Scottish Terrier review

Negative reviews


The pair of Scotties I know are absolute nightmares. Well, the female is okay, but the male is not so much. Terrible for grooming. He used to not be nearly as bad, but he's gotten worse with age. Biting the brush and clippers. Scotties have very powerful bites, and he's gotten a few of us pretty good (only drawn blood a couple of times). Recently, he went after a child in his neighborhood. It was an unwarranted attack and he got a plug out of the kid's leg. Rabies control had to quarantine him for observation and somehow he got out of it, but they can be dangerous.

I would recommend the poodle. In black, blue or white. The reds/apricots and parti colors are the ones that usually have the dorky temperaments. So loyal and protective over their people. Beautiful and regal and usually not a terrible price. Much better option than any kind of "doodle" for sure.

Neutral reviews


Friendly and playful as a puppy, the Scottish Terrier matures into a bold, jaunty, yet steady and dignified adult, with greater independence than most terriers. He is staunchly self-reliant and fearless -- also dour and crusty at times.


Scottish Terriers require clipping and trimming every few months, to keep their coat short and free of mats. But don't expect your pet Scottish Terrier to look like the show dogs you've seen in books or on TV. That particular look takes hours of work by experienced show groomers.


Like all terriers, Scottish Terriers can be scrappy with other dogs of the same sex. They are a determined force to reckon with if they decide to initiate or accept a challenge to fight. And because of their hunting background, most terriers have strong instincts to chase and seize small fleeing creatures. This could make for conflict if you own a cat. It may be much worse than that if you own a pet rabbit or hamster!


The Scottish Terrier is smart and becomes very devoted to one or two people. Family is important, and they want to be a major part of it. Strangers do not get a friendly greeting and will not be given any attention. The breed only wants to help out its family. Older children can get enjoyment out of playing with the dog, but young children may not be considerate enough and may get snapped at. Adult Scottish Terriers can bite or snap at people, including their family. They need firm owners, because they are dominant and will become the leader of the house. Playing games, especially fetch, with their family is extremely fun for them.


Grooming a Scottish Terrier is not as much work as it may seem. Brushing should be done once or twice a week. To keep their coat the right length, they should be trimmed professionally two times a year. Baths are not usually needed. Exercise for these little dogs is a simple task. If a yard is available, they can run and exercise on their own. If a yard is not available, going on walks or playing games are great exercise

Mary Browning

My 6 year old Scottie Seamus loves other people and children. He is a great yard "mole eradicater". He can be very affectionate but also values "alone time". He has adapted to apartment living and loves air conditioning!

Kitty Smith



Scotties do shed, but not in a manner that you might used to with other types of breeds. They will shed their undercoat slowly and you'll start to notice black dust bunnies accumulating near the walls and corners. Their tough outer coat needs to trimmed back every 3-6 months, depending on how active they/you are.

You're best bet to see if/how allergic you are is to go play with one for a while with your bare hands and arms. See if causes any itchiness or redness. If you spend time with them and get wheezy, it may not be the dog for you.

I'm allergic to short haired dogs and never had a problem with my Scottie, so it's a sort of case by case basis.

As a new owner, you're looking at getting a headstrong dog that likes to do what it wants. I never would let Oscar off the leash, even after teaching him to come and sit on command. The hunting and digging instinct is very strong and my backyard would often look like WWI fighting trenches after a while. They can be standoffish with other dogs, even when socalized and are often happy just doing their own thing with their own pack.

That said, I loved every minute of having two of them. They are super loyal to one owner, low maintenance (a 30 to 40 minute walk usually tuckers them out, short little legs and all) and very recognizable. Everyone usually wants to come up and meet them.


My first dog is a Scottie that I inherited from my mother. She’s 5/6 and still as feisty as she was when she was 2. She gets along great with her own pack but can never be trusted around dogs we meet on our walks. I always have to be careful with introductions and stay very close in case she changes her tune from wagging to snapping. Scottie’s aren’t dogs that are good for dog parks or days out on the town. They’re very loving and sweet pups that aren’t very high maintenance. I also keep mine cut short to reduce shedding. Mine gets groomed around every 2 months, and the expense can range from $45-$80 so build that into your budget. Overall, they’re wonderful dogs with personalities you’ll get hooked on!


I've had scotties all my life and allergies. If I don't touch him I'm fine. But if I touch him I get eczema pretty bad on my hands. And if my hands go to my face I get the sneezes.

Positive reviews


Scottish Terriers, like his other terrier cousins, are fearless, loyal and often clownish. They are discriminating when it comes to making friends, so don't expect your Scottie to cozy up to all of your friends, but when you've made friends with a Scottie, he's your friend for life. They have excellent memories and if they meet a person one time and like them, a Scottie can recognize that person years later. They are stoic animals, and it is often hard to tell what they are thinking so they can break out into mischief without warning. Scotties are not for everyone, as their discriminating taste sometimes means they only really like one member of the household, but those who love the Scottish Terrier say these dogs bring laughter and light wherever they go.

Sandra Branson

My 1 year old Scottie is a real sweet boy. He Loves all the family,I his mother,am his favorite and dads his favorite play mate lol I had to be firm with him but now he minds very well. He Love to play tug of war and will retrieve the toy and bring it back to you. That Was a feat. He Is my 2nd Scottie.I love the breed. He is brindle in color, beautiful Big Boy!!!

Katy Mitchell

I'm one of those fortunate to have a Scottie mix. My boy is a rescue half scottie/half schnauzer

Mary Roberts

Mackenzie will be four years old in December. She is a wonderful pet..We travel a great deal. She makes herself at home anywhere we park our motor coach. There are many new friends to make in our travels..She never meets a stranger....She loves all people...young or old and all dogs... big or small...I think she enjoys meeting other Scotties best..The basket on the back of my bike was a birthday gift for her last birthday...She loves to go for a ride in the much as she loves to go for a walk. This picture was taken in Naples FL. in Feb. of 2012. She weighs 19-20 lbs and is always looking for a handout...not in an obnoxious way ...She just sits and looks at up at if to say "I know that is better than my kibbles ..just one bite would be delightful". We are fortunte, indeed, to have such a wonderful companion to share our life with..

Barbara Kumferman

I Finally, 2 years ago adopted a male Scotty. I've always wanted one since I was a little girl watching Lady and the tramp. My little boy "McDuff" aka Duffy is the light of my life. He's everything and more and is the spitting image of what a blue blood scotty should look like... He's laying on my feet right now as I type, Love this little guy. I only wish I could keep him out of my bed at night-He

Sandy Brown

We love our Scotties. They are our family and Henry, our 4 year old, is our first son. We adopted Molly, Chelsea and Annie to love and adore. We miss them so much - sadly hey all developed cancer and we lost each of the girls when they were 10 years old. They were our Black Beauties! Such wonderful companions and so incredibly smart!