 2014, it scored a maximum five stars in Euro NCAP tests


Volkswagen will hope to improve on the old Passat’s Driver Power performance, but safety should be excellent

Gopinath Reddy Perla

it is a excellent compared to other luxury segment cars,but service side very poor,no proper communication from VW when complained,i got top mileage of 21.5 on highways,but tyres got damaged within 10000kms


The 2018 Passat starts at $22,995, and this top-of-the-line V6 SEL Premium comes in at $35,500, including $850 for destination.

The Passat has a few things going for it, namely its huge interior and generous cargo space. But if it's a solid midsize sedan you're after, better options are available from a number of automakers. And if you're dead set on a Volkswagen, the new-for-2019 Jetta, with better tech, a spacious cabin and genuinely good-to-drive dynamics, might be right up your alley.

Positive reviews


Looks like a Real legacy in the motor world. Extremely good handling.


Volkswagen Passat is one of the best luxurious car ever which I used to drive till now


I use this Passat R-line sedan for work and for private use. It is very comfortable but most of all, very economical. I can get a 1000 km out of a tank of petrol.

I love the luxury package, the memory seat position, the stylish dashboard, the driver assist options, though at times it thinks it is smarter than I am and tries to make decisions for me, ie, changing lanes in traffi:, if the car thinks the other car is too close, it would try to stop you from moving to the other lane. However, once you are use to driving this smart car, you will get use to the intellect. It is stylish and a pleasure to drive.


Recently purchased the Passat R-Line wagon to carry our two bikes. This is the best car I have every owned, the comfort is just outstanding and the safety and mod cons is terrific. The car has a lot of space, more than the Tiguan we were going to purchase originally. This car has every luxury in it and is just a blast to drive, would highly recommend this vehicle. The only negatives are the Satnav leaves a bit to be desired but I just plug in my phone and use Google maps through Apple car play, fixes that issue and also the car does not have a DAB radio which is slightly annoying. Other than those two slight problems that car is amazing.


A limousine like car with a smooth silent ride, a spacious interior and cavernous boot. An overall average of 7.2 ltr/km suggests economy rather than performance but it has surprising acceleration especially when overtaking. Fit and finish are excellent, well above others in the market of a similar price

BTW the car was cheaper in Australia than its equivalent in the UK or Germany! The car has been faultless so far at 50k with not even a rattle. We were so impressed that we bought the latest Polo as a second car


I bought 2013 Passat v6 4 motion 2 1/2 years ago .At the beginning I was heaving noises at timming chain Area,was Quoted at volks wagon $6000 to change it my mehanicar stripped it And everything looked brand new he replaced tensioner bolt for timing chain problem fixed

Never had any problems again

I am in love with it now, preformance is just amazing

Recommend to change engine oil every 5000 km


This car has great performance. Great interior and exterior style, great safety features, an amazing warranty of 6 year 72,000 miles and is by far the best gas mileage I've gotten in a vehicle.


I have had 2 VW Passats, and they drove very smooth, handle the roads great, and the option packages are the best. It is plenty of car for me and priced very well and competitive.


Awesome car as compare to Audi A4 you will get more features in car and you will get standing obation in this car Volkswagen is always awesome brand as compare to other brands in security levels in body quality in every thing it’s awesome and interior is awesome you can not compare to other car in last very awesome.