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If most cat owners were asked to name their ideal characteristics and attributes in a house cat, they might mention cuddliness, a soft coat, pleasant to the touch, a relaxed demeanour and an affectionate personality.

The Ragdoll cat exhibits all of those virtues and more, besides, making them ideal family pets.



Unfortunately, the ragdoll’s most noticeable and attractive physical attribute, its coat, can require a significant amount of attention. You’ll need to take care of grooming around twice a week on average, which potential owners should be prepared for.

Grooming can be very difficult, and the coat will be thick all year round if the animal has been spayed or neutered as it removes the hormonal cycles, which can affect the growth of fur. If you like a particularly clean and tidy home, you may also need to spend a fair bit of time hoovering as ragdolls are known to moult heavily



Those are where the negative points end, because the ragdoll is a truly wonderful pet and the perfect addition to any family home, as well as being ideal company for the elderly.

Although ragdolls do love to play and receive physical attention, making them a good cat for children, the breed possess a distinctly laid back attitude to life. They prefer a snooze in the sun or a cuddle with their owner over time spent prowling the streets or hunting birds.

The animal is fun, but not overly demanding, easy-going and pleasant to have around the home. Consequently, ragdolls are at their happiest indoors making them ideal house cats.



I just rescued a year old female Rag, I already own a 6 month old female rag both are spayed great health. Will there be any issues? the both are laid back and I work from home so I can keep an eye on them. By the way I used to raise and show Rotties now I can’t seem to get enough of Ragdolls.



I have a 1 year old Ragdoll named Milo. He is a chocolate bicoulour with a big foofy tail. I got him to help with my depression and panic attacks and he has helped tremendously. I can no longer imagine life without him.



I own a Ragdoll cat since 4 years now. I have heard a lot of people say, as is written on fora, that you better not let your Ragdoll outside or limited to a secured area.

I never believed in ‘indoor cats’ and felt kind of sad to keep them emprisoned indoors, even knowing they are bred for specific purposes. I decided to let my Ragdoll roam free wherever & whenever he wants without supervision.

Up until now nothing has happened, but a few ticks to remove. He befriended the neighbours former wild cat, learned a few tricks from each other. During spring/summer he is considerably more outside and only comes home to eat/sleep. During autumn/winter he prefers to be indoors and needs more social contact.

He always comes home, is happy, healthy and relaxed (even at the vet’s).

I prefer it like this instead of my Ragdoll becoming frustrated and unhappy indoors. In short, I believe he is having amazing outside days for an ‘indoor’-bred cat.



I have a ragdoll x british blue. She's an indoor cat who spends her days sleeping, having cuddles, eating and grooming. She occasionally plays with her toys but definitely isn't massively active.

We don't have the windows wide open just incase she jumps out (we live up in a flat) but have noticed that she doesn't show any intetested at all in going out the front for when it's open. I think she's afraid of it.

When we rescued her it was because we could keep her as an indoor cat, her previous owner knew she wouldn't cope well going out on roads and had already turned down a prospective new owner because of that.



I have two Ragdolls who didn't read the Ragdoll personality description and wouldn't have subscribed to it if they had.

Ragdoll no. 1 was practically feral when we got her at five months. It took a good six months before she came out of hiding, although we all did our best to find her and socialise her as much as possible. She's five now and will NOT be cuddled. She will, however, be sociable on her own terms. For example, she loves to nap with me in the afternoon and will lie against my legs, just put of arm's reach. If I'm alone in the house and have an afghan on my lap, she will crawl under it and sit against me, but only if we both pretend she's not actually there. She's also wickedly clever.

Ragdoll no. 2 is four, and we got her from a closed down cattery when she was two in the hopes that she would be an actual lap cat. Nope. She does like to be in our company and will follow whoever is home from room to room. But sit on a lap? Never.



My Raggie isn't a fan of being held - he tolerates it, but he whinges until you put him down.



Ragdolls are still individuals. While many cats of a breed will share characteristics, they won't all be the same and enjoy or tolerate the same things. I find many ragdolls to prefer sitting next to you, especially males. I think it's partly due to their size.

Positive reviews

PD Foster


Beautiful cat. 

Narelle Grigoriou


Beautiful Blue Point Ragdoll.

Laura Neil


We purchased our Ragdoll a year ago and can’t imagine our lives without her now. She’s so friendly and people focused. My husband works from home and they literally spend 24/7 with one another, including sleeping together. She is very routine focused and if we’re late going to bed, she waits for us at the door to our room. She’s hypoallergenic as well. My mother stayed with us for 6 weeks and although she has a sever allergy to cats, she never reacted to our cat. When she went home, she purchased her own Ragdoll within a week. This isn’t to say that there can still be people who react to this breed but the lack of undercoat probably helps a ton.

We have noticed that she does shed more than we thought she would but it seems it’s more extreme in spring and fall. Super soft coat and amazing blue eyes that seem to talk to you when she wants something. Very vocal cat as well and has to be where everyone is.

This breed is definitely meant to be indoor cats (all cats should be if it were up to me) as these cats are very trusting and seem a little ignorant to the ways of the world. They’d likely stand in the middle of the road and not know to get out of the way of a fast moving car.

We’ll definitely be Ragdoll owners for many many years.



I have a beautiful cat that fits the description of a ragdoll and looks like the pictures of them I got her from a family that said they got her at our local homeless pet place. She is beautiful; 4 white paws, silky coat, beautiful blue eyes, and a scarelessly audible purr. She follows me everywhere. Unfortunately she will run at me and bite me several times a week. I can’t figure out why. She gets a little antsy and I can see it coming and I close her out of my work rooms. But I love to have her around and so she manages to sneak a bite. She does love to play with a feather on a string, but frankly it wears me out quickly. Her bites draw blood and I treat the bite. No infections for me. It is a quick little bite and she runs away because she know I will either spray her or rattle my noise bottle.

Susan Snyder


My mink coat ragdoll is the most beautiful cat among three but she knows it she does not like to be held will hardly let you pet her and is very aloof I adore her because she’s very intelligent and follows me everywhere but I miss having an affectionate cat



We have a rescue ragdoll she is beautiful and loving but beware she talks a lot ! She complains about many things food, the puppy, the temperature etc she is lovely but vocal and grumpy 



Such a beautiful cat!