Sharm el-Sheikh traveller reviews

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The most dangerous thing in Sharm is shitty hotel food.

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The latest media coverage paints an image contrary to the one you're describing. Forbes even wrote a full article about how 2018 is the year to visit Egypt. Most countries have restored flights now and this is one of the best years for tourism since 2011. The number of terror attacks have been reduced drastically thanks to counter-terrorism efforts and we don't really hear anything these days, which is in stark contrast to 2014-2016 when there were attacks in Cairo on an almost daily basis.

So to sum it up; traveling in Egypt is the same as anywhere else. You wont be allowed anywhere near the areas where the are military operations against terrorists, like Northern Sinai, so you don't have to worry about that kind of trouble. The roads are blocked off and no one gets in or out without permission from the military. In Cairo you just have practice common sense when it comes to crime, like anywhere else, and you'll be fine. Sharm El Sheikh is probably safer than most Western cities when it comes to crime and terrorism.

I've been traveling between Cairo and Alexandria for months now and everything is business as usual. I stay out to 4AM sometimes and I feel as safe here as I do anywhere else. Violent crime is not common in Egypt, even minor things like pick-pocketing is quite uncommon but this is the stuff you want to stay vigilant for for when you're out and about. Tourist scams are common though, make sure you read up on those if you do plan on coming.


Genuinely nothing to worry about. You are right, there is a lot of protection in the tourist hotspots, especially around hotels/resorts. It's not a ghost town by any means, especially since September is sort of a high season; the sun isn't as aggressive and tourists can generally stand the heat better once summer is over.

If you do find an organized trip to Giza then go for it, but by bus that would take 6-8 hours, Sharm El Sheikh is REALLY far away from Giza and Cairo. There are cheap planes, but I highly recommend going as part of an organized group and not alone.


Sharm is probably even safer due to all the security there. Go, you’ll definitely enjoy Egypt, no place on earth like it.


Shopping Streets

Buy leather goods at 50 percent less than US prices in the city's markets or visit malls like SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh and Il Mercato for your favorite brands and designers. Try specialist stores like Beyond Limits on the upper floor of the Na'ama Center or Sharm Scuba Service at Shark's Bay for diving gear and equipment.

Groceries and Other

Stock up on food and essentials in local supermarkets like Carrefour, 24/7, and Metro. Prices are E£19 for 12 large eggs and E£13 for a quart of milk. Be sure to pack sunscreen before leaving home as it can be expensive to buy in Sharm El Sheikh.


Public Transportation

You'll see blue and white minibuses taking locals to destinations all over the city but it's against the law for them to carry tourists. If you're traveling with a group you may want to rent your own private minibus. Prices start from E£597 per day.


Taxis are a convenient way of getting around the city, if somewhat expensive. Many drivers won't use a meter so be sure to agree on a price before boarding. A typical 5-mile trip is E£65-80.


Sharm El Sheik stretches from the Old Town to Shark's Bay and beyond. Rent a car from leading providers like Hertz and Sixt for E£128 per day and see the city at your own pace.

Positive reviews


Hello. We were there for almost 2 weeks in July in Magic Life Sharm el Sheikh Imperial, and I must say it is absolutely safe. There are security all over the place. If u try to go to other hotels via beach they dont let you do it. Even on airport, If u arrive you will have like 5 security checks before they let you go out of airport.


Very good with very good people very friendly the food very very nice and alcohol was perfect I was having fun with Lovly animation team they have very good events for kids and adults thanks animation team and big thanks for Lena for professional yoga I will come back soon ️️


Amazing vacation!!

I really like this hotel!) I’ve been in 3 hotels before and I can say that this one is really good :) The territory is huge and awesome. One of the most beautiful hotels in Sharm. The food is varied, especially dinner the animators are really nice guys. They’re so cute and fun! The service is great. I’m going to return one more time ❤️


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Hans-Jørgen Andersen

The last time I was in Sharm el Sheikh, I lived at the Maritim Jolie Ville Golf, which I definately can recommend. It’s a very nice resort and there is a choral reef right by. I also went on a few excursions with Atlantis Rejser, that I traveled with. I went to Dahab, Blue Hole and Three Pools. All recommendable if you are a fan of amazing chorals and beautiful fish :)