Skoda Octavia reviews

Neutral reviews

arun kumar

Octavia is simply superb and its class is now compatible with Audi & BMW...The car gives good power and a nice pick up from 0 to 100KMPH...the car is even looking decent and sweet with an amazingly powerful machine in it...

Barry H

Traded my 2013 Octavia TSI 90 for an Octavia VRS my18 169 tsi6 with the upgrade packs. Excellent so far but have only done 1100kms. Was told my new Android 7.1 phone would accept Android Auto but it doesn't. Very disappointed I can't monitor traffic conditions on the impressive 9.2" Columbus screen. The owner's English language manual, like the previous one includes every version of Octavia for that year which makes it very hard to navigate the 271 pages of small print. Reference photos are not good. It's well prepared but too convoluted in my opinion. I believe the impressive list of driving and safety features in the up grade packs are all there and working, but can't be sure. A steep learning curve trying to understand maybe. Driving the car is a delight. Basically a sports car which I've toned down to the eco mode which is all I need as a retiree. Fuel consumption in this break in period is impressive. On ron 98 averaging around 6.5l/100 combined and down to about 5.4l/100 on the freeway. Maybe less than one litre per 100 worse than my old 90tsi all over which is very good. Should improve after a few thousand kms.

Barry H

Additional to my older review.....still have the 1Z 2013 special edition tsi 1.4l 7speed dsg at 62,000 kms. Little has changed. Still original tires exhaust and brakes. Still looks and drives as new. Two extended warranty jobs in the fifth year...a failing water pump and delaminating rear window heater element. Always used ron98. Fuel consumption is around 5litres/100 or under on freeway, and around 6.2 or less combined. At a constant 80km/hr I've measured about 4.4 and in Brisbane city traffic 7.5. Into it's 6th year I test drove an Eclipse Cross and ASX, both new 2018 models, but on reflection found no good reason to change. I may consider a change when the warranty expires, possibly a new Octavia. Now in my 9th decade I've had some driving experience and the Octavia is the best vehicle I ever owned. Touch wood.


We have an MY17 Octavia sedan, petrol, fitted with the sports pack. Overall, I would say this is a great car. It’s best feature would have to be the fuel economy – we average 7 or less litres /100km. On a recent trip involving both motorway and city driving, we managed 5.6 l/100. For a petrol car running on 95 fuel, that’s outstanding! It has a 1.4 litre turbo and a seven speed DSG gearbox. There’s plenty of get up and go, and the car feels quite sporty to drive for what it is. It corners well and sits on the road nicely. The DSG takes a bit of getting used to, and can either hesitate when you first move off, or suddenly jerk a little, depending how much throttle you give it. Not a big issue but you do notice it compared to a traditional auto. With the sports pack the car feels a bit low for my liking, and the low-profile tyres give a firm ride and a bit of tyre roar (with the original fitted tyres). The cruise is the radar type, and the lever takes a bit of learning. It also has autonomous braking, which is pretty impressive for the price. Plenty of room inside and a large boot too. It has a quality feel. I would certainly recommend one to another buyer, although I would forgo the sports pack to gain a more compliant ride and a bit more clearance for dished driveways. But, for a car with this level of economy, it’s the go-to-choice for a trip for us!

Positive reviews


Awesome car. One of the best value for money. Two aesthetic observations though: 1. The headlights are better looking in one piece and not splitted. 2. Skoda, at last please make the digits on the speedometer and tachometer straight. It always feel like there are not in the right position.


Skoda Octavia is the best car in the segment in all aspects of comfort, performance and features.

karun arora

No words to describe sheer pleasure of driving Skoda Octavia 1.8L petrol engine 2017 onyx edition. power met performance. Skoda cars are a to describe it better here are some pros and cons Pros- good performance car good on comfort and luxury ample legroom and boot space luxuries yet affordable in maintenance good after-sales service. yes its true "good after sales" overall excellent driving pleasure and the fun car my kids just love the panoramic sunroof in city mileage in Delhi traffic is around 10kmpl highway driving mileage is around 12kmpl cons- mileage could have been better


The Octavia is a talented all-round family car offering great value thanks to reasonable prices, a huge, high-quality cabin and a wide range of engines and trim levels in a choice of bodystyles. It’s not exciting, but it gets the job done without any fuss.

