Pekingese review

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Indeed, the Pekingese is dignified, supremely confident, and one of the most independent (and stubborn) of the toy breeds.


Calm and quiet indoors, the Peke is content to lie on the sofa cushions much of the time, observing his kingdom with his direct, inscrutable gaze. Yet he will also surprise you with sudden bursts of comic playfulness. Some individuals are more lively than others.


Most Pekingese are stubborn, usually in a passive-resistance sort of way. You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say. Food is a great motivator with this breed, but too many cookies equals a fat Peke. Also you don't want a dog who only obeys when you're waving a biscuit at him.


The Pekingese is feisty, courageous, and independent. They are affectionate and sensitive, and they thrive on human attention. They are leery of strangers, and they are sometimes obstinate and self-willed. Some are picky eaters and may be difficult to feed. If overfed, the Pekingese will put on weight quickly. Because of their propensity to bark a lot, they make good watch dogs. They aren’t recommended for small children who will tease them. This breed can be difficult to housebreak.


The Pekingese is well-suited to life in a small household or apartment. They are a comparatively inactive breed indoors, and they are content to live without a yard. The breed doesn’t require much exercise, but they will stay in better health if they are given regular opportunities to run around and play.


The Pekingese originated in the Imperial courts of China. They were held in high regard and often given as gifts among the nobility. This regal air is still common in modern Pekingese, who believe themselves to be royalty, and expect their families to treat them as nobility and not helpless lap dogs. According to the AKC Standard, Pekingese "should imply courage, boldness, and self-esteem rather than prettiness, daintiness, or delicacy." Pekingese make excellent companions for older people who have the time to devote all of their attention to their dog, as this breed demands a lot of attention. They adore their immediate family but are wary of strangers, which makes them excellent little watchdogs.


Pekingese can be happy in a big home or an apartment, as they don't need a lot of vigorous activity to maintain health and happiness. They like to take walks, proudly strutting their stuff around the neighborhood, and will love playing outdoors, but as they get older they become less playful.


It can be easy to shelter a Pekingese. They are tiny and people love to carry them and tote them around in purses. You must walk a fine line, though. Over-sheltered Pekingese can become very high strung. It is important to give your Pekingese independence. Let him walk on a leash rather than tote him around in a bag and socialize him around people and other animals so that he knows how to greet and be greeted with proper manners.

Gail Bradwell

I have two Pekes that I keep clipped which enhances their appearance and keeps them playful. They are as different as chalk and cheese - both are stubborn. Love them.

Genia Carter

We have two but they really are the cutest. Just love to go for walks and car rides.

Deborah Wright

my peke is named Miyah Chichi WRIGHT she has been apart of our family 4 over 8yrs. She's demanding,controling,n my little DIVA. Very loveable,loves 2 give kisses but also protective.When anyone tries 2 hug,touch r gets 2 close she barks.My spouse works nites n miyah is a great guard dog. Shes the love of my life n has been a great help thru my depression,I would lose my man b4 my Miyah shes family.

Melissa A Sharp

I have a white male Peke & he loves to run after his Yorkie brother & his "big" American Bulldog brother.. They r always chasing each other in my backyard.. It is so funny to watch my Peke run wih his "brothers"!!

Positive reviews

Genghis Fonz

best dogs ever.

Nancy Cooper

got 4 and wouldn't trade them for anything.

McKie McKinnon

My little girl is half Peke and half Lhasa Apso. Although a terror she still is the sweetest thing ever :)

James Jones

We had a pekingese and his nam was Boomer. We lost him last month.He was the love our lives and we miss very much. We are looking for another pekingese to grace our home. We live in Las Vegas Nevada.

Janette Good

jan good i have 3 pekes 2boys and one girl. they are sp sweet. i have stage 4 breast cancer and they stay with me all the time. they can tell when i am not feeling well and they would not leave my side for anything. i am so bless with angel baby, elvis and honeybee. they are my little angels all3 of them.