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Negative reviews



Very long lines, slow, inefficient service, totally oblivious to wait time for teller. Should have opened another two windows to cut down wait time. Bank employees behave that they give us a favor when we want to deposit our money there.

Wrong attitude!! Not going to keep my money at a bank like that.

Oleksii Konashevych


Very poor English support. There is no English customer service number. The IVR is only Italian.

So I decided not to call the customer number but to the branch In Bologna directly. The clerk told me that I have to call to the customer support because they can't help with my issue, and they speak Eglish. I wrote an email to the clerk asking for an instruction of what digits to press because the IVR was only Italian. But she never replied.

When I spend half a day of figuring out what digits to press and finally reached the operator, he pretended that he did not hear me and dropped the phone. The second time, I said some Italian words and waited for a response of the operator, he could hear me well but when I started speaking English he told me to wait for a while, and then I heard the music for half a minute and then the called ended.

The third attempt was successful and the operator could talk to me English but he told me that he cannot help me with the issue and I have to go/call to my branch office.

So I wrote an email to the branch, I wrote emails to the clerk directly and tried to call to the office in Bologna many times during 4 days. No responses to my emails, and mostly no success in calling. They were dropping the phone, transferring my calls to no one, or just were not picking up the phone for a whole day (I think they could see my number).

After many attempts and I could reach the clerk of the branch. But for the time being my issue is not resolved. In spite we agreed with the clerk that I will send some additional papers and she will reply to me, I don't see any response. Unfortunately, I am abroad I wish I could come and look into their eyes. I have never experienced such humiliation from banks.



Unicredit Bulgaria is the most incompetent ban I have never seen.

First, a lot of them don't speak english in a EU coun try well they could do better. Second: they make mistake on mistakes :

My story :

1st Time : Open a bank account, everything seems okay, but they put my first name (I have two ) as my family name. Amazing ! I gave my passeport so it was written in English FAMILY NAME. I guess the guy didn't knwo what does FAMILY Name mean ...

2nd time : I had to ask to change the name, so I didnt received my card either. (And the queuing is non existant they come to see if whenever they feel like) They didn't even redo my contract ....

3rd time went take my card and they told me they will activate it ini 5 min. I went to buy some food and my card didn't work 1h after !

4th Time : They asked me " well where is the other card ? (with the wrong name ) ". This is the card they activated and they cancelled the good card with the good name on it. So they cut my card without saying anything and were like, let's order a new one !

So I decided to close the account, and back and forth in all the services, you Need 1 month to close it, bla bla ... so I need to pay one month fees as well...

WORST EVER they should learn how to handle client and may be have some good client advisor who can may be understand a bit of english

Olga Ilinykh


I hate Uni Credit Bulgaria from the bottom of my heart. I've never met such approach in the banking before. I need my bank statement written on English (to submit to UK embassy) and they couldn't do it. In other banks it takes a minute. They either use very old systems or simply don't know how to use system in a right way... They can never help in the easiest things

Klo R.


Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I am now changing banks immediately! I walked in and spoke with one women who gave me a rude look and simply said I can't help you I am too busy and looked down at her desk. No greeting no helpful advice who to speak with. I walked to the second person I saw and she completely ignored that fact that I was standing there for 5 minutes. Finally, a man said I can help you. I walked over to him pretty annoyed and simply asked him "Is this normally how the customers are treated at this bank?" He said he could not respond to that type of question. Honestly, this was so unbelievable I could almost laugh at how ridiculous there business manner is. Appalling. This Bank should be embarrassed by their employees from this specific branch.

Neutral reviews



How on earth is Fabrizio Palenzona stil on the board and vice-president as well? Wherever he sits (board of a foundation or of a bank), the economic value of its capital depreciates substantially. He should be fired and shareholders should sue him for negligence.

Positive reviews

Luca Cella


I wish to formally thatnk Mrs. Noemi Levi Minzi of Unicredit Pisa. She has outperformed in customer care excellence and perseverence in spite of bureaucreatic issues taking care of a very complicated issue concerning a very good friend of mine, a very senior Official of the United Nations, though in incognito. We were just two normal customers at hear eyes. Kind, professional, resourceful and quite skilled in English. Again , many thanks. Regards. Luca Cella