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Neutral reviews


I only can give my opinion about two places in Spain but is by first hand.

First Aragón, most specifically Zaragoza.

The cost of life is low comparing other communities in Spain.

the life in Zaragoza is quiet, and in some neighborhoods is like live in a village.

We haven't got sea, and near Zaragoza the landscape isn't beautiful, not rain, too arid. In the Pyrenees things change, and you can see very beautiful green landscapes.

In Zaragoza temperatures in winter are cold and very windy, the wind is called "cierzo" and is ****ing cold, in summer you can roast yourself with the sun.

Second, Cantabria, Santander

Cantabria is more expensive than Aragón but not big difference.

Life is good and safer tha Zaragoza, you can go quietly late at night for some remote areas

and is quite safe.

The landscapes are very green, and temperatures are good, not cold in winter and not hot in summer.

But is raining ALL THE DAY!!!!

Positive reviews

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I have just moved to Zaragoza and would love to meet some folks in the area. I’m always open for a drink/coffee and conversation. Absolutely loving the city and am thrilled to have made the decision to live in Zaragoza.

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Hey guys!

I moved to zaragoza 4 yrs ago so u can say I have some knowledge n experience of the marvelous city, if anyone needs help I'm here for u, hope u enjoy ur residency here 🌹

We can chat here or on FB msngr