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Negative reviews


Societe general is the worst company in carrying out recruitment process.i was interviewd for software engineer job .i cleared the technical round and was waiting for hr process when we came to know that hr went home without actually completing the whole interview.last 10 15 students were totally rejected without giving them any reason.they selected from the one who were interviewed in beginning without bothering if the last candidates were deserving or not.the company has been therefore blacklisted from our college for coming years.all I would say is their is no professionalism in the company


My sincere note after being with Societe Generale SG GSC for more than a year. I would alert any career aspiring professional NOT TO join this company and thus they can save their future.

There is absolutely no respect in this company for professionalism and the leadership is all about 10 - 15 BU Heads who are doing the same role for 10+ years within the same portfolio happily.without any complaints. This so called leadership team is not connected with the modern trends in the corporate world and all major decisions are taken just to please each other within this team. End of the day, every such decision / move of this never changing group does affect every single employee in the company.

This Sr leadership team keeps promoting all their few favourite staff to next level left right and center and no weightage is given to qualification and experience of employees in general. Firing of employees who are not ready to dance for the BU Head's puppet dance is very common and it happens with the blessings of HR.

No relevant experience is need to play any senior leadership role - An Admin person can become a BU Head, BU resource can head RISK without knowing the domain, Anybody walking on the 14th floor can lead Corporate Communications, Expats being brought in and then a role being created with a high salary, no HR experience is required to head HR and many such interesting stuff is ON.

Finally, if you want to make good side income, become a employee in the Admin Department. Anybody and everybody in Admin(right from a junior resource to head of Admin) makes relevant portion of money and the market is well aware of it. Some may be OKd with a complimentary beer and some may be adjusted with a duster vehicle and the Admin head may be OKd with a decent cash hand over in Wife's bank account.

Finally, SGGSC is not a place for Career aspiring professionals. It is for sure too good for people who wanted to relax, chill out and aware of French language to be on the hearts of the expats controlling the India operations with the help of the long existing portfolio level BU Heads.


People are full of attitude and no courtesy.Salary not at all competitive.Just that the place is gud and gud work-life balance.This is for Societe Generale, RMZ owers, bangaore.

Veronika Mareková

Really bad customer service, they care only about selling you their product and once they do you are on your own

Really bad customer service, do not open bank account there you will only have problems. My account was supposed to be for free as I am a student but since I wasn't using it they started charging me money that in a year climbed up to quite a big amount. I was not aware of that otherwise I would have never opened it at their bank. I am really disappointed and mad. Moreover, if you call they are not really able to help you, they cannot answer your questions. I had previously bank account at LCL, it was much better, everything for free for students and they do not make any problems!!!!

sutthinee souriau hong-in

they're know only to sale the package. alot of charge for the service that never serve well. as a customer, i felt like i got robe my money.

Joanna M

Terrible customer service, bank adviser promised to cancel insurance contract he was not supposed to conclude in the first place; then turned out he lied and the client had to do all the work by herself. General disregard of the way they deal with people's money, time and patience. Absolutely would not recommend to anyone in France

Hawa Achirou Bagobiri

Le suivi de la clientèle est le parent pauvre de la generale,les chargés de clientèle malmène les clients. Pour vous rendre le moindre service auquel vous avez droit,cela prend des semaines. Exemple, lorsque vous avez besoin d'un simple decouvert,on vous tourne pendant trois semaine alors que cela fait partie du paquage fonctionnaires. Pour un meilleur rendement,les clients doivent être traités avec délicatesse et flexibilité car ce sont ces derniers qui font vivre la banque et ce n'est pas une faveur mais c'est un droit du client. Il faut que la SGC fasse une profonde restructuration de son fonctionnement,exemple mettre toutes ces agences en réseau pour éviter d'avoir à payer des frais énormes car la carte bancaire doit être un choix et non une obligation. En tout cas bonne continuation et penser à réformer un système vieillissant et obsolète

Neutral reviews

Angu Ransom

The bank is good for local banking. There is great need to make use of digital technology to make banking easier for their clients. A complete mobile banking with bank alerts inclusive, internet banking for clients at affordable rates, chat banking,video banking for diaspora and more.


When it comes to financial services, it’s important to work with companies that are professional, transparent, and have a positive reputation. In our opinion, Societe Generale Equipment Finance is known worldwide; however, their website is beyond confusing, offering little or no information for business owners on how to apply for a loan. With that in mind, the company is intriguing; however, given the reasons mentioned above, there is not enough to motivate us to say the company worth consideration.

Positive reviews

Charlie Camer

Rapidité et professionnalisme au service du client.