Nafpaktos traveller reviews

Neutral reviews


My wife and I were here on a Globus tour. This was not a scheduled stop, but the local tour guide and bus driver decided it was worth a stop, even if it was only for 15 minutes or so. Parking for a bus was ... not the greatest, so we had to hurry, run out, take our photos and hurry back. As it was, the bus driver almost got a ticket for a gung-ho cop, as he was blocking some traffic.

Jacolien Y

We visited Nafpaktos and the venetian harbor is a “must part” of this old part of the towns experience. It all ties in with the castle. We spent time around the old harbor and once we went up to the castle all made sense when you read the castle information and the different periods the things developed here.

Surrounding the harbor are lovely places to eat and or drink and enjoy the amazing views.


Nafpaktos is a small but relaxing city. Close to Athens and easy to get there by car or bus, I well recommend you to go to Nafpaktos for a weekend at least. There is a big square at the center of the city with a classy greek plane tree in the middle and lots of cafes to have a sit and relax. The port is really beautiful, since Nafpaktos is a place that combines mainland and sea at the same time. Part of the city and a mustgo is the castle of Nafpaktos. The castle is at the top of the mountain, above the city and has great view from there! You will need some time to walk through it, the castle is quite big, but I loved the experience. The beach in front of the square is pebbled and clean, but the water is very cold. Generally the water in the bay between Peloponnese and Sterea is always cold. In the area around Nafpaktos, you have nothing to see except for old monasteries. 


Nafpaktos is great for a fairly quiet but very Greek experience. The views across to the Peloponnese are really good, and there is a really large castle. The top of the castle gives views to all over the town and Patras, the opposite big town. The beaches are fine but not particularly scenic. The food was excellent and really cheap as compared to more developed resorts. We had a number of really nice meals and everywhere was very friendly. The square with the plane tree is actually the most picturesque spot on Nafpaktos and you see the lovely port. Make sure that the branches of the plane tree don't cut your view. Reduce the traffic in the centre, too many cars for so narrow streets. Despite the recently built bypass, there is still really heavy traffic through town. 


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Although it is not famous to foreign tourists, Nafpaktos is among the most picturesque places in mainland Greece. With an intense Medieval character, Nafpaktos Greece charms visitors with the small Venetian port, the relaxing beaches and the green surroundings. The port is the most picturesque spot of the town. A long clean beach starts from the port and extends for long. On the hill above the town, there is a strong Venetian Castle with great view to the sea and the opposite coasts of Peloponnese. At the port, you will see a statue of Cervantes who lost his arm in a naval fight off Nafpkatos in the Medieval times. Its location is convenient for road trips to Delphi, Olympia, Mesolongi and the many seaside villages of the region. 

Positive reviews


I wish we could have stayed longer, but our bus stopped here for a quick photo stop en route to Delphi. The harbor is very picturesque and there are shops and restaurants in the area. I would have enjoyed a nice drink while overlooking the harbor, but I am glad we had the opportunity to soak in some of the beauty here before hopping back on the bus. It is worth a visit even if you cannot stay for very long. The Battle of Lepanto took place in the gulf of Nafpaktos.There was a nice view of the Rio-Antirrio bridge from here as well.


Although it was blowing an absolute gail we still managed a visit to the port area. Such a lovely place and very interesting battlements. There is an explanation in english setting out the history of the port.


Beautiful, picturesque and a place to take a coffee

Nafpaktos is the Greek name, which becomes Naupaktos abroad. I prefer the old and famous name of Lepanto. There was battle here against the Turks in the time of Charles V. Cervantes lost the movements of his left hand in battle. Fame would come later. There is his statue. Up the Venesian fortress from here. Beautiful place . Ideal to see and stop for coffee


West of the small town of Galaxidi, and only 9km after the bridge crossing (Rio–Andiro) from Patras that joins the Peloponnese with Sterea Ellada, is the delightful, bustling town of Nafpaktos. It spreads out from a handsome circular-walled harbour dotted with plane trees, trendy cafes and a good swimming beach (Psani). Above it looms a Venetian kastro (castle). Nafpaktos is a pleasant en-route stop to Delphi or Lamia, if coming from the Peloponnese. A market takes place every Saturday.


We live in Athens and Nafpaktos seemed a nice weekend destination for us. In fact, it was so nice that I was surprised we hadn't thought of that lovely town earlier. The port was of course the most picturesque corner. There were cafeterias all over the square and you could drink a coffee under a huge plane tree and look at the port. What a relaxing moment!! Another good place to relax is the cafeteria close to Castle of Nafpaktos with beautiful views to the whole bay and Patras, on the opposite coast. If you like monasteries, there are many around the town. Panagia Vamvakona is the oldest, I think, dating from the 10th century. I stayed only 2 days there but I loved Nafpaktos. We will certainly go back as soon as possible.


I did a lot of research on the Internet on where to spend my 2-week holidays in Greece, which is a lot of work if you want to see as much of the country as possible. So, I am happy I chose Nafpaktos too, among other places. I just wish I had stayed longer than a day. It is just beautiful having mountains and the ocean in one place and the water was so clear. My dining experiences there were also quite good. People had told me that they did not eat well when they went to Greece. I guess we made the right choices. Just one complaint: clean the town up and put garbage cans all over the place. This is a complaint for all Greece actually. 


Amongst the most beautiful and picturesque harbours of the country; it will be love at first sight. It’s a meeting point for the locals and this is where you will enjoy a coffee in the shade of the plane trees with a view of the sea surrounded by the Venetian walls of the Castle.