Suntrust Banks reviews

Negative reviews

Debbie of Melbourne

I have been a Suntrust customer for many years. And for many years I have considered closing my accounts with them. I just cannot believe that every time I try to reach customer service with an issue that I can't handle via the automated services, that the wait time is RIDICULOUSLY LONG - 15-25 minutes, and that's after you have spent several minutes rolling through all of their prompts. I am not a big account so I know they don't care, but it is enough for me to make the change now. I have other accounts with smaller institutions which do a much better job of phone support. GOODBYE SUNTRUST!

Angela of Palm Harbor

Online banking is fine. Credit card service is poor. Pay my bill on time every month. Had one discrepancy with a transaction, and would not give any lenience. Credit score is excellent. Had a fraudulent account issue, and waited 1 hour and 20 minutes before I hung up. Initially, it automated to have a 25 minute wait, which is still too long. There was no option for a callback, when your turn came up. I used the chat box, whom stated "Sorry, but you have to wait. You are not able to start claim process online." Going into bank is also a joke. I know they were just bought out by BB&T. Hopefully they read these reviews, and do a better job.

Melanie of Memphis

I have been with the company for a while now and I notice that they have issues keeping up with customers' balances over the weekend, they have put my account into negative like two different times only because their accounting department is inaccurate. No one is perfect but, I always transfer the money before purchases so I don't understand how can this mistake keep happening. I am frustrated and I am strongly considering a new bank. Always pay attention to your funds daily and watch how they will screw your balance up on the weekend because that is how they charge those overdraft fees even when you had enough money in there. It is wrong and something needs to be done.

Antdizzle F.

Bad customer service experience. I called this branch to get some information about how to open the Delta Airlines MasterCard debit card account and I was interrupted during my sentence and told that there was another customer the employee was working with and he asked my name and phone number, so I am trusting that he would call me back and show some kind of professional accountability. Boy was I wrong. I am not even from the state of Georgia and I get better customer service from my home town at Bank of America. I called other SunTrust branches and it's like they don't answer the telephone anymore? I leave voice messages but no return call from them. How do they stay in business? ..Maybe it's just me?

Kyndra M.

I have three accounts and a mortgage with suntrust. The amount of money they have in my accounts is well into the 5 figures AND they earn interest on my mortgage. The bank makes it extremely difficult to pay your mortgage off early and even though I have so much money in their bank they continually charge me a monthly analysis fee. If they do this to a million customers around the country they are making a killing. The customer service providers are not helpful. I can't wait to switch banks.

Tom D.

Worst Customer Care experience ever. I have them for my home Mortgage unfortunately, since they changed their Mortgage service form Suntrust Mortgage to Suntrust Bank I cannot login to my account anymore. Tried for 20 min and 5 phone calls to get my account reset, no luck.


G C.

It's a wonder how this bank still exist, I walked into a main branch to get my balance due to me, on an overpaid Suntrust credit card bill, transfer back into my Suntrust checking or cash out. Nope, can't help.


Someone applied for a credit card in my name. Called their toll-free number to listen to forever music, wasted hours trying to just reach someone just to inform! Had enough. Do not trust Suntrust. Period.


They allowed someone to impersonate me and cash bad checks on my own account. Then send me a bill for all of the checks!


Find another bank. After ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars deposited this bank has done nothing for me.

y: jesrae0315

I have been with SunTrust for years. I still have personal accounts with them. (Not much longer, though!) I also opened my business account with them. I fully regret doing any business with them now! They are incompetent, rude and pretend that it is customer first. What a joke. They are one of the worst banks I have ever dealt with. It was not like that until about 1 year ago. Do not do business with them!!! I would give them zeros on the survey if possible. Avoid the WestChase branch and the Ehrlich Road branch at any costs!(Both in Tampa,FL)


I do majority of my banking thru the SunTrust online banking app. I am very disappointed in the fact that it is NEVER working. Seems to always be under maintenance. Just ridiculous. Please fix this issue and soon before I close my accounts and go elsewhere.

y: Afrazier112

Suntrust is THE WORST banking institution ever! My account will be in the negatives from multiple overdraft fees of charges that have already been posted (makes no sense right). When I call to speak to a representative I receive absolutely NO answer about why my account has been charged insufficient funds when I had a reasonable amount in my account. I am constantly talked in circles about the issue. Sometimes when I have a large amount of money in my account I am charged twice for items. When I speak this issue to the customer service again, they are no help. I reported fraudulent activity that money was taken out of my account after a mobile check deposit for a bill, the company who was supposed to get the money did not receive the money and Subtrust has no way of tracing where the money was taken from. Isn’t that BS?!

Again, stay away from Suntrust! If I could give this a negative amount i literally would!!!!

By Riva

NEW CASTLE, WASHINGTON -- SunTrust Bank has the worst customer service. They are very unknowledgeable and don't know what they are doing. My account was closed but I still get mail about account information to my old address where my letters are probably being opened and information is not confidential. I called and asked multiple times to delete my old address but they said that they cannot do it. Major Privacy concern with SunTrust Bank.


Terrible terrible terrible! Did I just say terrible? I cant say that enough times about Suntrust Bank. Taking my business elsewhere after almost five years. This is a terrible bank to do business with. They will fee you to death anyway and every time they can with the highest fees current banking laws will allow. Their employees are basically robots and have no authority to do anything other than what their computer algorithm is telling them to do. This institution has no soul and does not care about their customers. So customer no more.

Positive reviews

Mary of Thaxton

The service with my local branches in VA has been good. Now that Suntrust & BBT are merging, I am a little troubled. I am going to the local branch today to iron out the future banking with them may or may not do banking, I will know soon.