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Jamaica's "capital of casual," Negril can be an intimate -- or illicit -- haven. Locals and tourists interact more here than elsewhere, and with quaint boutique hotels on the West End Cliffs, nightly live reggae on Seven Mile Beach, and a plethora of delicious -- and super-cheap -- beachside lobster shacks, Negril is the ideal place for travelers looking to get outside the resorts and experience real Jamaican culture.

Though technically illegal, marijuana is readily available and a draw for many visitors. "Brownie" stands are known to sell pot-infused baked goods (pun intended). But the drugs are easily avoidable at family-friendly resorts like Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Beaches Negril, and Beaches Sandy Bay.


Very little compares to a long, lazy day, soaking up the sun on our Negril beaches, except for putting on your evening wear and feeling the real beat of Jamaica at our top nighttime spots. Come sway with the One Love Jamaican vibe.


The moment you walk into Beaches Negril, you officially enter a carefree zone. Negril is the place where "laid back" was invented, and that vibe is totally contagious. Before long, you'll be footloose and cheerful in a paradise where everything is included. When you're located on the widest stretch of Negril's famous 7-mile Beach, the best place to be is at the water's edge. That's why we've even put a waterpark there. Everything you can possibly imagine is beachside at Beaches Negril — from lively pools to restaurants and bars. Seek adventure, relax, or do both. It's all about spending time with those you love... any way you want.


Negril's a super-chilled town on the westernmost tip of Jamaica where Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones came to get away from it all. Along its world-famous Seven Mile Beach there’s a row of luxury hotels lined up to the north, and smaller, family-run hotels clustered to the south. And if you keep following the coastline around to West End, you’ll find the original hippie vibe still very much alive.


Negril Beach, or Seven Mile Beach as the locals call it, consistently makes the world’s top beaches list. It’s a ribbon of shimmering white sand and crystal-clear sea, backed by palm trees and clapboard shacks where the Red Stripe flows all day. For those that like a bit of action, there’s a portfolio of watersports up for grabs, plus glass-bottom boats that will whisk you away to the coral reef just off shore.


Stuck out on the island’s western tip and graced with its finest and longest natural beach, Negril was first colonized by hippies in the early 1970s. Unsurprisingly, 40 years of development has left its mark – not all of it good: Negril is renowned for its hustlers. But it’s not all hassle. A strong local business community, fueled by a desire to safeguard Negril’s precious ecology, has kept the area from becoming a full-on circus. Consequently Negril remains a laid-back place of impromptu reggae concerts and psychedelic sunsets.


Take a trip into deep west end negril. There is a restaurant called just natural that serves excellent vegetarian food. The bonus is their back garden is a doctor bird sanctuary! There will literally be upwards of ten birds fling around your head eating from all their feeders. You won’t regret the trip in and the woman who runs the place is a treasure. Also, just buy a pipe from someone when you arrive and give it away before you leave. The hassle of transporting even a clean pipe isn’t worth the ten bucks you’ll save. Get your Jamaican cash at the airport or a bank before you head into town. Have fun!


Rick’s Cafe! Loved that tour from our Sandals resort in Montego Bay!! I did the jump several times! They actually asked me not to slap my feet when hitting the water lol The wife and did Dunn’s River Falls as well. Great time in Jamaica for our honeymoon 16 years ago. We need to stop cruising and go back! Everyone at the resort were genuinely sweet people! We met a lot of new friends! That guy with a glass eye that you saw paddling in the kayak is called “Cheap Charley”. He’s a great guy. I traded him some chicken kebabs and two shots of whiskey for a conch shell and a necklace for my wife. He’s got a great smile even though he only has about three teeth. Lol On the very last day of the honeymoon I finally got in the sailboat and learned how to sail. It was so much fun that I contemplated what the repercussions of missing our flight home would be. We always recommend Jamaica to folks when talking about travel. A return trip is definitely in the works, the only question would be whether or not we would return to Montego Bay or stay at the Sandals Negril.


Negril is a place of such simple, yet surreal beauty. Hotels and restaurants are built into the area’s rocky cliffs and the brightly painted vending stalls and shacks only add to the town’s charisma and laid-back charm. Even if you can’t cross all the activities off our list, you’ll enjoy every minute of exploring this tiny paradise.


It seems counter-intuitive, when writing about the resort with one of Jamaica’s best beaches, not to recommend actually staying on the beach. Surely that’s what the Caribbean is for? And Negril, which lies at the far western tip of the island, has a superb beach – five miles of supreme sunset-facing sand that shelves gently into a calm, jade-coloured and reef-protected sea.


If you are staying at one of the expansive "all inclusives" at the northern end of Negril, you will find it very easy to stay within the pampered confines of your resort. Jamaican culture is friendly and interesting - you will be rewarded if you venture out to meet local residents.

If you are staying at one of Negril's other beachfront hotels, be aware that you will be facing a constant stream of sun bathers (during the day) and reggae parties (at night). For more secluted quarters consider staying at "West End," the inappropriately named area immediately south of Negril beach. The West End is famous for its excellent snorkeling and for its hotels which hug the cliff sides. The Negril beach is only a 5 minute taxi ride from here.


Negril is known as one of the most laid-back places in Jamaica, especially when compared to the larger north-coast towns of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio to the east.

Endless stretches of white sand beach and flower-fringed rocky coves hug the windswept coastal highway. About an hour's drive from the airport in Montego Bay, the former hippie enclave retains its same charm as when travellers discovered it 50 years ago.

Before the first road was built from Montego Bay to Negril in the early 1960s, the region was an isolated fishing village. Once the roadway was built, Negril opened to visitors, who were captivated by its sweeping 11-km-long beach and stunning black cliffs along its western edge.

In Negril, craft shacks and bars mix with upscale resorts, quirky inns and boutique hotels perched atop dramatic rocky outcrops. Unlike the more serene, family-centred activity areas near the beach, the places on the cliffs are a little older, more upscale and sophisticated.

The same relaxed hippie culture that existed five decades ago lures many carefree travellers back to Negril for return visits. The pace is relaxed and despite the passing decades, Negril's free-spirited vibe remains largely unchanged. Most locals are particularly respectful and interested in engaging with visitors who have children, even if just to braid hair or sell beaded jewelry.

Off the beach, tour operators offer many engaging adventures around the city. You can go on horseback rides, dune buggy adventure

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You'll get a far better experience if you stay away from Negril and the resorts. Jamaica is a wonderful country but to really experience that you need to go to the right places.


The laid-back beach town of Negril is one of our favorites in the world. Whether you’re a beach bum or an adventurer, there’s no shortage of great things to do in Negril Jamaica. Located on the far western tip of Jamaica, Negril has stretches of long white sand beaches and also rocky cliffs, both surrounded by clear calm waters. Negril was our first international trip together and we’ve been back a total of 5 times so far, and even got married there. We know what to do in Negril and we know you’ll love it as much as we do!


Of all the amazing places to visit in the Caribbean, very few have that perfect combination of ingredients to make an amazing trip like Negril, Jamaica. In addition to amazing beaches, you can find great food, friendly people and plenty of things to do to keep as busy as you want. No matter where you take a trip in the Caribbean you really can’t go too wrong, but here is why we think Negril is the best.


If going to Jamaica, Negril is by far the best place on the Island. Get off the plane grab the Juda bus into town. The drive is amazing, takes about an hour and a half to get there depending on who's driving, get ready the roads are not like at home. Jamaica is not dangerous, you have way more of a chance getting bit by a shark than getting hurt by a Jamaican. People get paid very little so you do have to watch for theft. I've been robbed twice at home in Canada never in Jamaica.