Nationwide Building Society reviews

Negative reviews


Very poor excuse of a bank,rudeness an dishonesty if your lucky..fraud and theft if your not,I am trying to close my account but they keep refusing to close it as they have applied charges for no comprehendable reason..suddenly just for owning my current account I was charged £13 p/h..your better off burrowing a hole an stuffing your money in it

Ogulcan basaran

Banked with nationwide for 3 years and since for a year and a half they have done stupid silly updates which literally change noting on the online or web page, and after today they planned maintenance and they had messed up and went over 6 hours of the planned time which I could not even USE MY CARD IN THE STORE ON A SUNDAY I literally pay 13 quid a month for my card for me to embarrassed and joked about with my own money I am taking my money else where what a joke

Jamie Lewis

Poor no on line banking all day so can't check my account I know I've got money as my wages went in on Friday got a grand in my account can't draw money out of my own account can't check to see if bills have been paid nationwide is a pissing joke I thinking of changing building society had a nuff of this joke of a bank nationwide


DONT BECOME THEIR CLIENT. dont work for them!!!! Since 18th of April 2018 up to know they "cannot find" 1000 euro as they are stuck in HSBC”


Do not use Nationwide - their adverts are great .... the reality falls a long way short


I have accounts with all the major banks including the Nationwide. The service I have experienced from Nationwide is utterly appalling. They treat their members/customers with contempt, the staff are lazy and incompetent. Don’t be fooled by the mutual benefits hype and don’t expect any support from their complaints department. There is clearly a good reason why this building society offers so many customer inducements. These nowhere near compensate for the total lack of customer service, I will be moving my accounts to a proper bank that is accountable to its shareholders,

Positive reviews

Chloe Stoddard

Nationwide got quickly back to me regarding a error that was 6 hours to no access to money

They did inform us about a maintenance but it took a lot longer that it should

I put a complaint in for a few days later someone to call me and apology for what has happened also got compensation off £50.

I’ve had no problems with nationwide

Expect when it took a longer than expected but I got credited £50 and a apology

Which I was happy to accept


I have had my flex account since being a student and I have had no problems at all. Nationwide have always been great in branch and there is no up-selling as there is in some banks. Staff always friendly and efficient. I also benefit from their free travel insurance!


I have had a flex account with the Nationwide for many years now and wouldn't want to change to any other provider. They were great when I had my account hacked and money taken, refunding within 24 hours, and I get free travel insurance for holidays within Europe to boot. Great current account to have