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Puerto Penasco "Rocky Point" is a very nice, friendly town. Not much going on as Jan. is low season. The weather was sunny but chilly. Would like to go again when the weather is nicer. We stayed at Mayan Resort which is about 45 minutes out of town. We had to rent a cab to get into town as they didn't supply transportation. It cost $45 US round trip. A little on the expensive side if you wanted to go into town very often. Most people drive down from Phoenix in their own vehicles and don't have this extra expense.

Mayan Resort is a very nice resort with excellent food,spa and golf course. Luckily they also have an indoor pool as it was too cold to go in the outside pool.

Next time I would spend a week at Mayan Resort and a week in town at a busier time of the year.



We just spent a weekend in the Los Alamos rental house for my Nephew's weeding reception/Halloween Party. This is the second time I have been to Rocky Point. The first time we stayed in one of the hotels on the west end of town.

Staying in Los Conchas was a very different experience. If you want a nice quiet getaway on the beach this is the best spot. The houses are very nice and the beach is clean and not crowded.

You are still close enough to town to have fun but this is a gated community so you don't have to worry so much about your rental car disappearing during the night. The resorts on the West side have the activities like ATV rentals but you can always go over there for the day.

The drive from Phoenix to Rocky Point is an eye opener for people who have never experienced the desert and the Organ Pipe National Park just before the border is worth a visit on the way up or down.

Make sure you gas up before the border cause once you go through Sonoyta there is nothing till Peurto Penasco, nothing.

Also watch out for Stop (Alto) signs where you wouldn't expect them and rapidly changing speed limits in the towns.

Overall I would strongly reccommend the Los Conchas area for renting a house in Puerto Penasco.

Geschmack Stadt


They make this place look soooo boring but if you go there yourself it's actually really a nice experience especially with friends and family

Christel Mayer


I walked the beaches every day with my dog, collecting shells and glass shards to make mirror frames. The sand was soft and it was real exercise to walk. I stopped by some of my beach bum friends, maybe have a beer and talk to them while they were still semi sober. I shopped fresh, large avocados, all kinds of melons and delicious tomatoes almost daily in a fruit stand. I shopped fresh shrimp and fish at the small port town which was built for the tourists. A little luck and I could buy right off the boat. I cooked up a storm in my outdoor patio kitchen and always attracted some people to talk to. I went swimming laps in a local hotel and my favorite pastime was to drive to the wild beaches, walk for hours on end without seeing many people and collect the most amazing shells. I meditated by the beach, listening to the surf rolling in. The sea life is amazing. From the sea birds overhead, to the jumping dolphins, to whales and the barking of sea lions. The sea of Cortez is filled with life and unique at that, since it is squeezed between the mainland and Baja.

Lots of not so good stuff is happening also. You may contact me for information, but Puerto Penasco is a great place to live in, if you are a creative sort of person.



Stay at one of the resorts in the Sandy Beach area, it's between Cholla Bay and downtown Puerto Penasco. From there, I would visit downtown, which will be about 15 minutes one way, and also check out Cholla Bay. For breakfast one day in Cholla Bay I would definitely check out Xochitls, and for a good bar that usually has live music check out JJ's Cantina just a bit further down the road. Nightlife in the Sandy Beach area will be centered around Banditos or a little further down at Wrecked at the Reef...Banditos you'll be able to walk to, Wrecked will be a drive. During the day a lot of people rent atv's and ride the sand dunes or go up competition hill, which you can look up for details. Sandy Beach in my opinion will be the best area to lay out, check out dolphins, pelicans skimming the surface, swim, and you can purchase things from locals walking the beach or get a massage, rent a jetski, etc...I have been there 15 or so times, and I have never had a problem--although I have never stayed or spent too much time down town.



I actually just got back from our second annual trip there (it's now a "thing" for us because my MIL's bestie owns a condo in Las Conchas).

As another poster stated, you can rent beach homes on VRBO in Las Conchas - the place we stay is Tessoro - a 14 story condo complex at the very end of Las Conchas. Las Conchas is GREAT if you're going with family and friends and want a quiet place to stay - otherwise, the resorts on Sandy Beach are a good choice, as they have a TON of activities there, so you really don't have to travel too much.

I've seen a lot of mentions of the water - restaurants offer bottled water exclusively, it seems - also, I've drank my drinks with ice and have had no ill effects.

There is a severe water shortage in Pto Penasco right now.

The old port (where the shopping and restaruants are) has "brokers" all over the place eager to schedule activities for you - you can do parasailing, jet-skiing, quads / rhinos, and banana boats (possibly more stuff, but that's the stuff we're interested in) - they take a cut, but it's very painless in getting stuff arranged.

