Rabobank Group reviews

Negative reviews

William Look


Only a scatter of branches in Central CA, none N of Gilroy in Bay Area. In bank service is great and people always helpful in my local branch. Buuuut, 2 stars because over and over again I have tried to use auto teller machines on weekend and found machine down time and again and several local branches including my own. And I found out the hard way the password I set up doesn't work-- the hint is well known to me so I didn't forget it. But when I called in to check on a new debit card the customer service person was rude when I gave her the correct answer and it didn't match, implying I just forgot. But I didn't forget personal information; the mistake was at the bank or its record keeping. I was brushed off at that point and told to take it to a branch. Waste of time trying to use their phone service aside from making their mistake my mistake. They claim to be an 'Ag' bank but so far its mostly aggravation.



They don't need new clients. Especially expats.

Robert Babbitt


I can not easily (without password reset) see my account and after several meetings at the bank, and online complaints, it seems they are stuck in the 20th century or do not know how to use a computer. Talking heads and morons that could care less about their service for account holders.



"Rabobank is the most dysfunctional organization I’ve ever experienced. Loans take an incredibly long time to close; commercial real estate loans take anywhere from 120-350 days to complete. Employees have been told that this is a “temporary situation,” for the last 36 months. Many businesses have been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy with the unnecessary delays. Underwriting policies are the same for $50,000 loan as they are for a $5,000,000 loan. Quarterly commissions are inaccurate and paid late with absolutely no notice or explanation. Employee turnover is rampant. For Relationship Managers, 40% of the sales force left in 2016 and an even higher percentage in the underwriting department and branch locations. The client turnover is just as rapid, as many clients are leaving due to delays caused by improperly trained personnel, defunct banking channels and inept leaders. The loan processing department could be aptly described as a breathtaking Grand Canyon of incompetence. There is little or no accountability from the highest leadership all the way down to the temporary employee (whom is all they can seem to attract due the damaged brand reputation of Rabobank). Favoritism is rampant and many people lacking the proper qualifications occupy critically important roles. Ask any business client that took a loan with Rabobank from 2014 on and they will tell you the same thing, “The bank strung me along and never followed through on our closing expectations. You guys almost brought my business to bankruptcy.” The EVP who runs the processing department lacks the interpersonal and technical skills to manage the chaos. She sends these monthly “progress,” emails that were not unlike Robert McNamara’s reports on the progress of America’s involvement in Vietnam."

Denny L.


The only reason to give this review a single star is because Roseville staff is friendly. Otherwise worse bank ever!. Earlier in the year, a bank error caused about 12k in checks to be returned. However, there ate other issues they can't take care of like overdraft fees. You have to speak to corporate. Good like trying to find out how to do that. Bank won't tell you and can't find a number on the website Terrible

Kevin E.


This is for the entire bank. I am signed up for paperless statements, and the bank has been charging me a $2.00 paper statement fee every month for the last year. I have called them every month for the last 6 months, and every month, customer service assures me that I will be refunded for this fraudulent charge. To date, this has not happened, and, recently found out that my son has been receiving these same charges, and he too is signed up for paperless statements.

If you bank with Rabobank, and have signed up for paperless statements, AND are being fraudulently charged for something that you are not receiving, CALL THEM RELENTLESSLY-WEEKLY until you get results. Failing that, maybe change financial institutions to one that will correct their errors in a timely manner.

Zan Z.


I am a small business owner, and as one sometimes you must transfer money from personal accounts into your business account. After trying to get a hold of someone through their automated system three times being on hold for 15 plus minutes, I found out that this is not possible. Apparently I can't transfer my own money into my own business account. I was told that I have to go into a local branch to do this. Too bad that they're only open until 5 o'clock, not like I can just walk out of my own business. Thanks again, one more reason on a list of reasons why I should transfer to another bank



I was generally happy with Rabo as their interest rate are decent, though the digi pass is annoying and clunky to even log in. However, I recently asked them to close an unused account only to log in a week later and find they had closed the other account I had that I was still using and had certainly not requested be closed. I had automatic transfers to that account and am now without my money until it bounces back. And their customer service isn’t available on the weekend so I can’t even get talk to someone to sort it out. I’m moving all my funds to another institution.



This bank is freaking shocking. Trying to transfer my OWN money out is a nightmare. It is MY OWN MONEY.... yet they make all the hurdles possible to stop you.



It's my money, they make a profit out of it, but I can't transfer it the way I need.

It's MY money, not Rabo's. Customer service unhelpful.

Digipass is blast from the past. Get real.

Neutral reviews



I have good experiences with Rabobank, they do what they say and yes, some things are more expensive, but they are fairly clear about extra costs.



Rabobank is not like other banks. With nearly two million members, we are one of the largest cooperatives in the Netherlands – and we put the interests and ambitions of our customers and members first.

Operating on the basis of cooperative principles, we provide financial services to around 8.4 million clients around the world, including retail banking, wholesale banking, private banking, leasing and real estate services.

We are present in over 120 countries and have offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania. Our aim is to be market leader across all financial markets in the Netherlands, and to be the world’s leading bank in the field of food and agribusiness.

Positive reviews

Derrick S.


One of the best banks and branches around! They always remember my name and take the time to connect!

Do your self a favor and open account with them!!!!

Hien N


I have had a Notice Saver account with RaboDirect since I was 17 (got my mum opened on my behalf) it’s been 6 years now and I honestly cannot complain. The interest rates stay competitive despite being decreased a few times over the years, and I actually find the Digipass really useful as a security measure. Even if someone managed to get my username and password they couldn’t log onto my account without the device so it is virtually impossible to be hacked which makes me feel very safe about entrusting the bank with my money. There was an attempt on my account at another bank awhile ago where someone tried to use it to make a payment and the bank was able to notify me so I didn’t lose money but I would prefer that not happening in the first place. I just keep the thing where I keep all my documents so I always know where it is. Plus with the mobile app you can just register with the pass once and then do all your transactions through the app afterwards so it’s not like you have to carry the device around with you constantly. I don’t think most people will have trouble with the pass with just a bit of planning.