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The Skoda Superb, the third generation of Skoda’s giant, range-topping saloon, now more giant and range-topping than ever. Spun off the VW Group’s ubiquitous MQB platform, the Superb is 3cm longer and 5cm wider that its not-very-small predecessor, with more space inside. Even more so if you opt for the ginormous Skoda Superb Estate.


Pros: Driver Fatigue Assist Detection Feature. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Cons: Less fuel efficiency, Difficult to drive in traffic

ABS, EBD with Hydraulic Brake Assist, 8 Airbags, ESP, Driver Fatigue Assist Detection Feature, Attention Assist, Hill Hold Drive Assist, Traction Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Auto Dimming Internal and External Rear View Mirror, Defogger on External Mirror and Rear Windshield, Rear Fog Light. Push Button Ignition, 3 Zone Automatic Climate Control with Rear Vents, Cruise Control, Multifunction leather steering wheel in 3-spoke design, Rear View Camera with Parktronic Sensor in both Front and Rear


Pros: Engine

Cons: Nothing

I bought my Skoda Superb just a few weeks ago. Skoda Superb comes with a 3.6 TFSI engine that is one of the best in the petrol models. This car has a displacement of approximately 3597 cc. The engine can generate a maximum power of around 260bhp and generate torque of around 250 Nm. The Superb is meant for premium luxury. Its design is extremely beautiful and moreover the car is equipped is full of modern tech.


Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Maintenance cost

I am satisfied with my car and the service it provides to me. Its spare parts are easily available thus making it very easy to repair. The mileage is great and it gives a great speed. The features are cool enough and they give me immense joy to drive and to my family as well. It is spacious and thus comfortable.


Pros: looks,safety features

Cons: Does not give me good mileage

The car is good and gives me satisfaction with all the new advanced features, technical developments, weather controlled ac and other entertainment things. But it does not give me very good mileage in the city. It is maximum 10 to 12 KMPL. I have to work majorly in the city, so I have to travel a lot trough the jam-packed traffic roads and rough terrains. Moreover it does not have an in-built anti- theft alarm which is a major disadvantage. Except for these, it is a good car to be chosen by the customer.


Pros: Powerful engine

Cons: Mileage

I completely agree with Mr. Ajit Mishra, the Skoda Superb has lesser fuel efficiency. And the after sale service of the Skoda is very poor. The best thing in this car is the styling, looks and the interiors of this car. Overall decent car, but if the after sale service would have been better, this would be the best in class Sedan.

Positive reviews

Eric Rochford

I’m on my third Superb and I’d probably buy another. Hard to beat overall. Nice  👍.


I'm sure I will upset the Audi fans again but why does anyone spend the extra money for an A6 if only for the badge. That's a really nice car.

Fictions TV

One of my favorite car . Real-life info and opinions on cars are important for the everyday consumer.


My third Superb, never had an issue, but be careful with the sunroof, the one that i have now has one and after 5-6 months started to make some weird noises, and the dealership don't know how to fix it. otherwise no problems with them

Adil Hussain

Wonderfully I am really too happy to see this kind of car...Skoda Superb has great power, speed and acceleration in it...


As the name of the car "superb", it's truly superb in all aspects. Its very comfortable sporty and elegant car. Its looks are to die for. The cuts and curves of the car attract a lot of attention from people around. The performance of the car is one of the best in class. This car is truly value for money as it can be used for work as well as pleasure. The materials used in the cabin are of top-notch quality and feels very premium. The engine has got a lot of power and it never disappoints you, be it in the city or at highways. Altogether it is bang for your buck.

Rahul Kachroo

As the name says Superb, the car is actually superb in all points. Money- A value for Money Car in its segment. Interior- The most classic and Modern interiors of a premium sedan. Space- You don't have to argue in that, superb has far enough space even than Audi A4. The boot space too is unimaginable. Exterior- The exterior is totally classic and royal,gives that rich feel. Design- If you talk about the design, it has the best architecture of a car in all senses, perfect car. Total- For me its a value for money car in its segment as it gives you a mixture classic modern and royal taste. 5.0/5.0.

