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Hazel Owens

That’s good to know that rottweilers don’t do well if they are isolated and if they are socialized they do well with children and other dogs. This seems like a dog I’d like to have since it seems like it’d be really good with people and would be really affectionate. My husband and I will have to look around to see if we can find any puppies for sale since it seems like this breed of dog would do well at our home since we really don’t want it to have to be locked up in order to behave.

Ramesh Nagaraj

Rottweilers are dogs with a strong personality and even stronger emotional connect with their owners. So it is advisable to raise a normal dog breed or dog breeds that are friendly. So once you're comfortable raising a dog, you can then start raising dogs with stronger personalities because, its not just the dog that's going to grow, you will also be growing along with them. It is like raising a baby for a span of 15 years. 

So my advise would be to start off with a German Shepherd or labrador and get to understand them. If you wish to raise another dog after raising these, you can raise a Rottweiler.

(Note: Don't go for trainers. Learn to train them. Feel free to ask for queries in comments section)

Positive reviews


Rottweiler dogs are truly sweethearts. They are loyal, loving, and very protective. With proper training and endless love, they are warriors for you. My family just put our Rott down and losing him was very hard for he was more than a pet. My advice to others is to not be afraid of Rottweilers, they may not look the most approach friendly animals, but they have a loving soul and care for their humans with everything they have. Definitely respect the breed and recommend the beautiful doggers!


I have a Rottweiler and she’s the sweetest most loving animal ever, they often get a bad reputation for being bad dogs but that’s so not true!

Nils Beckers

This is great! Throughout my life I was accompanied by this breed.

I got to say this article made me laugh and smile several times because especially the passage about temperament was described perfectly.

When we had our third one, for me the first one who arrived as a puppy, he chewed on one particular shoe and one chair every time we didin’t watch him. Out of pure boredom. Anyway, it’s a great article! I love this breed. For me they are the most amazing dog breed.

Just one thing was a little confusing for me.. So far every Rottweiler we had, lived over 10 years. First one 13, second one 11 and our current one is 11 as well.

Praveen Gali

Rottweilers are great dogs and they're really very affectionate.However proper socialisation is a must from the very beginning or else it could lead to a lot of behavioural problems.These dogs can also be very dangerous and thus early socialization is a must ! If you're looking for a dog which is strong,loyal,intelligent,protective,aggressive can go for this.Considering the hot climatic conditions in India it is highly advisable to make sure that the dog has constant access to cold drinking water and it is to be noted that these dogs arent highly tolerant to hot weather and thus it's preferable to keep them indoors when hot ! Also consider getting a pup which is KCI certified.

Salma Begum, Pet Lover

Hi, You can Buy Rottweilers in India


 are massive with a muscular and powerful body. They are stocky strong dog breed with diverse positive traits like confidence, steadfastness and courageous. But the first thing that attracts is their strong jaws and flat head. Their appearance gives a pre assured misconception that they are fierce or arrogant. But it is proved wrong because being the great guard dogs they are very agile and are wonderful companions.


 are loyal and protective towards their owners. They are powerful, calm, trainable and courageous. They become natural guard dogs but their even temperament makes them a good social companion. They are easy to train and are highly intelligent and courageous.


need a tremendous amount of exercise. They love to go for long walks or jogging, swimming and running.


We lost our dog quickly to a cervical disease. He was an awesome alarm dog. not a fighter, just wake me up when someone came to house (usually just deer in the back yard LOL). My wife is girly-girl and won't take to firearm training. More into shoes and jewelry. She is home a lot because of studying while I work many hours. We looked at many breeds including but not limited to Rots, German Shep, Dobermans, etc. She wanted a short haired dog to decrease shedding. We found a little love hound lap dog, but I like bigger dogs and one who will protect her. While I was talking to breeders, she got close to a short fat 3 year old Rottie and the Rottie has shown no aggression. Obeys commands and already heels. Humane society says they just found her walking the street and no one claimed her. SHe is clumpsy probably from obesity, but tries to climb on her own. Being I am also fat, we can be workout buddies together. I am looking for any and all advice since we are new to Rotties but not to dogs. We are lovers of dogs and keep our pets for the rest of their lives. Still miss and cry over our Barry (90% black lab and 10% German Shepard). We just need someone to love and fill the hole in our hearts.


I have had my Rottweiler for 3 yrs... i bought him to be one of the family my granddaughter was 1 yrs old when I had Marley,, he was 8wks old.....when I brought him home my granddaughter was here waiting with my daughter and from the moment his paws touched the floor he was by her side an has such a beautiful bond with her ...he loves everyone from cats children older ppl dogs sheep you name it he wants to lick it to death lol...if you bring them up correctly take them to puppy classes walk them where there are all sorts of situations ppl dogs animals cars then you will have one super loving pet they sure do know how to show affection... no other dog ive owned has shown me more love than this breed ...i absolutely love my big guy ..if you have no time to train and spend time with a rottie then you shouldnt even consider owning one as they really do love their humans being around dogs in the world makes me so sad hearing horrible things about them which are not due to being aggressive its the owners that dont do the right things by them to keep them from being over protective and most of the time being scared if their not used to being around certain situations (lack of socialization) will they know its ok ....I will always own a rottie now I can't think of any better breed x


I'm raising a rottweiler as my first dog. They're very loyal, goofy, and loving. I think they're fine as a first dog only as long as you're willing to put A LOT of work and training in. Since you said you have no training resources nearby, this means proactively watching training videos and finding help online.

The thing with rottweilers is that because they're big and have some guarding behaviour, you need to be very firm and consistent with the training early on. Everything is a bit harder and potentially problematic with such a large dog, which is why early training is so important. Things like manners, no jumping on people, no pulling on the leash, no jumping on counters, proper socialization, etc. Doing everything right becomes so much more important. If you don't get those things under control you'll probably be very overwhelmed dealing with a 100+ lb animal you can't handle.

Definitely do your research first and make sure you have the time and desire to commit to plenty of training and both physical and mental exercise. As long as you're committed to put in the work they can be wonderful, loving companions.


I am in the same scenario, first dog, rottie. He is amazing, i love the breed, but my wife and i have respected the breed from the start and make a huge effort to constantly expose him to people and other dogs in order to help him understand his place. We have done training classes and we walk him with a prong collar. I cant stress enough how chill and fun and friendly this guy is, but without the right guidance he could have been trouble. That can be said about any dog breed though, but it’s more important with the larger the dog, and rotties are a working breed, and are known for being protective. This is a great trait when properly socalized and understood. Good luck choosing your first pet.


I’ve had three Rottweilers in my lifetime and none of them were dangerous. Like people, the way the dog is raised will determine its behavior, so, if you raise your dog well they should not be dangerous. In terms of training, my first two Rottweilers require little training and were extremely obedient. My third and current one, however, is too smart for her own good, so she required a lot of training. All in all, what you hear about Rottweilers and pit bulls being dangerous is a result of them having poor upbringings, not a characteristic of the breed.