Pagudpud traveller reviews

Negative reviews


Our bad experience with locals started from the tricycle driver who took us to the place we didn’t want to go. Nobody smiled there. Everyone looked so miserable. The ladies at the markets were making grumpy faces when they saw us. We didn’t feel welcomed there. Maybe it was the weather, maybe we also had a bad day and everything seemed to be just so disastrous! After two days we decided to leave Pagudpud. Disappointed, but nonetheless full of energy to see the Rice Terraces in Banaue.


what a shame ya’ll didn’t enjoy Pagudpud. Nothing worse than a bad travel experience, especially being treated poorly by the locals.

Neutral reviews


The laid-back coastal town of Pagudpud enchants tourists with its picturesque beaches and trendy resorts. Verdant hills overlook the long strips of white sand and emerald-tinted waters of Pagudpud's coastline, fringed with coconut trees and shacks that house bars and restaurants. Most attractions in Pagudpud are nature-based, as the town and its surroundings boast secluded coves, scenic beaches, caves, and waterfalls. Some of the beaches in town offer strong currents and winds, making Pagudpud a surfing hot spot. Pagudpud is in Ilocos Norte Province. With the Inspirock world travel planner, Pagudpud and other destinations across the globe can be made central to your personalized travel plans.


Blue lagoon is a pretty place for surfing but not for swimming with young kids. There are resorts with pools though such as Kapuluan Vista - we brought our 2 year old there. If you are a group you can just rent a van so that it would be easier for you and the kids. You may contact Kuya Nat, he can recommend reliable drivers and he's a pretty nice guy. 7 nights is fine, so that you don't have to rush everything. I also highly recommend the Baluarte and riding the kalesa in Calle Crisologo for the young ones!


Pagudpud is situated at the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon, and is about a 10-hour travel from Manila by bus. The place is sleepy and observes a slow pace of living. To get around, the main mode of transport is by tricycle, although some locals prefer to ride a bike. The best time to visit Pagudpud is during summer when its seas are calmer and the skies are bluer than usual.


 I grew up in Laoag City, a city in Ilocos Norte, but I usually go to Pagudpud during vacations especially around March-May (Summer time), since my grandparents also live there :) so I would then consider myself as a local. We had a thing called “Home Stay” before where we’d let foreigners live in our homes, and treat you guys as if you’re part of the family and such, and we’d even cook for you. It’s like your home away from home :) we were really friendly towards any foreigner. Anyway, I really do hope you won’t let your previous experience there stop you from visiting again. Seriously though, there’s a lot of resorts/beaches you could visit in Pagudpud, like Aplaya Ortega, owned by my uncle :) it’s a great resort, and you’re basically sorrounded with nature. There’s a pool there which water comes from the mountain itself, and much more. My advice is that make sure to go there in season so you’ll get a good experience :)


Well, a lot of our friends are asking about going to Pagudpud or to any Ilocos beaches, our advise is not to go there during the months of November to February as the weather is unstable, cold to very cold and wet to very wet with constant rains. The best time to go there is March. April and May could be very, very hot. Then June to August are rainy season. September to October are great times to hit the beaches too.


Problem with Pagudpod's beach is that it's quite deep and rocky. Also the number of jeje resorts over there.


Tour guides in the area can help get you not only transportation for moving around Pagudpud, but accommodations. Tour packages are a popular choice for visitors to the area. These tour packages may include rides by van or by Jeep, depending on who you contact. Visitors to the area should try and get in touch with local guides ahead of time in order to make the appropriate arrangements. This type of forward planning can help make your stay in the city that much more pleasant.

Positive reviews

Pauline P

The white beach isn't crowded. The sand may not be as powdery fine as those in Boracay Island but the tranquility of the place made up for it.


One of the private beaches in pagudpud... peaceful, clean, crowd-less, rubbish-less, a really good place to think in solitude... great view of the whole cove... wonderful view of the Bangui Windmills...


A wonderfull beach for families. Calm water, white sand, safe and some ok bars/restaurants on the beach.


i liked the sand, the hotel, the beach, the locals who were very nice and accomodating. it was cheaper than another resort which was highly overpriced and overrated..


Great place to stay when in Pagudpud. Good service, clean surroundings, comfortable rooms. Wifi availability is a plus. Too bad we were unable to stay longer.


The waterfall looks amazing! I