Renault Twingo reviews

Negative reviews


Its a shame the servicing costs are so high, the 3 year service package vs an equivalent clio is another £350, that is big money at this end of the market.


Neutral reviews


No doubt the Renault Twingo has a certain charm to it, helped by its amazingly tight turning circle. However, despite the effort Renault has put into designing a car with a rear-engined layout, the Twingo is actually no more spacious than other city cars, while the Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen Up are also better to drive.


In our view, the small and likeable Renault is a breath of fresh air to the city car scene and we think its retro styling and colourful cabin will find plenty of appeal with younger drivers. What's more, with a high seating potion and five-doors with easy access, we think older drivers will also find the Twingo to be a comfortable urban run around."


Appears not to sacrifice the economy - so it might be bought by buyers who are merely looking for a reasonably enjoyable drive if not sporting one in a city car. Which could amount to fair percentage of those considering the current Twingo.


The Twingo is a small, cute city car that it’s almost impossible to dislike. It looks fabulously retro in a very modern way and is much less contrived in appearance than some of its rivals. Its stance is nigh on perfect and the graphics - often an afterthought that the marketing department insisted on adding at the last minute - suit the car perfectly and look fabulous.

The interior features the sort of primary colours and Playmobile chunkiness that are de rigueur these days for small city cars; despite my reservations about companies infantilising their customers, I liked it. (Which might add weight to my claim that I’m not quite the grumpy old man my family think I am.)


Though it’s far from perfect, the current-generation Twingo feels like a proper successor to the original model introduced in 1993. It’s quirky and it oozes character, that amorphous-yet-important quality that helps separate a car from an appliance. It’s an honest and endearing machine that doesn’t try to hide its flaws. It simply makes up for them in other ways, like design and personality.


The French have always been innovators, even pioneers, when it comes to small cars. The long history Renault has - as with the 4, 5, original Twingo and Clio - is continued with the latest Twingo. But it doesn't quite achieve that innovative star.

We admire the company for going down a different layout to its rivals, but at times it's very hard to see what the benefits for the customer are. What is clear is that the design - exterior, interior and interface - are in most cases a step above what rivals offer, and that is the core aspect of this car's appeal.

The reality, however, is that many of its rivals are better to drive and easier to live with. Their interiors feel more spacious and they're easier to drive. Some of that is undoubtedly down to this engine, and we'd urge you not to dismiss the Twingo entirely, but instead try the lower powered car. At the same time, we look forward to the hotter model that is being promised, and hope it finds a bit of the fun factor this car could clearly have if tuned in the right way.

Ultimately, the TCe Twingo, despite all its design leadership, asks you to make compromises for its cause. Some will be happy to do that, and we always like to get behind products that feel special, and tread a different path. The problem is that different doesn't always mean better.


The Twingo is a cute, and practical alternative to the Fiat 500, but doesn’t beat the Hyundai i10 for value for money and driving ability.


 Performance And Price — acceleration is one of the best available in this insurance group 8. 0-60 8.7secs feels very fast. Not the quiestest car ever but was expected from a car mainly made for performance. Fuel consumption is good when driving sensibly otherwise it does use alot. Overall a hugely fun car to live with and drive I love it!!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Fast, cheap and fun

Cons: Not the fastest car available


The Renault Twingo is a car that doesn't feel particularly rear-engined to drive, which leaves you wondering what the point is. Then you begin to appreciate the benefits. The front wheels can pivot to 45 degrees, giving the car astonishing manoeuvrability. Rotating the engine and putting it under the boot floor, gives a seriously low centre of gravity, helping both handling and packaging.

Most citycars are at their best in entry-level trims, but the Twingo feels a more assured prospect with a bit more kit in it. In fact, the plush Dynamique S TCe 90 version would be our pick, and at around £13,000, it looks reasonable value against a comparable Volkswagen up! The Twingo was always a fun choice but one that struggled as a genuine all-rounder. Renault looks to have given this third-generation car the tools it needs to give the class leaders a real scare.

Positive reviews


City cars are becoming more and more popular and the Twingo has epitomised what travelling in one should feel like.

The engines aren’t exactly exciting, but that’s not really the point, they’re more than enough to meet realistic expectations.

It’s a fun little thing, with a high quality interior and class leading list of features. We think Renault have done about as well as is possible in such a small space, perhaps the amount of room four adults get is this cars strongest asset.


The Twingo is one of the best looking cars in its class in my book and it works great in an urban environment, which is where it is designed for. The problem is, in a segment that’s made great strides in recent years, many of its competitors – the aforementioned Kia and Skoda to name two – work brilliantly everywhere else too.


for a small car the comfort and running costs are good


A nice small car. Perfect for new drivers or adults who are looking to down-size. Can be basic or fitted with a few gadgets. Adjustable steering wheel and seats. <3 my little Twingo


This is the only car I have test driven since deciding to buy a new car. I've taken longer to decide on new shoes. I knew it was the car for me straight away. It's exterior is stylish and different from so many city cars whigh are identical except for the maker's marque. Internally it is amazingly uncluttered considering the amount of equipment. Difficult to comment on the driving in such a short time. It takes a while to get used to a car. Engine seemed very quiet. Impressive turning circle. Have still to take delivery which hopefully will be in the next 2 weeks. Sorry to only give 1 star on running costs and reliability but could not comment on these points yet.


this car is perfect in many ways.You can run fast and safe with these magnificent car ,only in a few minutes.these car is only funto drive.This car is small and beautiful and has a wide range of produce ,I recommend this car to you because is the perfect one.


Twingo 2008 1.2 16v — Great car, looks good and its not bad if you tune it :O) I would love to lower it as in corners is abit twisty but its fun to drive and the seats are perfect. It is abit expensive but worth it.