Nissan Micra reviews

Negative reviews


Pros: There is no advantages tooks place right now.

Cons: Low mileage.... Only getting 9 km in town.

Dont buy Nissan cars if you buy you may be cheated and also bad impression on service done by the showroom.

Neutral reviews


Nissan Micra is a nice car, the mileage in the city and on the highway is great. The interior and exterior are also perfect.


The Micra’s up-to-date cabin matches the smart exterior look, with plenty of customisation options


My head told me this would be a great car, but my heart was a bit worried: yes, it's a neat little sports car, but is it a bit girlie? Yes, a totally sexist thing to even think. But at least I'm being honest. Well, it turns out that all my mates in the pub, who love taking the mick, don't take the mick out of my Micra Sports, because they see how versatile it is, what a massive boot it has, how I can roll the roof back in 20 seconds at the flick of a switch, and cart round all sorts of weird shaped objects from noticeboards to bales of straw. The only problem it's ever given me is the screech from the alternator belt whenever it is damp and the temperature is below 10C. At this point it doesn't look chic enough to combat the associations you get with that noise with a clapped out auld cartie! And,sadly, no garage has ever silenced it. I squirt some chalky water over it - low tech solution! There is one surface feature which is awesome: the paint job (I think it's called "mink") is EXACTLY the colour of the mud round here on the country lanes. So come winter time, all that happens, is it changes from a gloss finish to matt, and no need for endless carwash experiences. I love my Micra Sport.


The Nissan Micra has come of age: it’s a small car we’d heartily recommend and should provide stylish, no-nonsense fun for those wanting a city runabout or versatile small car.

Do compare finance costs however, as Nissan’s PCP finance scheme can make the Micra expensive in monthly payment terms compared with rivals, such as the Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza.

Alice Springs

This is a great little run about. So good on fuel.I fill up 1 time every 2weeks at the cost of $60-$70

I do heaps of driving to and from work, kids schools rugby training to only mention some.

Could be a little more roomy but all in all comfy enough.Nice boot size to hold all the goodies too.


Very economical, reliable and easy to maintain. It works well for a single mom with one child. I have never had an issue with the car at all and I live in rural Australia.

I have ensured that the services are carried out each time and this has meant that the car has never had any issues.

Positive reviews


Best in-car experience. Best features from Nissan. Interiors in the best grade and boot space are lovely.

Satya Prakash

The car is best in everything... service is costlier but all the car gives you a premium touch with premium features. the pickup is good and handling is also better in comparison with other hatchback.. safety measures are quite well giving you a safer environment for a drive ..... selection of Micra is a good choice for those who want premium features and dashing on-road drive...

RL Agito

nice looking car. steering wheel and shift knob are fine. car like this shouldnt have leather unless its fake leather and holds up over time. not a fan of biodegradable materials within cars, really.


This is the sort of car I'd not get rid of until it was dropping to bits. Its reliable, starts in all weathers, is comfortable and although small is not cramped (however I am small myself). It has a decent size boot and being an older model many of the odd jobs on the engine I can still do myself without a PhD in Electronics! I'm dreading the day it starts rusting, yes, at 16 years old there's not one spot of rust on it yet and is apparently like a tank underneath still. I will most likely buy a new one which I've been saving for for years when this goes in the hope it lasts as long. Its a basic model, no SatNav or anything but I prefer a map anyway and I can't praise it enough. A reliable little runner and great on petrol both round the doors and longer journeys. Only thing it isn't good at is handling snowy weather. Better than a Renault Clio, but not as good as a Vauxhall Chevette!


I love my little Micra. It has never broken down in the nine years I have had it. It has what's known as an intelligent key, meaning you only need to have to key fob in your pocket to unlock the car and operate the starter switch. The driver's seat height and steering wheel position are adjustable. The 1500cc diesel engine supplies adequate power and it buzzes along easily, with great acceleration when required. £30 road tax and superb mileage rates. The rear seats fold down easily, but not flat which is the only bugbear in my mind. The rear seats can also be slid forward to give more boot space - great, plus lots of leg room at the back, even with seats moved forward. Alas Nissan no longer produce this model, so when I replace it it's going have to be something else - unfortunately

Kharabela Mallick

I purchased Nissan Micra XV CVT on 06.11.2018 from ANANTA NISSAN Bhubaneswar.Very smooth and easy to drive for new person.Excilent comfort and noise free ride.Very good interior and high quality materials.Excilent look and safe to drive.Rear camera is easy to back.CVT Tecnology is excilent and smooth.


It’s a excellent car my car perches on 28 jun 2017 on Sg highway petal Nissan.service is very good. looks and performance are very good. interior excellent. cvt gear technology is very smooth. I love my car nisaan micra.engine is 1198 cc and no noise and very smooth engine and engine power very high thank you for Nissan.


Good Points+

Very Good quality.

Bad Points−

Angina is very weak.


Good Points+

It's the first new car I've ever had, so, there's not going to be anything wrong with it.


I have owned a Nissan Micra since 2008 and have been nothing but impressed, I have never broken down or had a flat battery is the 10 years I have owned it. The cars turning circle is so great, it can literally turn around on itself. For the price of this car I am blown away