Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) reviews

Negative reviews



very bad experience

Had a very bad experience with OCBC and the services. I witnessed a FRAUD incident while using ATM in Singapore. I swiped my card but unfortunately no keys were working, so I was left with no option but to leave. After that somebody withdrawn money from my account and it was shocking for me. When I contacted OCBC, they didn't bothered to listen to my complaint and started questioning here & there (no action was taken and complaint was closed without concerning me). I visited the bank and nobody took it seriously and I was forced to approach the Branch Manager. After escalating the matter to Branch Manager, he only told me that first complaint to bank is always dealt like normal incident until somebody escalates the matter. He advised to logged the complaint again with same reference no. But still after 2 weeks there's no response from bank side.



Went to Clementi Branch OCBC today to set up an account and I was attended by Mindy Teo. She showed me the different accounts and explained to me the pros and cons of each account. She is truly a gem to the bank for her excellence service and her clear explanations.I applied for a credit card at the same time and was attended by Valerie Huang. Was impressed by her excellence service provided. Great job.



I have a 365 credit card. I reviewed my CC in late Jan and delayed payment by 3 days. I called in to inform that I will be making payment asap. But I was charge late payment charges plus interest charge of nearly $200. Call in 4 times to waive off but was unsuccessful. Waited nearly 3 week for reply and yet get interest charge. OCBC please do not encourage Singaporean to apply the 365 card if ocbc were to charge so high interest and also while waiting for the reply consumer get interest charge to their account without knowing tat they are being charged. I feel disgusted and disappointed with OCBC 365 credit card. Is totally not acceptable.



I'm rather piss off when I went to OCBC temporary Compasspoint Branch to change the new notes for CNY. Checked online that notes available, upon arriving, all notes are not available, not even the good as new. However, a guy who came in after me was asking to change new notes was told there is no more new notes and he asked for Roland. The staff went in and later a guy (which I believe is Roland) came out and told him to join in the queue and asked for him when he is at the counter. I stay on as I need to reset my ATM pin number. While I was at the counter, I tried my luck again and ask if there is anymore new notes. Was told no more. But the guy who walk in later then me happens to be at the next counter and I heard him asking for Roland again and he managed to change the new notes. I asked the counter staff you told me no more ? She said his is under reservation so I said can I reserve then ? Which the lady was telling me actually cannot reserve. Roland overheard our conversation and say no need reserve, just come tomorrow at 11. I call in to OCBC and asked today. Was told only Premium customer can reserve the new notes through their relationship manager. (P/S : If that guy is a Premium Customer, Roland would have told me so, but he said nothing, just ask me to come back at 11 the next day) I cannot understand why OCBC has to discriminate us. Why Premium customer only ? Cos they are rich enough to open an investment account with $200k and above ? Or only the rich is worthy to give red packet during the CNY? If OCBC thinks it is not discriminating, I'll tell you what is not discrimination. POSB has a online reservation for ALL, NOT ONLY THEIR PREMIUM CUSTOMER. THIS IS WHAT I CALL NO DISCRIMINATION



When the sales man ask you to apply OCBC credit card, please think before apply. They only know how to sweet talk to you, annual fee can waive and all sort of nonsense. At the end, receive the bill and call for card waiver. They will reject you and you appeal for that. They will replied we have review your request, but rejected. Although OCBC is the major bank I'm using, they still will not give you the best support. I'm going to change and not to using OCBC BANK.

Hoo Sheng Feng Larry


I went down with my work permit staff to open their account with appointment 3 times, all 3 times they gave me a different reason!

All 4 times, i verified what they needed!

1) $1000 cash

2) work permit card

3) passport

4) authorization letter

All 3 times, they gave me NEW reason!!

1st time - housing address not stating in authorization letter, then i offer to change but they say must do another appointment. But i have an hour slot appointment slot but they refused to let me reprint on my own and wait 15 mins!

2nd time - this permit holder cannot open account because no housing address printed out on MOM site, they never say they need it to be MOM site!!!! I clarify so many times!

3rd time - this work permit is less than a year validity

What the.......

You drag so long of course no validity.

Now what?!

OCBC trained your staff and stop discriminating against foreign workers! Shame on you!

I will proceed to cancel all my accounts with you!

Is so disgusting to work with you discriminating my staff!!

Waterway Point OCBC lazy bum staff!

Positive reviews



I would like to thank the staff of Whitesands OCBC branch for the help rendered to me on 28 Dec 2015 when I came by to open the 3 savings accounts for my children. I would like to give a special thanks to a staff, Krisline Ng, who served me at the entrance. She was very friendly and patiently listened to my concerns. She also made sure I was attended to promptly once the staff was available. Thanks for the warmness I received as a customer.

Ted Choo


The staff of Frank at SMU is superb. They are proactive and polite. Today I was served by Zhi Wei and his colleagues that had assisted me with my requests promptly. Thanks!

Lindi Yip


the staff are very friendly and efficient when performing their services



I’ve never really cared about banking or interest rates. All that was left to my mother, because… Well, there were simply too many numbers and terms that I didn’t care about.

Recently, after my friend’s persuasion, I signed up for the OCBC Frank card, which is targeted at youth. I was really impressed by how simple it was to do banking with them. I was tended to by a young and friendly banker, who was patient and took the time to explain everything to me, despite my nonexistent knowledge of banking terms. It’s great that OCBC is trying to help youth to get interested in banking, by making terms digestible, and offering customisable card designs, which are so much more appealing. What’s more, setting up an account is free! The only thing you’d have to pay for is the card design, which is between $10 to $20. Plus, you get a free laptop bag in one of the card designs after you sign up!

I really appreciate the concept of OCBC Frank, and am looking forward to banking with them. Cheers to shorter ATM queues and waiting times!



OCBC is one of my favourite personal banks in SIngapore. While having a POSB savings account is good, i have always wondered why there is always a OCBC atm machine nearby with no queue. OCBC provides good services in terms of setting up accounts, or even personal investment.

Recently, i went to open an OCBC frank account, and it really offers a much better interest rate than POSB. Also, what i like about this account is that I can actually devise and set some specific goals to stop me from drawing the money and spending it. For example, i can term a goal:" Car" and a target of "200000", with me saving 100 every month, and the bank will prevent me from spending that amount of money, saving it in the process.

A great bank!



My mum's favorite bank is OCBC. Though it does not have as many ATMs in Singapore as compared to say, POSB/DBS, but in recent years, I have seen a rise in the number of ATMs in Singapore.

In fact, I feel that OCBC offers of the best banking privileges in Singapore. Their staff are very helpful and there isn't such a long queue at their banks. Perhaps due to the lower number of customers, but i feel that it is a good thing for me somehow. It saves me so much time and hassle to get something done at the bank and it is totally fuss free too.