Palanga traveller reviews

Negative reviews


Was there in July. Water temperature 15°C absolutely too cold to swim (a swimming pool normally is about 23°C). The water was dirty and it was very, very windy. I do not recommend Lithuania for a beach vacation.

Neutral reviews

Konstanty D

Most of visitors come to Palanga for the beach, it is one of the most known seaside reasorts in Lithuania. During hot summer days plenty of people come here, bu if have nothing against walking you will find empty spots only a couple minutes away. Near the beach you'll find plenty of restaurants, bars and spots to spend time after sunbathing and swimming. But don't expect hot waters, it is the Baltic sea after all ;)


Palanga is a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and has beaches of sand (18 km long and up to 300 m wide) and sand dunes. Officially Palanga has the status of a city municipality and includes Šventoji, Nemirseta, Būtingė and other settlements, which are considered as part of the city of Palanga.LegendAccording to a legend, there was a pagan shrine at the foot of a hill in Palanga where a beautiful priestess named Birutė used to tend the ceremonial fires. Having heard of Birutė's beauty, Kęstutis, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, came to make her his wife. It is written in the Lithuanian Bychowiec Chronicle that Birutė "did not consent, and answered that she had promised the gods to remain a virgin as long as she lived. Kęstutis then resorted to take her by force, and with great pomp brought her back to his capital, Trakai, where he invited his kinsmen and celebrated with a lavish wedding..." Kęstutis was later murdered and Birutė returned to Palanga and resumed serving at the shrine until her death. The legend claimed that she was buried in the hill which is now named after her.HistoryNot far from Šventoji, archaeologists discovered an encampment which indicates that the area was inhabited some 5,000 years ago. Between the 10th and 13th centuries Palanga had been one of the main settlements of Mēguva Land, inhabited by the Curonians. Situated upon the trail of the ancient Amber Road, it became a center of trade and crafts. Palanga is in Klaipeda County. 


The international airport of Palanga is the third biggest in Lithuania and services connecting flights to Germany and Scandinavia. Given the role of the town as a significant resort destination, the Palanga airport is most crowded and busiest during the summer season.


The Palanga beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The beach stretches over many kilometers on both sides of the Palanga pier. Since the town is primarily a summer resort destination, the beach is its star attraction and is known to be very crowded because apart from the international tourist influx, there are also several tourists from other parts of Lithuania who head to Palanga for its beach during summers. To enjoy your time at the beach look for a spot farthest from the pier since these are the least crowded.

The Palanga Pier is an interesting spot to head to. It is a local tradition to pay a visit to the pier at the time of the sunset. One can experience the beauty of the sun setting into the sea as well as taking in all the fun and activity on the beach during the day.

Basanavicius Street is a recommended spot for all tourists. The street is the most popular as well as active part of the town. It is present between the Vytauto Street and the Palanga Pier. The street offers various kinds of restaurants, funfairs, bars, clubs and memento shops.

The Botanical Garden is another tourist draw in the town. Located at the south of the city center, the garden houses the Amber Museum. The garden is much like a small forest in itself and makes for an interesting place to walk and hike. The Birute Hill, which is a sand dune with forest cover, can be reached by a small walk. The hill was once the site of an excavation and now houses a small chapel.

There is also a pharmacy in Palanga, which is a unique attraction because it is one of the most ancient pharmacies in Lithuania, dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Historians take great interest in visiting this place as well along with the other attractions.

Visiting Palanga

Palanga can be visited through a Lithuania Coastal Towns tour package offered by the Baltic Travel Company. The package is reasonably priced stretches over a week.

Positive reviews


This is the ideal beach for a holiday! A bridge across the horizon for miles before you even reach the sea! As walking down, music is played , restaurants are full and a great deal of other entertainment is included. Not forgetting the hot weather.


Being spoiled by beautiful Caribbean beaches, I did not expect that Palanga will impress me so much!

This is what you can expect: beautiful sand on a wide, clean beach, that stretches for miles in each direction from the main pier; mesmerizing amber sunsets and beach bars with comfy beanbag chairs to enjoy sunsets in while sipping cherry beer or apple cider; changing cabins; plenty of tolerable public bathrooms (bring your own tissue and hand sanitizer, opened mainly from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

The pier is well kept, and has benches at the entrance, where older folks can sit and watch the day and sunsets

There are beach recliners available for rent, but visitors barely use them.

There is a biking/walking trail that goes for miles parallel to the beach also.

Having a nice jog on the beach, with your feet in the water, be careful and do not overlook small signs that read “Women only” or “Men Only.” There are portions of the beach designated to nude sunbathing and no fence, so your eyes may accidentally wander on to images that you are not prepared to see.

Many things have been done to accommodate people with disabilities: sidewalks, special beach ramps, some public bathrooms. Nice signs of humane civilized society! However, the public attitude towards the elderly and people with disabilities has room for improvement.

The smell of pine trees, combined with salty sea air, creates an amazing aroma for relaxation.


The best beach! Nice sand, clean water and beautiful weather. Spending 2 weeks here every summer. Enjoying my holidays! Recommend to come and feel it yourself!


The Palanga Amber Museum is a great place to learn a little more about the history of amber in Lithuania, and to see the impressive exhibition which includes ancient artifacts and jewellery, as well as ‘The Amber Sun’, one of the world’s largest pieces of amber.

Best of all, the museum is located in Palanga’s botanical gardens, so you can treat yourself to a stroll among the flowers while you’re at it.


Lieliska vieta atpūtai. Kempings atrodas klusā un mierīgā vietā gandrīz pie pašas pludmales. Līdz centram pa pludmali 40 min. gājienā, ar mašīnu 5 min. Ļoti laba iespēja tikt līdz pilsētai ar autobusu, kurš piestāj pie paša kempinga, tikai jāapskatās saraksts, lai nav ilgi jāgaida. Kempinga īpašnieki lieliski cilvēki, izpalīdzīgi un labprāt novada ekskursiju pa savu īpašumu, izrādot kempingu ar dažādām mājiņām, kuras ir piemērotas jebkurai gaumei. Istabiņas ir tīras un komfortablas, itabiņās atrodas guļamvietas, virtuve, TV un vannasistaba ar dušu un toleti,ārā pie katras mājiņas iekārtotā terasīte


Labai patiko dviračių takas, kuriuo gali važiuoti nuo Palangos iki Šventosios. Kai kurios kavinės išsidėsčiusios tiesiog pakeliui, labai jauku ir patogu. Tiesa venkite kebabų kioskelio, Užkanavės g., pradžioje - siaubingas, pradedant aptarnavimu, ir baigiant kokybe. :)

O šiaip poilsis šioje vietoje yra patikrintas laiko ir visad teikiantis džiaugsmą.


A must visit in Palanga

One of the best kitchens in Palanga. The menu is big and there are plenty of dishes to choose from. I go there twice/three times per month in the summer and I never get disappointed.


The top you can find in Palanga

Owned by Arvydas Sabonis (best Lithuanian basketball player ever) and his wife - this restaurant is one of a kind in Palanga.

It can be very fancy if you want to, but you can also find some cheaper dishes. The wine is carefully selected, the beef has it's own country of origin in meniu (different parts of beef from different part of the world)

Service is incredible, the waiters are always there when you need them, but never too much, they help choosing the wine, pay attention to kids, for which, by the way, they have a separate meniu for very reasonable prices.

All in all - you must try it once you in Palanga.