Suki reviews

Negative reviews

Bryson Calwell,1,,,

Poke bowl tasted nice but doesn’t compare to other Poke restaurants on price and taste. The quantity was very small considering the high price point too (this small bowl was $27.50!). Just felt I should have got a lot larger portion for the price I paid

Sarah Petreski Clark

The birtinya poke bowl advertises its opened until 9pm on a Sunday night, my family and I all very hungry and keen for poke bowls arrived there at 7..45pm and it was closed

Neutral reviews


This was my first ever sushi burrito. I loved the choice of healthy, delicious fillings. My sushi burrito with seaweed fell apart but I got a bowl from the counter and still enjoyed the great value meal thoroughly. The beef filling was very tender and tasty.

Huong Nguyen,1,,,

Love the Poke bowls here. Although a bit pricey, the food is fresh and healthy. They now limit the amount of 'toppings' you can add which is a bit of a downer. Overall, a great healthy alternative for lunch. There is limited seating.

Dana Hooshmand,1,,,

Best poke I've had in Brisbane. Fresh and high quality ingredients. Only star knocked off is that the "large" portion is a medium in my world, which is the place poke is originally from. But tasty, anyway. Just 1.5-2x the volume.

Emma Schuback

Yummy poke bowls. I got the salmon with brown rice and think you need to over sauce it but the ingredients were super fresh and yummy. Not really a place you stay and linger but yummy food the whole family can enjoy

Mary A.

I loooove love love poke bowls ever since I tried them in the States ! Sadly have to admit that Brisbane has not caught on the poke bowl trend just yet as we have limited franchises that sell it :( But its all good, Suki has us covered for now.

Suki is a cute restaurant on the Southbank strip that sells ramen, poke bowls and sushi burritos. You can either pick made up favorites or you can customize your own.

I love how they are a place that provides healthy drinks other than soda ! They have coconut water, organic cola, different flavours of kombucha, and juices as well.

I chose the regular size ($14.90) #3 poke bowl which had raw salmon, tuna and kingfish with the extra fish, surimi crab, seaweed salad ($1 each for extras $3.90 for double meat), with veggies, togarashi mayo and my base was quinoa and kale. So my bowl with the extras totaled to $20. Sadly, I've never had to pay that much for a poke bowl in America.

Everything was pretty yummy, but I wasn't really a fan of the quinoa. I found it way too over cooked and tastes like eating grits or oatmeal, but the kale was good. Hopefully it was a one time thing with the quinoa.

Staff were friendly, atmosphere was upbeat and they had good seating available.

TIP: if your eating in, they give you normal plates & bowls, & if you are making it take away, they place it in a plastic bowl/container. Ask for a carry bag if you need one.

Make sure you see what veggies/salads/toppings the staff our including in your order, because some cost extra and some are included (cilantro and chili are free extras)

I wish this was closer to Southside because the only locations I know of are Southbank and Balmoral...Because I know Suki is a great option for a healthy take out meal!

Positive reviews


Great size budda bowl. Super tasty and lots of vegetables. Would definately get another dish from here.


Great choice for a quick,healthy meal. We had poke bowls with seared tuna and lots of salad. Reasonably priced with casual seating or takeaway.

Robert Chilton,1,,,

A new experience, something I am glad we chose for lunch.

Staff were super friendly and the food was super fresh.

Was an awesome culinary delight I will not forget, neither will my son.

It's very refreshing to have a young lady in the food business to treat every customer with respect, a smile and a welcoming attitude.

Marco M.

Great bloody ramen

Ramen on Grey

Top service and bloody tasty ramen

Got the spicy miso OMG SO TASTY

staff are super friendly

Just arrived in Brisbane 1st one here off to a great start

Julia T.

I have been waiting for Suki to open for ages and not w it's open I have a slight addiction! I am in love with Poke, always get it when I am in LA and had it heaps in Hawaii, plus I make it often. Suki is fresh, super fresh. They make to order and let you choose the ingredients. You can go the ready designed ones which are still made fresh. I pick The hot tuna poke bowl every time because I dont like questions. You design it for me and make it as per the menu. They still ask me questions but it seems less than the people who choose every ingredient. You can get white brown or black rice or even quinoa and kale as the base. And then they load up the poke on top. Today I took my morning break to coincide with opening time at 11am as I didn't want to wait in their rather long opening week lines, even at 11.01 there were 5 people in front of me and about 8 behind me! This place is super popular! Do yourself a favour and get on the poke train and give it a go!