Skyros Island traveller reviews

Neutral reviews


 We reached the port of Skyros by ferry from Alonissos and drove to Kalamista, a remote beach where our accommodation was. The long beach is beautiful, set against a backdrop of a barren mountainside and it is ideal for swimming and windsurfing. We explored the region on foot. The amazing combination of picturesque landscapes and spectacular views really made our trip worthwhile, although the trek was quite tiring by the end of the day. On the way, we stopped at the grave of Rupert Brooke, the famous British poet, who died in 1915 and was laid to rest in an olive grove south of Kalamista. We saw a few Skyrian ponies in farms, a species whose number is declining rapidly making them a protected species in the region. A truly unforgettable experience it was. Besides beaches, we also liked the Castle and the monastery of Saint George beneath. Unlike other Greek islands, where the traditional cuisine is modified beyond recognition to cater to the international clientele, Skyros offers a fine gastronomic experience and the best meals we had were at the various taverns that are scattered all over the island, in the mountains, on the beaches or lining the port. 


Skyros seems totally outside the modern world sometimes. I have seen old women baking in ovens with woods, old shepherds waiting for their sheep to eat, beaches with no visitors except for us, I have travelled from top to the south of Skyros in May and haven't met any other car, and still there was life when we arrived in Chora. Food in Skyros was the best I have eaten in Greece, probably because all products were made in the virgin land of the island. Beaches were not the best, most were rocky and not organized at all. But I liked that they were so green and relaxing. Do not expect luxury hotels in Skyros, be satisfied with a lovely small studio at the beach. We had rented a room in Molos beach, right in a walking distance from Chora and every evening we walked in the narrow streets of the town and enjoyed the view to the sea. The Castle should really be lighted at night, it would make the atmosphere much more romantic.


This destination is located 80 miles northeast of the national capital of Athens. It's also approximately 40 miles southeast of Alonissos.

Stamatis Ftoulis offers a captivating couple of hours for inquiring minds. Admire the building and grounds, browse the various exhibits and be sure to ask about any special events or happenings.

If you're wanting to check out some art, stop by the George Lambrou and peruse their interesting pieces.

The Manos Faltaits Museum and the Manos Faltaïts Folk Museum are two excellent places if you want to find out about the history of the world.

Lose yourself among the pleasant sights and sounds of Brooke Square, a busy civic square.


This is the least tourist developed island of Sporades group. It has secluded beaches, traditional architecture and nice hiking trails. Skyros is a very special place, a Sporacis island with Cycladic architecture, as can be seen in the white houses of Chora. On top of Chora is a Byzantine Castles and the historical monastery of Saint George. Nice coves are found around this place of lush greenery and crystal waters. Holidays in Skyros can be combined with Skopelos, Alonissos and Evia, as in summer there are ferries connecting these islands.


The island capital of Chora lies on the east side of the narrow waist that divides the island of Skyros, north and south.

Visitors arriving from the port of Linaria through a rash of charmless mini-markets and a rag-bag of cement block buildings to an attractive hillside town where with whitewashed cube houses stack their way up to the summit in a fiendish maze of narrow streets.

It is all crowned by the Kastro, a Byzantine fortress with Venetian trimmings built over an ancient acropolis.

The main street of Chora is a narrow strip of tourist shops, travel agents, cafes and tavernas that eventually opens out into a square overlooking Molos beach and the sea.

Perched on a terrace, is a banal bronze 'Statue of Immortal Poetry' erected in 1931 to commemorate the English poet Rupert Brooke, who is buried on the island.

Intended as an allegorical figure, rather than Brooke himself, the original model s thought to have been a male prostitute.

Beneath the square is the small archaeological museum with exhibits of local copper artefacts and a striking ceramic ring decorated with ducks and snakes from around 900 BC. The private Faltaits Museum has an impressive display of traditional Skyrian clothes, embroidery and pottery.

Also of interest is the church of Agia Triada, with some fine frescoes, and the white monastery of Agios Giorgios founded in 962 which has a painting of St George slaying the dragon.

Positive reviews


Skyros is a small island where you can spend quiet vacation with your family and friends. We stayed at a beautiful hotel at the town port, but we got the chance to see some of the tiny villages driving around by motorbike. For swimming, I recommend Atsitsa for the crystal waters, but if you want something more organized then Molos would be the best choice. Few lovely cafes line the sandy beach of Molos and in the evening they turn into bars. In Skyros, all landscape is green and this color reflects into the sea. It is a shame that few years ago there was a fire on the northern side, as the hotelier told us, hopefully it doesn't happen again. We enjoyed some calm romantic evenings in Chora walking up to the castle and around the narrow streets. The square has nice cafes and in the afternoon children were riding their bikes. Lovely images of daily life. Actually Skyros is not open to foreigners, most visitors are Greeks, so if you want an authentic place, there you go... Just a short flight from Athens but flights are not frequent so better book early. 


A really great island for those you seach for a more authentic Greece, picturesque villages and amazing landscapes.

Vicky Potari

Skyros,I’m in love with the island!I’ll be there soon!

mary Zevenhuizen

Ja Skyros is een prachtig rustig eiland met heel veel mogelijkheden.

Ik heb een goede tip. Hotel Axilleion in Aspous , een authentiek familiehotel

aan de linkerkant van de weg vanaf het havenplaatsje Lichnari naar Skyrosstad.

Zeer aan te bevelen.


A week felt like a fortnight and I was sorry to leave (the return journey flew by, mainly because everyone was chatting away like old friends by now) but such are the links made in Skyros that I’m still in touch with many of my fellow travellers. Skyros is unlike any other holiday and it is perfect if you want to reassess your life, find out where you’re going, discover your life goals, deal with problems or take stock. However it works equally well if all you want to do is lie on a beach with a book.


Absolutely recommend Skyros holidays. It was an amazing location and fabulous food. All the staff from the centre staff to the coaches/trainers were excellent. The course i did was great, it was an emotional journey and for sure changed my perspective on myself and my opportunities ahead. It was truly impactful and challenging and was exactly what i needed.


What can I say really? Words wouldn't do it justice. It really is a fantastic magical place, full of positive energy and people. Had an amazing time, the courses, facilitators, work scholars, location, EVERYTHING is just fab. The fact I had no wifi or phone coverage for a week was a blessing. Thanks Atsitsa - you were BRILL!

Anne Buist

Beautiful location, great food and the people running it were fabulous. The psychotherapy was challenging, powerful and thought provoking. A holiday with an intellectual component that will resonate long after you go home.


Do not miss the town on carnival! There is a trditional custom when locals dress traditionally and they have bells on them based on a trditional custom.


Enjoyed shopping, meeting locals in the bars on the main street, food was delicious with lots of local restaurants to choose from


If you really want to enjoy the Island of Skyros,you shoud go at spring, mild wether, floures everywhere,wild horses and a lot of goats, ... a base for exellent barbeque. The island, compared to others, is always alive, thank to a greek military base that keep restaurant and bars open in the dead season. Few tourist also in sommer make it a wanderful place where you can still feel the greek atmosfere. At the hotel list I would suggest to include Hotel Linaria Bay and Hotel Likomides, facing the the tiny ferry harbour