Peugeot 3008 reviews

Negative reviews


A year past its manufacturing warranty and only with 25,000km on the Odometer we experienced the air conditioning failure. It resulted in replacement of compressor for a cost of $1,745- using a non-genuine component. A genuine component would have cost in excess of $2,900.

This sort of failures on a so called luxury vehicle with only 25,000 km on the clock is unexpected and probably unheard of. We discussed the issue with Peugeot Australia and requested reimbursement on the premise that such a failure on such a low kilometre vehicles constitutes a premature failure but they refused to accept and they indicated that if the authorised dealer who serviced the car reports as a premature failure they might consider. Accordingly we contacted the service group for such a report and they also refused.

I must say, we have never had such a disappointing experience with any other cars than Peugeot. With other cars, if there was a major issue (even past the warranty) the manufacturer always went out of their way to help.

I should also add that we have had many other minor issues with this vehicle over last 4 years and to our opinion this vehicle and the make is of a poor quality and certainly the Peugeot's customer service is not to our liking.


I have just spent $5000 to repair a 4 year old car that is 3 months past warranty. The NRMA said "it happens" and they have no way of knowing if it was something that had been existing for a while, or had just happened. They discovered metal shavings in the fuel line and said that if it had been a Japanese car the same repair would have been around $1500. Nice looking car, but no more European for me.


We purchased the car after considering some other SUV and chose it because of the features it has in relation to the price. Many people advise us to buy a Japanese car instead of a European one, and now I understand they were right. It has a problem after another one and has been at the dealership repair centre at least once every month for the last 7 months. Besides the financial inconvenience, it causes many disruptions as you cannot count on your car when needed.

On the other hand, Peugeot Australia has been considerate so far in understanding the case and has provided financial assistance in some cases, even being out of warranty.

To sum up, we like the car but would like it more if it would work properly.

Neutral reviews

Roger Bingham

I have had a Peugeot 3008 for 6.5 years - no trouble at all, still in showroom condition - hasn't cost me a penny in repairs or unplanned maintenance (other than tyres).

I trialled the new one and for a number of reasons didn't like it or the attitude of the dealer who supplied my previous 2 Peugeots. It is better styled but (like many other marques) relies too much on toys to appeal to drivers.

I ordered the SEAT Ateca 4WD and have to wait 6 months until delivery (in France) - due end of June.

Do not believe all the negative (unproven) criticisms of Peugeot - Trolls are everywhere.

regular Joe

this car will earn million dollars in the south Asian countries...


Here’s Peugeot’s second generation of family crossover. So with the benefit of hindsight, Peugeot has fixed what was wrong with the original 3008. And developed what was right. The new one moves on to the Group’s newest platform, so it’s light, strong and has a longer wheelbase before for better proportions. Ah yes, proportions – what was wrong with the old one was its guppy looks, over-influenced by the old French MPV obsession. Peugeot realised the new one had to look like a proper crossover SUV, even if it’s FWD-only. And the company has also put massive commitment into a high-quality high-tech new interior.


The Peugeot 3008 deserves the success it has achieved since its launch. It may well be something of a revelation compared with its predecessor, but it's also stylish, comfortable and very family-friendly. In a market now packed with rivals, it's a stand-out option for those who wan't to cut a dash.

Peugeot has managed to create a striking family car that will not only look great on the driveway, though. It has space for the family, drives well and doesn’t cost a bomb to run thanks to a range of frugal and fun-to-drive engines. Its party piece is that stunning interior though, just stick to a more modest model in the range and you won’t be disappointed.


I have owned many new cars in my life but this one tops the list! It's just a fun car to drive and so different from the boring normal . Its appearance inside and out is so stylish from the chiselled handsome front to the striking good looking rear. And well inside is just wow! You get so much as standard such as the LCD instrument display which VW or Audi charge couple of grand extra for.

There is truly so much to like in this vehicle you should really check it out ! You maybe surprised .


Peugeot's small dealer footprint in South Africa and the negative perception of its service quality still haunt the brand. It will take some time for the 3008 to win over local buyers, but if the French marque can successfully allay consumer fears, then the 3008 will realise its true potential. Afterall, it's an excellent, premium product that stands out in a crowded segment.


Fell in love on 1st sight with it's aggressive front look, Evoque-like side view (Front of car), Lion Claw rear lights and the floating roof effect.

It wasn't available for test drive during my visit, but that didn't stop me from booking it, as I had done my homework before heading down to the showroom in May.

I have been driving my Allure 3008SUV for more than a month now and the 3 years in a roll award winning 1.2 Puretech engine has live up to it's name. For such small CC together with EAT6 Aisin GB, it's eager to rev and give punchy responses whenever the acceleration is depressed. The only down side is the noise level that this 3 cylinders engine produces. Haven't has chance to use the Sport mode yet as I'm more on city drive.

