Nissan Qashqai reviews

Negative reviews

David Richards

I had a head on crash with a 2015 Nissan Qashqai, whilst I was driving a 2009 Ford Mondeo Estate, The Qashqai driver was drunk and came on to my side of the road and we crashed at speeds of around 60mph my Mondeo took the impact extremely well and slowly spun into a hedge, whilst the Qashqai spun and rolled completely over on to its roof and skidded along into a the hedge on the opposite side of the road, I got out of my Mondeo with no broken bones or even a scratch the car took the brunt of the whole impact extremely well, I could even open the drivers door fine, I ran over to the Qashqai driver, who was screaming in pain called an ambulance, later found out he had received 2 broken Legs, a fractured wrist, and nasty head injury he also had a blood sample taken which came out he was over double the drink drive limit. I will say is the Qashqai handled the crash nowhere near as well as the much older Mondeo I was driving, no way would I put my family in a Qashqai after seeing how badly it handled the crash, the side airbags even failed it go off.


Each time the car has gone for its MOT I have incurred costs of about £400 to £600 for a car that has done only 28,000 miles. My last Nissan did not cost this until its last two years of its 11 year life. However this may be a cautionary tale, the car was not MOT at Nissan but Halfords and I have no way of assessing whether the charges were reasonable or even needed next year it will go back to Nissan despite being many miles further to go.


Bought a Nissan Qashqai 1.2 6 months back in April'2017 and wish that I had not.

This Qashqai is not designed appropriately - Every each time when I start this Qashqai I must depress the ON/OFF Engine Button otherwise the engine just switched off when I stopped at any traffic light and it takes a few seconds to restart - silly design to save petrol but putting stress on my Battery and engine starter. Secondly, the Aircon is incredulous ! Similarly, I will have to depress the "Recycled Air vent" Every each time I start this Qashqai and the worse is that after driving for maybe half an hour it crazily switched over to "Fresh Air vent" Which allows all the fumes from outside to come into the car so, I will have to check this button every half an hour drive.

Wrote to Tan Chong Motor few times, their mechanic said that they cannot do much because this is the design of this Qashqai. The last time I wrote again to Tan Chong Motor 2 weeks ago, Tan Chong Motor did not even reply.

To all prospective Car buyers - consider carefully when buying Nissan from Tan Chong Motor. I will even consider their Car next time when I get rid of this silly Qashqai.


My qashqai’s alternator and ECU stopped working soon after the car was out of warranty.

Auto stop and start ,

Cruise control system is not working.

Very good looking car but poor quality products inside


Bought new in 2014. Mostly parked undercover or in locked garage. Done about 37500 kms as of today, mainly used for commuting for work and back home by my wife. Whenever this car has to be parked outside we noticed that the paint on the rear bumper had sand particles stuck onto it and if touched finger print marks get embedded into the paint. This was reported back to the dealer. Took a while to convince them as the exact issue was replicated on another car parked outside the dealership. They acknowledged the issue and the rear bumper was repainted with the matching colour. This didn't fix the issue and they did replace the rear bumper from a new car after a lot of back & forth negotiations. This again still didn't fix the issue and the dealer wouldn't want to take up this any further with Nissan Australia. They offered to put a bumper protector instead which I rejected and hence they ordered a new bumper and repainted it with the matching colour. Fed up with this back and forth to the dealership and their poor attitude and not solving the issue I gave up. Now the front bumper clear coat has started to peel off like nail polish coming off. There is no visible dent or damage to any of these parts. I did report this to dealer but no response as of today.

P.S -Please people before buying any Nissan vehicles take a closer look at a similar car parked outside and see how it fares in the hot sun. My friend just got rid of his Nissan X trail bought after our car due to the same issue.

Neutral reviews


Love my Qashqai but why are you promoting Diesel when we are being told to avoid them as they will be phased out soon.


The Nissan Qashqai is better than the Sportage once you’re on the move – it’s quieter with less wind and road noise than the Kia, though a Tiguan is quieter still, and the clever suspension system fitted to all cars keeps the Qashqai’s body level over bumps – helpful if your kids are prone to car sickness.

Don’t fret if the Qashqai’s going to be your first SUV – although it’s tall and gives a better view over cars than something like a Volkswagen Golf, it’s just as easy to drive. The steering’s light, and N-Connecta cars get a fantastic 360-degree camera for a top-down view of the Qashqai that makes it easy to squeeze into parking spaces. You can even spec up a semi-autonomous driving assistant called ProPilot that takes the stress away from motorway journeys.

In fact, the only thing more straightforward than the Qashqai’s driving experience is its choice of engines. The smooth and quiet 1.3-litre petrol, available in two power outputs, should be the default choice, but if you do huge motorway miles the better fuel economy of the 1.5-litre diesel will make sense in the long run.

In terms of safety, the Nissan Qashqai got a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test score in 2014, and, despite that fairly outdated result, you can add a fair bit of optional safety tech such as auto emergency braking to keep the Qashqai up to date.

You can read more in-depth info on the Nissan Qashqai in the interior, and specifications sections of our review over the following pages. Or take a look at the latest Nissan Qashqai deals.


