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Negative reviews



Eh i'm sorry for you, but in fall/winter/spring, rimini is a ghost town...



Obviously I missed something . .

Just arrived at Rimini and we went for a walk into the old town (which the receptionist told us was beautiful – heaven alone knows what she was comparing it to!)

First of all everything just outside of the old city was in Cyrillic or Arabic. Loads of ‘tat’ shops that looked as though they had been filled with excess market stuff.

The town was very ordinary. We soon gave up on that and went the other way to the beach.. To me it conjured up images of rich, well dressed people and a long sunny beach. In reality, it rained. The people were escapees from McDonalds, screaming fractious kids and the beach, well it was promenade to sea edge in pay-for sun beds and brollies!

Dreadful place with no redeeming features except our hotel.

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Well you can't get much more overcommercialised seaside resort in Italy than Rimini.

There are some local "cultural" sights but this is a very much a seaside town.

Rimini is well known as being a popular seaside destination for young italians looking for a nightclub scene. Has been for many years. I have italian friends from Milan and Turin I have known for over 20 years and they said that Rimini is where they headed to in the early 90's.

North of the harbour area around Viserba/Viserbella is popular with families

Sadly much of Rimini is more like Blackpool. Once you get on the Viale Regina Elena south of Piazza Tripoli (the main road south from the Amerigo Vespucci) it is awash with tacky shops cafes and small bar on one side and Hotels on the other. This road is also the main road to Riccione.

The seafront is just one long stretch of Hotels and the beaches are just covered in "Bagni" Beach emplacements where you will get charged €15 for a sunbed.

Unfortunately in Italy show an italian some sand then he will ine it with hotels, cover it in sunbeds and charge you for the privelege of going to the beach. There is a small "free" beach area next tot he pier at the entrance to the harbour.

The other problem with Rimini is that Rimini "addresses" cover ~ 14km of coastline from Torre Pederera in the north to the South end of the Rimini Airport so you really have to check the exact locastion of any hotel.

If you wanted a bit more up market then choose Riccione.

The area around Viale Ceccarini that goes inland from the main Via Milano is mostly pedestrianised with plenty of restaurants and bars. You will also find plenty of shops in this zone

Oching the world go by.

Yvonne Brett


Quite a nice beach with lots of sand. There are a lot of little changing houses that line the beach which makes things very convenient. There are really no waves here, so it is best for wading and sunbathing.

Stephen Harris


A beautiful stretch of wide sandy beach. Almost completely covered in sunbeds but prices are competitive.

Raul & Marianne


If you are staying here at Casa Cappellino in the summer you may wish to spend a day at the beach. Rimini is the perfect place just an easy 1.5 - 2 hours drive. It is a very popular place for Italians in the summer.



Nice city with interesting historical places, cozy streets and long sandy beach line. There are a lot of different cafes, restaurants. BUT looks like half of Russia chilling in Rimini :| So next time I will look for another place for my vacation ...



I used to like there 20 years ago. In those times I've discovered the city as very pleasant. Usually people going there simply can't extract really many positive things that belong to the city and area around it. I suggest to go there, take time, talk to locals (they are extremely polite there) and go to marketplace, to the 900 restaurant, to one of piadinerias, visit villages around the city, have a dinner at Agriturismo il Vigneto. You have nice shops in the old town with some roman monuments ...



The beaches area is quite lively, whereas Rimini center is almost empty during holiday season. A couple of good restaurants for sure, but a feeling of emptiness on the streets.

Positive reviews



Rimini and the surrounding region are usually overlooked by British tourists. But it has all anyone could want from Italy – culture, sun and hilltop towns.



Rimini has some first-class Italian restaurants. Don't miss highlights like La Marianna (that specializes in Adriatic seafood) and Osteria de Borg, where meat is the star. Meals should cost between EUR15 and EUR25 per head.



Rimini is the main touristic resort in the Riviera Romagnola, the coastal area of Emilia Romagna, on the northern East Coast of Italy.

The Riviera Romagnola is a tourist destination that saw its greatest success between the ‘60s and the ‘80s, when millions of italian and northern european tourists - mainly from Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia - chose it as their favorite summer vacation spot.

Thanks to a long (15 km) and wide (over 200 mt) beach, covered with fine sand and very well fitted for all tourists, Rimini and its surroundings have represented a safe and enjoyable destination both for families with kids and, thanks to its wide offer of clubs, discos and entertainment activities, for youngsters from all over Europe.

In the last 15 years the traditional inflow from northern european countries has been gradually substituted by east european tourism, from Russian and countries that once belonged to the USSR.

Rimini and its surrounding towns (Miramare, Riccione and Cattolica in the south, Bellaria-Igea Marina, Cervia and Cesenatico in the north) in summer offer a very wide choice of entertainment activities, but one should not ignore the quality of the hinterland that spreads on and beyond the hills immediately behind the coastal stretch of land. Traditional, tasty food, historical architecture, gentle, sweet green hills perfect for cycling or motorbike riding, small fascinating villages of roman and medieval origins.

Rimini tends to be very chaotic and noisy in the central months of summer: avoid especially the week of August 15th if you can, as it’s a national holiday and Rimini gets really packed.



Great place to people watch, lovely pace of life, couple of good cafe's worth visiting. Shopping is okay for a small town, overall worth a visit.



Visiting and spending time in the Old Rimini city centre adds a lot to the trip, I think. Like another planet from New Rimini.