perfect nails reviews

Negative reviews

Mahnaz S.

This salon is pretty clean and the price is unbeatable however the experience every time I go here is awful. They are very unprofessional. The entire staff/techs are yelling across the room to one another laughing and gossiping in Vietnamese (I recorded it for translation) I feel like they don't even want you here. The manager took 2 hours on my nails because she was fulfilling other duties in the salon and interrupted my service each time I only come here because it's so close to me and they take the other techs really do take there time and they accept walk ins but I'm not sure if it's with it. This should feel therapeutic not be giving people a headache.

Megan D.

This place is terrible I waited 2 hours and 34 min too get my nails done and the lady there was telling me how to do my nails short when I wanted them

Long like it's for me not for you ! But ill will not be returning

Suwanee R.

My first 2 visits were great but yesterday was terrible. I wanted my French nails redone. She said all you need is "fll" not redone. I said are you sure. She said yes. I think she was rushing to get to other customers. Nails came out terrible. She did not trim cuticles or anything.


Did not like it at all took multiple coats to take to colour to stand out on my nails but wit the multiple coats the nail polish never really frustrating it frustrating for it to rub off everywhere


I purchased three bottles of Salon Perfect Nail Lacquer in Traffic Cone, Loopy Lime, and Fired Up Fuschia because this particular brand offered some amazingly bright colours (as you can probably tell from the names of the polishes I bought). I love bright, happy nail colours, and as far as that part of quality is concerned, these certainly delivered. However, I found the overall quality of this particular nail polish to be less than stellar.

As with most super bright pigments in nail colour, these colours took three to four coats before they would completely cover the nail. Even after letting each coat dry for up to a half hour each, when applying the next coat, the brush would pick up some of the dried coat and leave large brush marks and empty spaces behind every stroke. I would go back hours later to attempt to fix these spots, but could never get a smooth finish.

The colours apply matte, so you have to put a top coat on them if you want some shine, which wouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that, just as when you go to apply a second or third coat, the brush of the top coat leaves large streaking marks across the nail, devoid or partially devoid of nail colour. I have tried applying the nail colour on top of a base coat, and without a clear base coat, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference when it comes to staying power when touched by another brush. I have even left the colour to dry for a day, and still had the same results. If it didn't actually remove the colour below it, it would leave very rough brush marks, making the coat bumpy and unattractive.

Within one day of application, the nail colour starts to peel, despite the application of a topcoat. And if you apply jewels or other little glitzy touches, expect them to disappear very quickly, not only removing the jewel or sticker, but also removing every single coat of nail lacquer below it. I've been painting and experimenting with my nails since I was quite young, and many nail colours have disappointed me in different ways, but Salon Perfect is by far the most disappointing simply because it requires maximum effort, for a short-lived, bumpy, flaking result. I have tried using different top and base coats from different nail colour companies, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Really, the only good thing I have to say about this brand is that they DO offer a very large range of brights, shimmers, shines, glitters, etc., and look extremely attractive on the shelf. They are not a bargain brand by any stretch, so the price is absolutely not worth it.

Positive reviews

Olive S.

Tried several local salons and ALWAYS come back to Perfect Nails. Consistently good work and great service. Best to make an appointment due to large number of walk-ins.

Roxanne Wilson McKinley

Amazing! Staff is great. It’s the only place I go for my nails.

Tori Redmond

Good service and our nails turned out great!!!

Marcie Be

they are great. very friendly and professional. and great prices as well...

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I love this place. They never rush with their services and they are very clean and friendly. My man Lam (in the picture)do me right everytime. He takes his time, he is gentle and funny at the same time. I always come and request him.

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I've been coming here since my son was 5 he is now 16 years old and I love it debbie is AWESOME great lady always does me right...🤗

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Great greater job done the staff were very friendly and kind the place is very clean


Needed my gel nails re-doing on holiday & Sofia was recommended. I was not disappointed. Sofia was superb, she took her time & did a fantastic job. She kept asking if I was happy as she did each nail. In all honesty Sofia did a better job than my regular salon in the UK, if only I could go to her every 2-3 weeks!!

Nádia M

Estive com a Sofia Dupont, tinha dores lombares terríveis, ela foi 10 estrelas, assim que saí já me sentia muito melhor, 1 hora depois já não tinha qualquer dor!!! Recomendo vivamente! Top


Ambiente muito acolhedor, excelentes massagistas, excelente espaço . Qualidade de excelência. Aconselho vivamente