While the first Qashqai was unique in its field, today there are a vast number of rivals it lines up against. Our top choices are the Skoda Karoq, Peugeot 3008 and SEAT Ateca, while the Toyota C-HR, Mazda CX-5, Vauxhall Grandland X and Renault Kadjar are worth considering, especially the latter, as it's essentially the Qashqai with a bit more space and Renault badges. Other models to check out are the more expensive Volkswagen Tiguan, Ford Kuga and Honda CR-V, while the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson have attractive seven and five-year warranties respectively.


The Qashqai has always seemed like a good idea well-executed. The N-Tec probably pushes it out of that comfortable place.

The big wheels and tyres and stiffer suspension are answering a question it’s hard to imagine many people are asking.

If you like the Qashqai, back-to-back the ST-L with its 18s against the N-Tec (or Ti when it comes) and see what you think.


The Qashqai is not a car that needs any introduction, and when Nissan first introduced it ten years ago, not even they could have predicted what a huge success it would be. That success started a chain of events that has seen the crossover take over from the hatchback as the family car of choice and it wasn’t long before every other manufacturer had their own equivalent, offering the looks and road presence of an SUV, minus the high running costs, and crimes against the environment.


Principally bought for comfort, since I suffer from a back problem. The higher driving position gives better visibility than a normal car, however visibility to the rear and rear quarters is poor. Ride and handling is acceptable. Fuel economy is acceptable but this 4WD model rapidly wears out tyres. Would I buy another one? Yes, because it is the only car I have tried that is comfortable for my back, unless Nissan have changed the seat/driving position.


Nissan knows its target buyer extremely well and has created just the car that the great British public will lap up. Could the new 2019 Qashqai be a touch more exciting, to look at and drive? For sure. Is it a measured step forward to provide more polish and the same old practicality and crossover vibe that buyers crave - at democratic prices? You bet.

Prices start at £19,295. Pick of the range? It's hard to argue with the 99g/km CO2 of the 1.5 dCi in more modest N-Connecta trim, the likely best seller at £25,555. It's mission accomplished with the Mk2.5 Nissan Qashqai. Britain expects...

Positive reviews

Keith Isaacs

Beautiful model especially liked the rear and front bumpers also the soft touch areas err what car was it

anıl erden

I love Qashqai so much that is so great jeep


I test drive Qashqai 1.2 1.2 DIG-T premium with a friend who was then driving a Volvo XC60.

We were both surprised by its overall performance, premium interior, features, and good looks. Best, it's houses a low 1.2T engine.... Yet powerful enough, with road tax at $500 for 12 mths and low insurance premium.

We, both being used to higher cc powered cars, ended up loving the test drives. We both placed ours orders. I took a white, my friend's red on 28/6/2018 for imm delivery and trade-in our cars. SR Vivien gave us max discount.

So far, the QashQai 1.2T has not disappoint us. Still very happy and glad today.

What I like

- premium interior

- premium features such as realtime tyre pressures, fuel consumption, reverse camera & sensor.

- handsome & sturdy looks

- 1.2T engine but works more like a 1.8 engine

- steering wheel's smooth feel & handling

- 5 years warranty

- 3 years free services

- low road tax & insurance premium

- low fuel consumption

- roomy cabin

What I do not like



I love the design of the Qashqai and feel that it is a notch above rivals such as the Honda HR-V/Vezel, Subaru Forester, VW Tiguan. While most SUVs plying our road shows performance over style, the Qashqai stands out in terms of its elegant and gorgeous design. Definitely a huge improvement over its past design of the Qashqai/Dualis.

What I like

-Made in UK

-Muscular front bonnet

-High head room

-Fuel economy

-Bueatiful and elegant design

-Perfectly sized

What I do not like

-Weak 1.2 engine

-Rather tight rear leg room


I am reserved when it comes to Nissan because it is not usually driven by young adults like me. But this Qashqai came in as a surprise for me! I have been on the look out for this model and this model (facelift) is definitely a good buy.

I have driven Nissan Sunny previously to curb the COE and I have to say, it is really reliable even though the fuel consumption was bad. But hey, there is little to no issue during my ownership. That is when my perspective of Nissan changed.

I have to say Qashqai is very quiet while on the road, and it is very spacious! It has really well designed headlights and V-grilles that is really makes head turn. It has pretty good fuel consumption (I hit 18.2 km/l on the highway) but short distance can be disadvantageous. Well, turn on the ECO and Start/Stop, it will do better.

What I like

- Well designed and spacious interior

- Quiet on the road

- Good fuel consumption (for long distance)

- Good value for money

- Improved stability and technology

What I do not like

- Bad fuel consumption (for short distance)

- Slow pick up


I bought my car new in 2015, and for the first two years of its life it was doing 140km per day for my work. I racked up the kilometres fast, and now drive much less each day. I have never had any serious problems. I enjoy its smooth driving. I have had ongoing issues with the rear reversing camera flickering and fading, going from black and white to dead, but this was addressed over several services. It seems to me that water can get into the camera unit when it rains, and short it out.