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Queenstown is as much a verb as a noun, a place of doing that likes to spruik itself as the 'adventure capital of the world'. It's famously the birthplace of bungy jumping, and the list of adventures you can throw yourself into here is encyclopedic – from alpine heliskiing to zip-lining. It's rare that a visitor leaves without having tried something that ups their heart rate, but to pigeonhole Queenstown as just a playground is to overlook its cosmopolitan dining and arts scene, its fine vineyards, and the diverse range of bars that can make evenings as fun-filled as the days.



Queenstown is located in the southern lakes region of the South Island of New Zealand. Surrounded by dramatic mountains and crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is renowned for its spectacular scenery, four distinct seasons and world class activities and attractions.



Queenstown is a phenomenal little town surrounded by The Remarkables, a picturesque mountain range. The town overlooks Lake Wakatipu and is filled with tiny pedestrian streets, wonderful food, and a crazy nightlife. It is also the “adventure capital” of New Zealand and the launching pad for every sort of adventure or adrenaline activity you can think of (as well as copious wine tours). Over the years, it has become very developed and tends to be pricier than other places in the country. However, as popular as it is, I love sitting by the lake, watching the sunset with a bottle of wine, hiking the nearby trails on Bob’s peak, heading into the mountains, or indulging in an adventure activity. The crowds may have gotten bigger but the city still remains the best base for exploring the Otago region. This guide will help you get the most from your stay!



Queenstown is a little town with a big personality. Nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu beneath the majestic Remarkable Mountains, it's firmly established itself as the 'adventure capital of the world', and all year round it's a great place to visit. Having originally got its name for being fit for Queen Victoria, it's now a well known destination for adventure opportunities as well as stunning scenery. Don't be worried if you're not into adrenaline sports though, Queenstown has matured over the years into a place with something for everyone – from mountain biking or paragliding, to stunning hiking trails, beautiful wineries and world class restaurants. We make a firm stop here on all our Active trips and your Active guides will help you plan your visit. There's enough to keep you busy, but you'll also find all the joys of civilization here with great cafes, food stores, pubs, classy bars and shops.



Queenstown has earned the reputation as “adventure capital of the world” for good reason – there are probably more ways to get an adrenaline rush in this awesome little town than you can hope to achieve in a lifetime. From bungy jumping to skydiving to jetboating - there really is something for everyone!

With a high turnover of tourists, Queenstown’s nightlife is busy every night of the week. If you don’t want to party the night away, there are countless amazing restaurants, a movie theatre, bowling alley, hot pools, and (during winter) night-skiing.



Queenstown food and drink embodies the high quality you would expect from a resort town. The steady flow of tourist dollars has lured high-profile restaurateurs, hoteliers and chefs, each attempting to outdo the others with incredible food and dining experiences.

If you’re staying in the town proper, you’ll have your pick of everything the area has to offer in the form of cafes, bars, and restaurants. However, don’t forget to venture out of town to enjoy the wonderful wineries of the region.



Queenstown shopping is quite different than it is in other New Zealand cities. As a resort town, there aren’t any particular shopping precincts here. Instead, Queenstown shopping centres are the order of the day, stocking a wide variety of things most visitors will need during their stay.

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Had a great chance to walk through the gardens of Queenstown along Lake Wakatipu. You can't miss this if you're travelling here.



Queenstown is onr place everyone should visit.So much to do and the cruise on TSS Earnslaw to the working fram is a must for adults as well as children.....Well worht the trip and experience.BBQ lunhc is great also!.

Ross P


A postcard everywhere you look. Just a beautiful spot I cannot get enough of. Take a walk through botanical gardens.



A wonderful view to wake up to every morning looking out the window from your hotel room sipping on a nice cup of latte.



Queenstown, in New Zealand’s South Island, is the gateway to stunning fiords, glaciers, ski fields and vineyards. This lake-side city provides the pulse that keeps this remote corner of the world energetic and youthful. As the descendants of fierce Polynesian warriors and determined European settlers, the Kiwis have the spirit of adventure running though their veins.



Queenstown is in my back yard. There are many beautiful places in the south island. Plus we are pretty friendly, especially on the west coast...No wars, no guns, no pollution, no hurry. PS. Bring lots of money, it is expensive to live here..especially Queenstown...Safe travels.



Queenstown is my favourite place in the world!



This town loves nothing more than welcoming visitors year-round, but figuring out exactly what to see in Queenstown can be a rather daunting prospect. From its historical sites to its beautiful mountain surrounds, there’s so much on offer that you may wonder how you’ll possibly fit it all into your holiday!