Another WOW factor is the iCockpit & luxurious feel interior finishes with ambient lights. A great disappointment is that our 12.3" Instrument panel doesn't has the "Driving" Mode display which I been eyeing since day 1.

Ride comfort is good but a little bumpy and if strike a particularly vicious pothole it’Ll still give you a hefty jolt.

Hill assist needs improvement as I encountered roll back on some occasions especially when Stop/Start function in activated

What I like

Exterior & Interior Styling

Driving Pleasure but don't expect it to be a performance car, it's just a little lamb full of energy

Boot Space

Electronic Parking Brake with similar function as Brake Hold

Reverse Camera which records the surroundings during manoeuvre to reconstitute an overhead view of the vehicle in its immediate environment

What I do not like

No Electric Tailgate

No Park Assist

Lack of integrated navigation

No option for "Focal" ICE

Roll back issue


Very energetic engine. 1.6-litre turbo diesel unit feels peppy and perky.

For an SUV, it handles quite well. Not much body roll and quite decent road-holding manners

Interior is futuristic and different but does need a bit of getting used to. Otherwise it looks quite distinctive and eye-catching

What I like

Unique looks

Peppy and energetic engine

Drives quite well for an SUV

What I do not like

Futuristic interior needs some getting used to

Positive reviews

bambo mango

Best interior ever.

Rob Corrente



"The Peugeot 3008 SUV is something of a revelation compared with its predecessor. Peugeot has managed to create a desirable and striking family car that will not only look great on the driveway, but it has space for the family, drives well and won’t cost a bomb to run."


hile there is no doubt the new Peugeot 3008 is now a fantastic looking car, the improvements have been much more than skin deep. The interior is now one of the most stylish and high-tech in the segment, and a revised engine line-up makes it greener and more fuel-efficient than ever before.

The starting price of €26,000 makes it one of the most competitively priced cars in its segment, and puts it head to head with the likes of Seat’s Ateca and the Renault Kadjar in terms of value for money. But with that striking new design and the volume of new tech on board – they will by no means be the only ones with cause for concern.


I was considering an SUV and test-drove a range of vehicles, including Renault Captur, Subaru XV, Mitsubish Eclipse and Hyundai Kona. The Peugeot had me with one look of the interior! It is typically Peugeot, and doesn't conform to the norms of boring interiors. They have opted for a fully digital dash and perfectly placed, large touchscreen for your Apple Car-play or Android-Auto. The drive is soft with great handling. I wouldn't suggest this is an off-roader, but the ride is very comfortable around town. Plenty of storage space in the rear and the passengers feel very comfortable in this vehicle. Would highly recommend this SUV.

Tom Govender

Styling and Luxury at the very best.


I've been driving the 3008 (Active) for a month. I was a little worried about the 1.2L engine. However i was quickly converted. The turbo engine gives a high torque at low rmp and the sports mode with manual paddle shift is a joy. The pick up and nifty gear change is part of the great driving experience.

Road holding and ride comfort is above average with two wheel drive. Although i do not plan to go off-road, she has a hill assist which allows the car to not roll back for approximately 4 seconds when you are on a slope releasing your brakes for the accelerator. Very useful in multi-storied car-parks.

A small steering wheel is cropped on top, allows good visibility of your instruments with finger tip controls.

Lane departure warning, cruise control, speed limiter are standard.

The interior and exterior styling is a refreshing change from the similar looking SUVs available in the compact SUV segment. The car fits my family of 5 very comfortably. The fittings are similar (if not better) to more established and expensive conti badges.

The dash instruments are projected on the fully digital iCockpit. The infotainment module allows android play / apple play mirror screening with cordless charging. The best thing is that these are all standard without having to pay for options.

The higher Allure model gives you more chrome external fittings, sunroof, 18" Stock rims etc.

The forward visibility is good. Blind spots exists on both sides due to the A frame. A blind spot monitor would have been helpful.

The rear windscreen is stylish but small and the back seat headrests may curtail your rear vision.

I was a little hesitant with the Peugeot Brand prior to purchase but the test drive, 5 year warranty and 3 year servicing package swayed me over.

Post purchase service is yet to be tested with the local agent AutoFrance but the experience has been quite pleasant so far with a lady named Lina.

What I like

1. Styling

2. Driving pleasure

3. In built FOCAL music system

4. 1.2 Fuel efficiency with low road tax

5. Admiring looks from other drivers :)

6. Center stowage compartment that is air-conditioned and can fit a bottle of wine

What I do not like

1. The key fob does not come in a pouch

2. Car manual and documents come in a flimsy packet.

3. Small glove compartment.

4. Boring stock 17" rims (Active)

What i would like (wishlist) ;

1. 4 wheel drive

2. BSMS (blind spot monitoring system)

3. Electric tail gate