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Negative reviews

Brian C.


We bought a Poodle puppy From a breeder, Rennie's (Renske Vandenbosch) Rose Red Poodles for $1,950. Rennie treated us like we were her best friend. She assured us that her Poodles were the best we could by.She asked us what we were looking for and guaranteed that she could deliver on all our expectations.

When Rennie had received our money she was a different person. She was no longer our friend. She was all business. The puppy she sold us came with both ears infected and full of pus. The puppy was a little terror. It bit our groomer and bit our trainer also. The puppy also bit me. The bites drew blood from myself, the groomer and the trainer. Rennie said this was normal for a puppy that was teething. She never did answer us about the puppy's infected ears.

Rennie told us that it was our environment (our house) that caused the puppy's aggressive nature and biting. The puppy's aggression was all our fault, but Rennie offered to sell us another puppy that would be put in the same environment that she said caused the aggression in the first puppy.

Rennie has refused to return our money, and she has had people we do not know posting negative information about us on the web.

Rennies Rose Red Poodles

Breeder: Renske Vandenbosch

Neutral reviews

Flora Hitchery


Don’t waste hour money on a cross. You can get a purebred from a reputable breeder for less. Love my standard poodle puppy

Glory Vitale


My husband and I absolutely love poodles. We currently have a red head since she was 8 weeks old. She just under went her 2nd ruptured ACL and had an issue with her knee. all is healing well. We have our pets regularly checked at the vets . this is apparently just her issue with her legs. I believe now that she was a puppy mill puppy but wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is loveable but on her time , not yours. lol. very obsessed with HER property especially when it comes to my husband or our other poodle which she took the motherly instinct to. we weren’t quite sure if she would love him or chew him up when we brought him home. ( she truly loves the little guy) Our little boy on the other hand has the absolute most loveable disposition Ive ever seen in a dog. he is now 2 and he truly makes you love him because hes just hilarious. So, here you have my story on how poodles are the same but quite unique. both raised as spoiled fur babies yet



I have a miniature but adore the standards. Many years ago I met a standard that was 29" to the shoulder. That's a big dog in my book. I couldn't have got it in my car. We recently took our miniature to the kennels in the large exercise pen was a stunning standard (I so want one) he looked like an enormous version of mine. He like mine lept from sitting vertically in the air so pleased was he to see us. But where as mine leaps 2-3 feet at best he jumped 8 feet. Miniatures can easily live till 18 I doubt a dog of that size does and I believe it's more expensive to get a standard groomed I pay £35 every 6-8 weeks I think a standard can cost £50 or more. I suppose they need more exercise but may be not.

Other than that I understand there is little difference.

Positive reviews

Lisa Helns


I love my poodle. Georgie is very smart and sensitive. Very social too. Very very very kind because everyone wants to touch him. As an apricot poodle he is unique and with a teddy bear cut adorable. Loves attention and his outdoor time.i Love Georgie 100% apricot oversized 7 lb toy poodle. So loving and smart

Ashley Torres


I bought a toy poodle recently from my mother’s friend. he’s a sweet little creature almost 3 months old and good with my 12 year old sister and 8 year old brother. he is a playful puppy who needs lot’s of attention and is also a bit sassy which is why i named him prince lol. i think toy poodle’s are great small dogs for the family and also a bit good with kids, my aunt has a male and female and she breeds them for a living, she recently had a baby who is now 6 months and her poodles get jealous the baby gets more attention than them, she says its easy to care for them and has no trouble grooming her two poodles



My husband and I bought an 8 week old apricot toy poodle puppy. I instantly fell in love with him and he’s now going on 14 years of age. He’s healthy and energetic and eats twice a day. We had him neutered as a puppy and he’s only been to a vet since for his needle updates. He’s our heart and soul. He doesn’t bark when people arrive or leave being very quiet. His eyesight is worsening now and his hearing but is expected since he’ll be 14 in Nov. He’s very intelligent and easy to train. He loves our family and friends. Toy poodle is definitely our pick of small dogs due to their trainability and love of the family. They love other dogs and cats as well. Amazing dogs! He weighs approx 10 lbs. His Vet is amazed with his health. He is on adult canned food and we also feed him cooked veggies twice daily. I bathe, clip and clean his ears and do his nails myself. Ollie is our pride and joy! Everyone who has met him falls in love with him. He has such a kind and loving personality. I do keep smaller kids away from him now as to protect him but he loves them still. I cannot imagine any other dog comparing with a toy poodle. I will replace him with another toy poodle when it’s time to part with him.



Black, black, black black and apparently they have a steadier temperament. 

Mine came from a top show breeder and he's 1/2 an inch over size they can't be more than 12" for a miniature and 10" for a toy. He's a big chunky dog. Mine lives with children another dog and cats we are a boisterous outgoing family and he's permanently happy and holds his own. I don't know why you think small dog = no long walks I walk mine at least and hour a day sometimes 2-3 he would go further without any problems his partner a much bigger dog doesn't want too.



I currently have 2 standards and have had various standards for 15 years. In that time I've had 4 kids and moved house 3 times. 

They are brilliant family dogs. Really smart, really loving and loyal, completely unfazeable, let you do anything to them and the most they do is roll their eyes and look long suffering (ours are regularly dressed up in ski goggles, ear defenders and full school uniform including tie and cardigan on occasion). Completely trustworthy and good natured.

They love a walk but are equally happy bombing round the garden playing footage with the kids. Some love retrieving and will fetch balls til kingdom come, some watch you throw a ball and then look at you as if to say "you threw it - you get it!". Then they will curl up in a small ball and sleep the rest of the day.

None of them are great chewers beyond puppyhood. Generally they are not thieves- you can leave them in a room with a roast and know they won't touch it - but anything that hits the floor is fair game. 

They never smell and never shed. You do need to groom them every 6-8 weeks and brush them well at least once a week if you are keeping gem in a short coat, more if longer. 

They live in average 12 years - realistically they die from about 10 years (quite young for a standard) to 14 years (very old for a standard). I have had black and blue poodles but the only ones I might stay away from is brown/apricot as they are meant to be a bit more excitable. Might be rubbish - you will find people saying it is def true and people saying it def isn't but I incline towards the former.

Poodle people are very helpful and it is a very small world. You need a properly bred standard where the parents have been fully health screened. If you speak to any member of the standard poodle club committee and sound nice and interested and knowledgable about poodles they will point you in the direction of a good litter available. They are all nervous about selling puppies to people who want to breed them with their labs and make labradoodles or worse so you may have to do a bit of work to convince them of your good intentions. Never buy a standard off the internet unless you know how to read a pedigree.

Hope that's helpful!



My mam has a miniature poodle and I have a poodle cross. They are both amazing dogs and training was so easy, we went to classes together and with consistency at home tgey are both very obedient dogs. I dont know if tgis is a poodle thing or due to my mams circumstances but her poodle gets major separation anxiety so I would suggest getting him used to being left alone quite early, obviously starting with short times.