Renault Clio reviews

Negative reviews


Renault dropped their pants big time on recent pricing stinging everyone that bought prior to 2017! Meaning, they knew when they were selling you your car in 2016.

Clio is a Great little design (hardware) and could have been a great little drive ...but..(the software) hmm I've had annoying issues from blue tooth connection not consistently working to a gearbox that keeps neutralizing itself or gets confused as to when to change gears - I would NOT recommend Renault brand or Renault Sales.

Neutral reviews

Mat Watson

To drive, the Renault Clio is better than most small hatchbacks. Its quick steering makes it feel agile through corners, bringing plenty of confidence, although you’ll still have more fun thrashing a Ford Fiesta along a country road. The Clio is a decent motorway car, too, proving nice and quiet, but it’s best in town where its light steering and good visibility help you out.

Also on hand to help in town are the Clio’s zippy petrol engines. The pokier 90hp 0.9-litre model, in particular, is perfect if you never leave town – it’s quick enough to make darting in and out of traffic a breeze and it won’t demand too much fuel in return. However, if you spend more of your time driving on the motorway, then consider the diesel car – it’ll save you money in the long run.

The Renault Clio comes with an advanced stability control system and lots of airbags, but – misses out on modern technology such as automatic emergency braking. It was awarded a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP in 2012, but the test has now moved on and become more stringent so newer alternatives are even safer.


We like the Renault Clio. It’s well priced, has a generous equipment tally, and looks smart, despite having been around for a few years now. It rides well and is roomy, too.

It doesn’t have any particular weaknesses, either, although if we were being picky, then we’d counter that it’s not as sharp to steer as the Ford Fiesta. But, then, what is?

The Clio is wearing its years very well, but things like a dated infotainment system and some cheap interior plastics mean it's not quite at the top of the class.


Renault appears to have at last remembered why people buy its small cars: their styling. The new Clio 4 is thus as fresh and interesting as the old one was forgettable and dreary. The firm’s known this for a while, which is why it bought in new designer Laurens van den Acker to overhaul its styling department – the Clio 4 is the first car he’s designed from scratch.

Look closely, too. Spot the rear doors? Thought not: they’ve been cleverly disguised, so much so that Renault is only selling the Clio 4 in five-door guise. With its low roof line, sculpted tail and shallow side glass, the firm is hoping styling indeed sells – but it’s thrown new engines and new interior features at it too, so the substance is also there.


Bought it last year, to replace a 7year old petrol Vauxhall agila, and it has proved to be good for my use including volunteer transport for a community group attached to my church. I can get a folded wheelchair and walking frame in. On Holiday will cruise the french road returning nearly 70mpg, in holiday mode, cruise contol being useful there, in this country the speed limiter is most used as dorset police seem to be paranoid over speeding! I can carry my 5" gauge steam locos in the boot and when towing my 4" traction engine on its trailer will maintain speed limit. The vehicle has had no problem apart from a leaking door seel which was eventually traced, fixed by the main agent. Overall I am pleased with the reliability, and its satnav. My wife finds the ride comfortable the seats are OK


It's a really good car and the only reason I'm selling it is because I'm changing job to work abroad.


Good Points+

It's a nice small car I like. I must like Clio...l hade 8 brand new ones in 20 years.

Bad Points−

Yes one little point but big to me. I will not be buying Renault next time. I have a Renault Clio TCE 1.2 which is top of the range. It's cost £140 to tax each year.

Renault itheir wisdom could be bothered to put. TCE 1.2 badge on the back. If I'd bought a diesel it would have.


Good Points+

Beautiful car with great features such as parking sensors, keyless entry and sat nav

Bad Points−

The 1.2 engine is painfully sluggish and slow. I definitely wouldn't get this model again

Positive reviews


My 2007 Clio III Dynamique S has been such an easy car to own and drive. In 6 years it has done over 100,000 miles and apart from the 70k cambelt replacement, which was a bit of en eye watering bill, has been very cheap to maintain and service. It has spent a lot of time being driven more like a Land Rover than a hatchback, and has put up well with being used and abused on country lanes and dirt tracks. Everybody who is a passenger in it, including some elderley relatives, finds it very comfortable and it's certainly easy to drive on 300+ mile journeys. It has even survived one side of it being dropped off a foot high concrete ledge in a farmyard when it slid after being parked on sheet ice! Whilst I don't advise trying this on a regular basis, the only issue it left was the damaged door sill ruined the front passenger side jacking point - but when I say it's survived some abuse it really has! The only thing that I have encountered with this particular model which has made me give it a star less for practicality, is that when coming up with the 's' version, Reanult put wider alloys on without changing anything else within the wheel area. Subsequently, when on full lock, the edge of the tyre rubs the inside of the wheel arch which can cause slightly uneven wear. But then again, I did chose the 's' for it's slightly more sporty look so can't really have it both ways. I am only considering changing this car because of it's mileage, and am very reluctant to do so. The only cars currently under consideration are either things which are significantly larger than a hathback (i.e. an actual land rover!), or the gorgeous looking new Clio. This has been such a good car to own that changing it is very easy to put off.


Lovely car; comfortable like a big car, but performance of a true hot hatch. Handling to match, and really reliable. Owned since new, regualrly used all the power, and have had no breakdowns or major failures. Now due a mid-life update at approx 100k miles, so will clean all through, replace all discs, and carry out deep service of hydraulic fluids, gearbox oils, etc. Great thing is it's based on a shopping trolley, so most bits are cheap as chips, and only occasional bits stand out. If you can get your hands on one, I would throughly recommend it. (Rumour has it the 172 Sport has the same handling and more power; I need to test drive to compare)


Really great car,eco fuel so you get alot for your money. Easy to drive,commute a bit from dublin to galway only selling because i live and work in the city


Super clean small car, very economical. NCT until 2019 .

Beth Green

Driving exprerience is amazing, I have always loved euro cars. Handling is great, it really is a sporty hot hatch. it isn’t a big car if you have family, limited leg room in the bag but still ample. It is very cheap to fill, I always use 98 shell ultimate. It costs me $50-$60 a week. I am so happy with my purchase. I love it.


We've had our Clio GT X98 5D for some months now and am extremely happy.

- Handles really well

- Very comfortable sporty seats

- lovely interior, easy to clean

- Hasn't missed a beat, very economical.

- Had to replace the wiper blades, service and could get parts easy enough from auto supplier

- It is a little tight in the back for passengers on a long journey but perfect for city/commuting.


Love the car, it's quick, grips the road well, handles well, awesome sound with resonator deleted, especially fun in Sport and Race modes. I am 6 foot 5 and fit in nicely for a small car. Fun, good warranty, love it. It looks good. A great hot hatch. Would recommend it to others wanting a bit of fun out of their car for a good price. Got. Great deal drive away.


Good Points+

Great spec’d little car for very little a month. Cheapest hatchback by far against its rivals the fiesta and Corsa. Had features on it I didn’t know when ordering so was very impressed.

Bad Points−

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