starwest botanicals reviews

Negative reviews

June Van Winkle

This was my first time ordering a Starwest Botanicals product...and probably my last. The product is Spirulina Powder Organic. I love spirulina and use it ...lots of it...sprinkled generously to top my salads several times a week. Imagine how shocked and disappointed I was when I read the disclaimer on the package that says "WARNING: ...This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." The recommended serving size is 1/2 tsp. daily. Besides this disturbing information, the product's origin is CHINA, A country whose products I am careful NOT to buy because of their questionable quality. Why in the world would I pay for an unhealthy health food item? I would give this experience 0 stars if the option were available.

Mary Aguiar Harbor

Very disappointed with Starwest Botanicals. June 20, 3016 I purchased two, 4oz containers of jojoba butter. Today, as I weighed them in preparation for making body butter neither container weighed 4oz's. One container weighed 3.3oz and the other container weighed 3.45oz. I have a wholesale account with Starwest and have always been please with their products but this is extremely frustrating. I doubt I will order from them in the future.

The above issue was corrected to my satisfaction and I continue to order products from Starwest.

I now have another issue with them. A couple of weeks ago, April 11, 2017, I ordered coconut oil and castor oil; the coconut oil arrived within a week but the castor oil didn't arrive. When I checked my order status online it stated the order was complete and both products had been mailed so i waited another week thinking it was on it's way. The castor oil never arrived and when I called customer service I was told there was an inventory error and they were out of castor oil. I never received notification and my online order never reflected that this. I am extremely frustrated with your lack of communication and now I am behind on my production.

Amazon Customer

DO NOT BUY. The label on my package is EXACTLY as pictured except for one part they decided to omit from picture. A huge warning is on the label that reads that this product contains a chemical that causes cancer and birth defects. Very shady. Label omits ingredient list that other bags of nutritional stuff always has. Read the reviews, color and smell is wrong for this product too.

Lili Y.

They have the worst customer service. I've tried ordering from them many times and the result is always the same. Once again, I tried ordering a bulk item and the order was never placed. I don't recommend this place for anyone and especially not business owners unless they improve customer service. I have been asking for a tracking number since last week and come to find out, it was never placed. I was promised it will be shipped today for sure, 7 days later, and still don't have the tracking number. For business owners, timing is crucial and this is not the first time with this company.

I asked them to call me back and all I received was a email telling me I will get a tracking number. No email, no tracking number which means no shipping.

Positive reviews

Jen Lee

I really like starwest botanicals, really good products. Could you guys cook prepare your herbs in something like stainless still pots? Cooking or preparing in tin pots is bad for anyone who has candida/arthritis issues. I bought a pound of starwest botanicals rhemania root through another compay but had a bad reaction, really bad pain in my joints, same thing that happens when I eat anything prepared or cooked in tin or aluminum. And that was the only thing new I had added to my diet. Other packages I had with rhemania root from starwest didn't have this, just the most recent order. Just wanted to add this suggestion because you guys have way way awesome products but I can't use them if they have been prepared or cooked in tin or aluminum and I know there are other people out there with same allergy.

Alfredo A. Menendez

This stuff is great. I mix it with chocolate almond milk in the morning and it tastes good and doesn't go chunky when I mix it in. I was a bit weary when I saw the warning on the front, but after researching prop 65 I feel fine using this product every morning. Under prop 65 in California they are required to warn if a product contains high levels of Vitimin A which is one of the minerals in wheatgrass. Therefore, if you put a concentrated bag of wheatgrass together it is bound to fall within the range within the warning. I love this stuff and would highly recommend.

Diane G.

Starwest Botanicals has been my go to retailer for bulk teas, spices and oils for 15 years. I have always received top quality service. When I make a mistake on my order they are quick to find the mistake and call me to correct it. I have NEVER been unhappy with the quality of their products. I'm just glad there is a company still around that is so honest and trustworthy.

Prices are the best around

quality is top notch

service is excellent. You can call and talk to a live person or buy online.

Everything is sent in one package, fast and well packed. I've never had a broken item arrive.

I always recommend Starwest Botanicals to friends and family.

Bryanna G.

I just discovered this wonderful place!! And I'm so glad I did!!! I love making my own face products, like masks and toners. I thought I was going to have to order from amazon and wait forever for shipping. Starwest botanicals popped up on my google search, so I did some review reading and other research. The reviews were mixed, and I like to see things for myself anyway. I got the address and drive over. I was skeptical when I pulled up the warehouse, because it nobody was inside. So I called to make sure they were legit. They are!!!! The rep on the phone told me to come right in. The staff was upset super nice, they took my order right there. I had my products before 4 days went by, and will definitely see me again. I'm so thankful to have found this place, they have everything I like to keep in my product stock. They are also very affordable. I wish I had found them sooner, instead of paying so much money in shipping to amazon.

Cioly F.

Chamomile must make one of the best teas out there. The taste is good, it is relaxing, aids in digestion, and works with with other admixtures like peppermint and ginger. NOTE: I always recommend going organic with Starwest Botanicals. It may cost a dollar or two more, but the difference in quality is striking. Especially with their Wild Yam versus Organic Wild Yam. Also, I don't recommend their Kava Kava; it tasts dirty and is of low quality.

Karla L.

Chamomile is good for mestrual cramps recommend this product it's good and it's all natural love it it's worth buying.

Stephanie F.

Camomile tea is one of my favorites to drink after a long day. I love using camomile to help me get to sleep.


Check this out....I read this on earth clinic years ago. The greatest way to take turmeric is in chocolate milk. The turmeric clumps into little globules surrounded by the choc milk instead of dissolving completely so it still tastes like choc milk instead of bitter and horrible like when it's mixed with any other liquid(including white milk..yuck). Stop suffering people. I mix into choc milk turmeric, cinnamon, raw cocoa, protein powder for best drink ever!! Starwest is a great product and awesome value. The seals rarely work but so what?! Good Lord people, just fold it up and clip it like a bag of chips.


I have used this turmeric for a year or two. I've found that it isn't bitter like some of the turmeric powders found in the bulk section of the grocery store. It also seems moister suggesting a higher oil content than some other turmeric brands which are noticeably drier. Keep it refrigerated.


I have been buying bulk herbs and spices from Starwest Botanicals for more than 10 years, and I was happy when Vitacost started carrying them.

I buy both Turmeric and Curry powder in bulk and fill empty capsules with them, rather than buying expensive supplements that are not as fresh or as good a quality as these.

Some people have complained about the packaging and say they will buy from Frontier because of it, but if you buy it from Frontier, the first thing you will notice is that it is not nearly as fragrant as the Starwest Botanicals, and it is also a lighter color than theirs.

Because of the higher quality of Starwest, I put up with the packaging, which is not that big of a deal. As soon as I open the bag, I just use one of the chip clips and then rubber band it. I use it so quickly, that I don't have to worry about it getting "old". If you are concerned and don't use it that often, put it in the freezer. It will keep forever.

I love Starwest Botanicals and without a doubt, they have a much higher quality than Frontier and on this product, (turmeric) they are even less expensive.