If you want to jump in a car and demolish a 500-mile journey in one hit, then this is the car for you. Not bad when you consider how good value this is…


I bought my Approved Used Octavia about 2 months ago so it's early days, however I have not been disappointed so far. I was looking a car with a larger boot than my previous car (Ford Focus) and an automatic as I spend a lot of time in traffic on the M25! The Octavia fits that small brief perfectly, the boot is huge. I was initially thinking of the Estate but the Hatchback was more than enough for me. The fit an finish of the Skoda is excellent especially in the higher spec Elegance model. It's clear to see the influence of VW as many parts seem to be lifted straight from either the Golf or Passat. However Skoda have added in lot's of really simple storage solutions throughout the car which really add benefit to the day to day experience. The DSG box works really well plus you have different driving modes to choose from, all work well however I tend to stick to ECO mode to save fuel. It's a very comfortable drive especially on the motorway, if you're looking for something to hustle along A-roads then this is probably not the car for you but in real world every day driving it is excellent. 60+ MPG is easily achievable without driving like at a snails pace (I suspect the manual version is even better on fuel economy). I had an issue with a faulty water pump two weeks into ownership which was disappointing however Skoda fixed under warranty. It appears to be a known fault so something to watch out for. Skoda service has been excellent so far, the service intervals are 2 years or 20000 miles and Skoda servicing costs look reasonable. The only thing holding this car back is the badge on the bonnet, if you need a so called "Premium" badge then you probably aren't reading this. If you have an open mind and an eye for a bargain then the Octavia is well worth a serious look.


I drive over 140 miles a day on the motorway plus shorter trips at weekends. I find the Skoda a very smooth ride, albeit a little noisy. It is easy to drive and steady, almost feeling like it is sat on rails. The build quality is excellent and all the interior trim feels solid and robust yet easy to operate. Fuel economy is good and it's easy to get 64mpg plus on the M25 every day without being a snail or an idiot. Also around town I routinely get 45mpg. There is a good throttle response and excellent brakes. Inside the seats are comfy with good support and even the rear seat passengers get looked after well. The heating/lights/radio etc all work well and are straightforwards to operate. Boot space is more than enough to transport a student to/from University every 8 weeks with space to spare. I will definitely buy another Skoda for my next car.


This is a great car. It is reliable, comfortable and spacious and the MPG is very good, varying between 56-62mph depending on the type of driving (motorway or local). Moreover, this model has a computer which makes it easy to check the MPG. The interior design is well thought out with maximum use made of the space for storage. I particularly like the way the floor of the boot compartment lifts up to reveal a space for keeping items that one would not want to leave on view or items that would other wise clutter up the boot space and possibly roll around when driving - e.g. jump leads, torch tool box etc. Overall, I would say that this is the best car I have ever owned.


The Skoda Octavia makes a fantastic family car, because it’s practical, relaxing to drive and surprisingly affordable to buy and run.


Very good car in tems of sefety car but very expressive parts and service


Skoda octavia is very good choice for me. Best in class performance, features. Good comfort. Best handling


Bought this car as a demo with about 400km on the clock and use it as every day transport.

1.4 TSI with 7 spd DSG. Tech Pack and Luxury Pack were fitted.

We've now done 28k and had the first service done at 15k. Checked oil today with 2k to service. Still on full level.

Difficult to find fault. Comfortable, quick enough when needed, Bells and whistles work well and it's surprising how quickly they become integrated into your every day driving.

Very economical. Have been down to 4.9 on a few trips and anything over 5.5 is a disappointment. Late 6's to early 7's around town - maybe low 8's if Sport mode is selected and driven accordingly. Most kms have been done in a largish regional centre plus what passes as "highway" driving. Very few in freeway conditions.

Use 95 RON with occasional tank of 98.

Looked at a Golf (among others) when we bought and decided on the Skoda because of the additional space. (We bought a 280 litre upright freezer, backed up to load and was told "no way". Yes way - we took it home.)

Also some of the features available on the Skoda at the time weren't on the shopping list for the Golf.

Lacks independent rear that our last few cars have had but it handles well so it really hasn't been missed.

Pros - the car as a package - the LED AFS head lights are a stand out in a very well equipped vehicle.

Cons -