Seat Leon reviews

Neutral reviews

Mat Watson

The SEAT Leon is practical too. There’s space for four adults and the flat back seat means even a fifth person in the rear won’t feel too hard done by. The 380-litre boot is a decent size, but it does without the a 12v socket. There’s also a high aload lip, so it’s trickier to slide heavy luggage into place.

But an aching back will hopefully be your worst injury because the Leon’s a safe car. It scored five stars when it was crash tested back in 2012 and, although Euro NCAP’s testing procedures are even tougher now, the SEAT has automatic emergency braking fitted to prevent collisions to all but the entry Leon.

Fortunately, braking isn’t all the car can do for you, because you’ll find the Leon is a surprisingly fun small car to blast down a country road, with limited body lean and plenty of grip.

The best engine for such activities – in fact, the best engine full stop – is the 150hp, 1.4-litre petrol which is quick, smooth, and returns more than 40mpg in real-world driving. It’s so well balanced you should only consider the clattery 1.6-litre diesel if you do a huge mileage, although which ever model you choose the Leon is never quite as quiet and comfortable as a VW Golf.

So the SEAT Leon is a sensible family car with sporty looks and a drive to match. The interior might lack the exterior’s inspiration, but it is well built and practical.

For more detailed and in-depth analysis of the SEAT Leon read the interior, practicality, driving and specifications sections of our review. And, if you just want to see how much you can save on a Leon, click through to our SEAT Leon deals page.


I like the Leon, but just be aware you're paying a lot in depreciation on that sort of mileage. Make sure your budget can handle it as it will cost you quite a bit!


"The Seat Leon is great value. It’s stylish and a good all-rounder, but doesn’t quite match the class best in some areas."


When Seat announced they would be back to Singapore in mid 2016, I was the few that drop by their completed but yet unopened showroom in the eastern park of Singapore to take a peak at their cars. At that time, I was driving a Mark 6 VW Jetta with no problems but due to falling COE prices, I thought it would be good to shop around for a new car.

I wanted a Golf but the white Leon I saw in the yet unopened showroom caught my attention instead due to it's ''distinctive sharp styling lines as German motoring review series Autogefuhl calls it.

Finally I decided to pop in to their showroom in Feb 2017 to test drive their Leon 1.2. Having tested the Golf 1.2 just a weekend ago, I was impressed by their firmer ride and more communicative steering. And plus, I prefer the styling which has it's character compared to the more business like Golf. The deal was set and I put a deposit down for it. Bonus was Vertex gave a good value for my Jetta so that sweeten the deal a bit.

Now 4 months into ownership, I have no regrets. Some say I am quite silly to swop a Jetta 7DSG to another 7DSG on the Leon. Perhaps it is because I had a good ownership experience with a Volkswagen based 7DSG that made me commit to another 7DSG.

Positive reviews


The well-built Leon is proving reliable in practice and Euro NCAP has rewarded its active safety features with a five-star rating


Fuel-efficient engines are offered across the range. TDI diesels are the best but the all-TSI petrol line also impresses


Roomy and reasonably practical cabin is almost as usable as a Volkswagen Golf's 

Al Ds

Good car! Especially FR version!


I have a leon style 1.0 eco tsi dsg with media system and led lights. I really recommend this car. My old car was again a 1.2 tsi leon, 2016

Louis Zhao

leon is an amazing car, words from a leon fr owner


Awesome cars, I have a Seat Ibiza 2012 from new done 56,000 miles and not had s single problem other than normal service.


Gorgeous car! I really wish we got these in the states. Take care of it!


"The SEAT Leon is one of the best family hatchbacks on sale, blending style, practicality and excellent dynamics."


Collected my new Leon last weekend! I must say it was a great purchase. I was looking at small hatchback since my requirement is just to drive to work and back home everyday. I went to VW to view their Golf initially. Then I was browsing on SGCARMART and came across this car (SEAT Leon), read some of its features and decided to pop by at their showroom in Ubi area.

Once I stepped into their showroom I was instantly greeted by their friendly sales consultant. He explained to great lengths to me about the car (Leon), he was professional and very patient with me because I had many questions. Once I saw the car I fell in love with it, it looked gorgeous, with its sharp features and not to mention the price was better than others.

After that we went for a test drive and I really liked the handling and the comfort level in the car. Once we ended the test drive I had no hesitation but to sit down with the Sales consultant to discuss the details of the purchase.

Drove my new ride for coming to a week now, I must say my love for my new Leon grew everyday. I would not hesitate to recommend SEAT cars to anyone. In fact this is a good time to buy their cars before they grow more reputation, by that time I am sure their car prices will go up!