Royal tropics «green papaya» reviews

Negative reviews

Monica Conner

Great idea and was so excited to try after reading the other reviews. BUT I got so incredibly sick for 2 days after taking green papaya. It has amazing Pros but also some serious Cons like vomiting, possible miscarriage, lower fertility, etc.. I was really interested In trying this product, but please do your research and know the good and bad of green papaya

Neutral reviews


This papaya powder is very good as for quality, but quite difficult to ingest: it does not dissolve in water and if you try to drink it you will have many tiny pieces of fiber in wathever you're drinking. I manage to take it in my smoothie at breakfast: that way it is wonderful!


Taking this with my meals (when there is more protein to be digested) has helped my digestion. Since taking this, my acid reflux symptoms after meals with more meat etc have greatly diminished. The capsules are convenient when I am eating out. I take the powder form when I eat my meals at home.

Positive reviews

A. Collins

About 22 years ago, a dentist prescribed whole green papaya capsules to me as a natural anti-inflammatory for my TMJ. This is the brand I purchased and have been using ever since. It works amazingly well and is very easy on the stomach. I am unable to take Ibuprofen or any other NSAIDs for inflammation. This is the only anti-inflammatory I am able to take orally and it works fantastically. My family has used it effectively in treatment for TMJ, neck pain, and many other things. It was wonderful news when we discovered last year that scientists now say it is also anti-cancer. My mother has been taking it for 22 years. She has a mild form of Leukemia that has not required any type of treatment at all. Her doctors are astounded. We know that Jesus is taking care of her, but we can't help but wonder if taking the papaya is part of the help He provided. I very highly recommend it.

Dara M. Commons

I usually hate to write reviews but I have had such great results from these digestive enzymes I just have to tell about it. Even after just the first day I started taking them I had a great reduction in belching and bloating. I had my doubts even after reading reviews but decided to give it a try. I am so glad I took the chance because I am not miserable like I was before. Buy it!

Hattie Foster

This is a great digestive product. Keeps you regular -- no gripping stomach pains or loose bowel movements. A very natural product one I would recommend as part of one's daily routine to stay regular.


I used to take another product that was made from green papaya but they added a sweetener. I have taken this product for over a year and it really works well. I am so happy I switched to this product for it has no additives. I only wish it were organic since most papaya is GMO which I strongly try to avoid.


Great product. Since it is powdered it can be added almost to anything. Great product. I use it in my protein shakes and home made ice cream.


works very well on acid reflux thanx


I recommend This Product!

Seems to do what it says. Am pleased.

By Cathy

I recommend This Product!

Seems to help keep me more regular


Green Papaya Powder is a very effective natural aid to digestion.

Mary Sherman

“Recently, at the Honolulu Marathon, I bought a

bottle of Green Papaya Powder, 150 caps, 400 mg.

I find these capsules to be especially helpful to my

system, and would like to order a large quantity

from you.”

J.D. Collins

“I’ve been especially impressed with the Green

Papaya Powder capsules. I must say that since I

have been taking them I definitely feel better and

more healthy, without stomach problems or