Aneesh Yadav

Cars that are so perfect that they have been the segment leader from day 1 of the launch like the Skoda Superb which have proved that it is possible to improve perfection as they have mixed all the recipes together. DESCRIPTION The new car's front-end is characterized by a large grille and rather sharply styled headlamps that boast of LED fixtures. When viewed in side profile, the Superb impresses with its clean lines and the gently sloping roof. At the rear-end, the car gets LED tail lamps that have the typical Skoda C-motif. Overall, the new sedan has just the right amounts of sophistication and aggressiveness. SPECIFICATION In India, the Skoda Superb will be available with a petrol and a diesel engine option. The petrol engine is a 1.8 TSI (180 PS-250 Nm) while the Diesel engine is a 2.0 L TDI (177 PS-350 Nm). The 1.8 petrol comes with the option of either a 6-speed Manual or a 7-speed DSG. The 2.0 L diesel is mated to a 6-speed DSG. The petrol Superb delivers a healthy 14.12 kmpl (Manual) and 14.67 kmpl (Automatic) and the diesel returns an impressive 18.19 kmpl. INTERIORS In the words of Skoda, the new sedan's interior space has a more modern, elegant and sophisticated look. The manufacturer goes on to say that the new Superb benefits from a new level of comfort, new technical solutions, and high-quality, precise workmanship. The new car benefits from 157 mm of more rear leg room and 69 mm of better elbow room. The car has a large boot, with a maximum capacity of 625-litres (again, 30 liters more than the earlier car). SAFETY MEASURES Eight airbags with optional rear side airbags Rear parking sensors Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Electronic stability control (ESC) MILEAGE Petrol Model - Around 13kmpl Diesel Model - Around 17kmpl SAFETY FEATURES Eight airbags with optional rear side airbags Rear parking sensors Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Electronic stability control (ESC) VERDICT: This is it!

Siddhart nene

I own a Skoda Superb and it is truly superb in all terms be it mileage, comfort, safety, looks or the driving comfort it offers you. Superb has got amazing looks, in terms of both exteriors and interiors. The curvy body just makes you fall in love with the car the moment you see it first. I must mention the factor that just took my breaths away when I first went to see the car at my dealer. The interiors are absolutely like Mercedes Benz, what better, this factor has been noticed by everyone who ever took a ride of Skoda Superb. The interiors are also extremely spacious, with enough spaces for the driver and boot space. It makes you feel so comfortable and so much at home. The controls are placed in a very intelligent manner that makes the drive not only comfortable but fun, especially when you go in for long drives. I have fallen in love with the central touch screen that helps control everything in the car. The engine comes with seven-speed direct shift double clutch automatic gearbox. This seven-speed gearbox allows you to be in that perfect speed always. Thus, with a price cost of 19 lakhs, the car gives you a complete feel of Mercedes, what more can you want. I guess there is no need to mention the quality of cars Skoda makes as it is a Brand known for its quality of cars. In terms of fuel efficiency, it gives me an average of around 9kmpl in the city and around 13kmpl on highways. I couldn't have expected for more and I feel so proud moving in my Superb all around the city and office compound.


It might be fast-approaching its mid-life facelift in 2019, but the third-generation Skoda Superb Hatch remains an intrinsically appealling, practical and stylish large family car and proof - if it were needed - that you don't need an SUV for spacious family transport. It's an excellent all-rounder.


Aptly named the Skoda Superb is just that in every department, comfort, leg room, boot capacity, fuel economy true average average 51.04 mpg over 22K miles in 2 years, and performance, few cars can beat it for acceleration, and top speed (German autobahns only). An absolute joy to drive, whether you feel like a limousine chauffeur, or driving a true Grand Tourisimo around sweeping country lanes. The Columbus sat nav is faultless, avoiding traffic congestion whether they be due to road works or an accident that has only just happened. It is a joy to sit in fabulously comfortable leather seats, heated if you wish in winter to a selectable temperature. The heated windscreen quickly clears frost. The headlight react to your steering illuminating the bends ahead, whilst curb lights do just that. As for your rear passengers, I doubt that any other car except possibly a Rolls Royce Phantom has more leg room, and they have their own controllable air vents. If you are worried about parking a car this size, then select park assist and it will find a suitable space and park itself for you. Without a doubt the finest family car in the world.


It's a Superb by name and lives up to this in every sense. Having driven over 15000 miles in the first year, under all types of conditions both in the UK and abroad, I can find nothing to moan about. With a useful duel opening mechanism on the boot it is either a straight forward saloon or a hatchback. Originally bought to allow easy access and legroom to the rear seats for an infirm relative, there is nothing else on the market that is better at the price. Now, I use it every day in preference to my other car (small hatchback) due to its comfort and comparative economy.