savannah bee company reviews

Negative reviews

Meaghan McGurgan

We did mead and honey tasting at their flagship store around Christmas and found the staff to be a delight and the booze to be excellent. Most of it is made locally. They also did pairings with the tasting, which I thought was a bit different. Mead tasting was 5USD for 4 samples. Well worth it. We ended up buying a bottle of the apple pie mead, which has been covetted by every person we have given a small sample to.

Honey tasting in the shop is free and there's lots of varieties to try. You can also try local goat cheese and honey made products like soap, candles and lip balm. It makes for a simple gift for people if you're coming from out of town.

Neutral reviews

Dennis L.

A fun, educational and tasty introduction into the world of honey. Besides the yummy part the there are so many varieties of honey dependant on the flowers they buzzed. There are also all kinds of creams and salves that are honey based for health and beauty needs.

There is also a tasting bar where various types of mead can be sampled and bought. Mead is like a beer made by fermenting honey with water and adding various fruits, spices, grains, or hops for different tastes.

There were also food samples that they provided. Apple slices spread with whole honey comb and a local mild cheddar cheese.  It was a delicious combination!

I recommend a visit to this shop ( I believe there are several other locations.

Chris O.

Calling all "Honey Lovers".

This is the Bee Spot to be. They have a large selection of all sorts of honey products which are nicely priced.

There is a glow about this store that just attracts so many people. The store was packed and the product was just flying off the shelf's.

We bought a nice gift box of a variety of honey and can't wait to use them at home.

Also there are multiple stations for sample all the honey products the store has to offer, and there are a lot. Customer service was on point and very informative during the whole process of finding the right product for us.

The store had many displays that were very organized. The areas of sampling where clean and properly labeled. I really enjoyed this store and look forward to the next time I'm in the area to stop on back in.

Betsy F.

An American success story. Son of lawyer followed his dreams became a bee keeper and eventually established the very successful Savannah Bee Company. The company is a participant in the community, giving back. For example, one honey flavor donates a generous portion of its proceeds to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, the only Georgia conservation center of sea turtles.

Products make great souvenirs and work well in gift baskets. In store testings help you hone in on your preferred flavors.

Positive reviews

LeAnne W.

This is one of my favorite places to shop when we visit Savannah. The folks working are friendly and knowledgable about the products. One of my favorite products was sold out. Not olny did they look just in case it was in a display, they were able to suggest an alternative. I enjoy not only thoer honey, but their honey products such as lotions and boday wash. Treat yourself and stop in!

Nico B.

I'm giving Savannah Bee Company (SBC) five stars because I think it does a five-star job at what it aims to do. While I'm not a "honey" person, I think that SBC does a great job at what they aim to do, which seems to be to sell high quality local honey and related products.

I've never been to a store solely dedicated to hive and honey products like SBC, which leads me to believe they are the premium name in this business, at least in Georgia. Upon walking into one of their stores (there are several stores or collaborative deals around the Savannah area) it is quite apparent they are aiming for a quality perception of their products. And this is certainly the case--their store was clean, organized, had a neat and somewhat "natural" feeling interior design. Their honeys seem to be of top quality -- they have samples of many different honeys with natural flavors. They also have whole honeycomb that you can break apart yourself--it doesn't get more natural than that!

Note, though, that when you go here, you get what you pay for. If you're looking for bargain honey to go on your biscuit in the morning, then you should probably look at your local grocer. If you're really into honey, or want to step up your honey game, though, this is the place to be. I think at the very least it is worth the visit because they have all kinds of free samples so you can see what real, natural, quality honey tastes like and if you want to take it to another level.


Roman Michael Jones

I HAVE to give you guys a shout out!

The quality of you guys lip balms is AMAZING!!

You’ve done a great job at producing a high quality product at an affordable price.

Would love to see a Lavender one produced sometime in the future 😍😍

Rachael Walden

Had a great time mead tasting and Christmas shopping with Jeannie at the St.Simons location! Great products, friendly staff.

Lindsey Michelle Duke

I recently purchased some shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion from Savannah Bee Company in Myrtle Beach, SC. Tupelo Honey is the scent I liked best, and let me just say, my hair feels SO much softer and stronger, and my skin smells just like honey throughout the entire day. The quality of these products are amazing and I’m pretty sure it just became my favorite of all time! Can’t wait to try some other products too :)

Alea G.

My family has gone to the Savannah Bee Company store on previous trips to Savannah and has brought me stuff from the store. I love their hand salve, so I was stoked to be able to try it out for myself. I was not disappointed. The honey tasting was a lot of fun. Shelled out the $7 for the mead tasting, too. So good! Of course, I also stocked up on a bunch of the hand salve. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Marble

Amazing, so glad I went here! They have all their honey types lined up at their honey bar and you can taste the differences based on the type of flowers the bees had access to. The staff was incredibly knowledgable and we walked away with a trio of mini honey jars as gifts, as well as honey gift bags with chap sticks and shampoo, and lotion. All of the beauty products smell amazing and work great, and the honey itself is delicious. Highly recommend, one of the standout places in Savannah for me.

from MI

I recieved the purchase as expected. Its everything that I wanted in the honey.

Tupelo honey

Oh my gosh the best honey I have ever tasted.


I love the sweet non overwhelming taste of this buttery smooth honey. I ate it by the spoonful, on buttered muffins, toast, it is so wonderful and delicious. The fast service is great, too. I will reorder.