As for the restaurants, the menus are pretty much identical everywhere - the shrimp is to die for. You can get it most ways, though I didn't see a scampi option. I enjoy Sr. Amigos and the Point the best (I've not yet tried Lucky's, but damn do they have advertising EVERYWHERE). Most of the restaurants do not have air conditioning.

We go late June / early July, and it is hot and muggy! I don't do humidity well, but once you're dripping sweat, it doesn't matter anymore - wear clothing that you don't mind getting sweaty. The late spring and early fall I imagine will be ideal, weather-wise.

The shops are pretty similar to the restaurants in that they're all pretty much offer the same thing - the only difference comes from the ability of the vendors to haggle. The only AC you'll find shopping is in the pharmacies - so if you want a bottle of 800mg Ibuprofen or other cheap pills, it makes for a nice refreshing pit stop as you traverse the many shops.

The dollar is accepted everywhere - ATMs only give out pesos, and I honestly don't recommend shopping with them - I thought it would be cheaper as the exchange rate favored the dollar, but they simply inflate the peso price to equal the dollar price anyway.

If you need anything from the grocery, the Super Ley is the best place I've found to shop at. OXXO is their QT / Circle K. If you want something other than produce / beer / liquor, Bodega Aurrera is similar to Wal Mart here (on that note, they have a Sam's Club if you have a membership).

You can bring food from home, just don't bring meat, eggs, or dairy products. (we typically bring food for breakfasts and lunch and eat out the rest of the time). Oh, and no firearms or ammunition!!!

DO NOT SPEED IN SONOYTA. They actively pull speeding tourists over (their speed limits are ridiculously low - I now understand why visitors with Sonora plates never seem to be in a hurry) - like seriously - 40 KPH (about 25 MPH) is the normal speed limit in most places.

Also, in Sonoyta, there is a collection station for the Mexican Red Cross. It behooves you to donate a buck or two because they are going to be the ones to patch you up when you get stung by a jellyfish, stingray, or trip and hurt yourself.

There is a blinking light that indicates the "end" of Sonoyta - from here to the entrance of Pto. Penasco (there is another similar light and sometimes the Federales monitor that entrance to keep riff-raff out) I have never seen a police car clocking. For your first trip down, I'd wait for people to start passing you before I start speeding, as generally those speeding know when to slow down. :)

There was some extreme poverty last year when we went, but this year things have taken a turn for the better (probably because the US economy has improved and their livelihoods are dependent on tourism).

Beware of stingrays and jellyfish. Do the "Stingray shuffle" keeping your feet on the sand and shuffling them to scare away any resting stingrays when in the water. Jellyfish are small little blue things - they pack a wallop if you get stung - the locals should be able to tell you whether or not there are jellyfish / stingrays in the water.

I think that about sums it up! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! Have fun!

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Wonderful beach side town, right across the boarder. Very safe, friendly, and cool! Will return!



Best and one of the oldest restaurants in Rocky Point, started going to Flavios 35 years ago. The service is great and the restaurant kept very clean. Can sit and enjoy the ocean view and occasional swim by of the dolphins. The waiters are the best and food delicious. My favorite dish: the fried fish, and the shrimp cocktail. Flavio is a perfect host!!



This is the best place to go in vacation if you live in AZ, I like it specially in the summer time, because is not as hot as Phoenix or Tucson. The beach is very nice, nice hotels, condos Golf courses, sand dunes for atv's. If you live in Arizona I highly recommend you visit this town, there is some beaches away from town you should check them out, like Playa Encanto, Playa La Jolla, and my favorite Las Conchas of course.



Nestled between the beautiful sea of Cortes and the majestic Sonoran desert, Puerto Peñasco is a destination with unique natural beauties. Such is the case of the Pinacate Reserve and the Great Altar Desert, the largest active dune field in North America and the site of a spectacular volcanic shield with lava flows, cinder cones and impressive giant craters.

Here you will find unusual creatures, unique plants and remarkable geological characteristics. It is also possible to enjoy whale watching, take quiet walks on the boardwalk or the beaches of Las Conchas or El Mirador.

If you are more of the sporty type, you can practice water sports such as deep sea fishing, windsurfing and sailing.



I love rocky point and its people...food is awesome, specially those jewels in a hole, small places with great food !!!



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Puerto Peñasco is major beach resort at the northern tip of Mexico’s Gulf of California (aka Sea of Cortez). The resort attracts visitors with an offer of attractive beaches, enticing water, sporting activities and nightlife. Puerto Peñasco started as a quiet fishing community and grew in popularity during the prohibition years of the 1920s and 1930s. Today, the close proximity to the Mexico-USA border makes it a favored destination of U.S. vacationers.