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Big differences between the seasons, with harsh winters and hot summers, are one of the characteristics of St. Petersburg’s weather can make for a challenging stay; not only due to the climate, but also because find accommodation can be difficult. Get prepared for moving to St. Petersburg with our guide.

Beth B

My husband and I moved to Florida a year ago, renting a house in Brandon until we could find where we wanted to live. St. Petersburg won hands down. We found a house, snagged it and are in for the long haul. St. Petersburg has the lion's share of great and largely inexpensive activities - lots of downtown shopping, the Pier, Baywalk, a crafts fair on Saturday mornings in front of Progress Energy from time to time. There is no traffic in comparison to major metropolitan centers (we are from Dallas originally). Altogether the city has a young "can do" feeling about it and an active community bringing new ideas and events into the city.


Sprawling out into the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s West Coast is St. Petersburg, connected by land only north to Clearwater and surrounded by water everywhere else. It makes for an impressive arrival as you take in the view from the highest span of the spectacular Sunshine Skyway, named one of the World’s Top 10 Bridges by The Travel Channel or drive on bridges from Tampa that seem to barely skim the waves.

Bullard Realty

St Petersburg is a great American city. There are some great neighborhoods and attractions in St Petersburg and the neighborhoods that comprise this great town that we call home.

There are so many things to discover: the beaches, great dining, shopping and Executive Office suites all of the arts and cultural events that you could want.There are fantastic events in the park and wonderful festivals and concerts on the waterfront in downtown.

I hope you like my informative idea to living in St Petersburg.


My god you'll love it here. 23 years old and access to Downtown St Pete. I'm 30 now, but moved here when I was 25. Have been all over the world and would never look back. Sure we have our issues, but St Pete is a special place. I think you'll want to live as close to downtown as possible. VERY walkable with cafes, breweries, coffee shops, art galleries, improv theaters, etc.

I found it tough to meet people in general, no matter where I was, as an adult. You aren't going to live with tons of people your age, go to classes with 100's of people your age, etc. Join club sports, go to meetup groups, take an improv class, perform at open mics, go to local concerts, etc. Just get out there and you'll find your people. It may take a few months, but you'll be fine!

William Eudy

My mother-in-law and my sister in law visited St. Petersburg in the summer before last. They loved it! All four of my wife’s grandparents immigrated to the US from Russia. We are praying for peace every day and hope that Russia remains patient with our difficult politics until we are able to sort things out. Good luck with your move.


Downtown St. Pete is by far the most fun in all of Tampa Bay. Typically, St Pete is more laid back and hipster, Tampa wears high heels to Taco Tuesday. Im not a fan of Tampa and only drive over there when going to the airport.


If you want good quality of life, live in St. Pete. If you want a good job with good career prospects, live in Tampa. Tampa is a lot busier and has a lot more traffic, and it's a bit more in your face, whereas St. Pete is much more quiet, chill, live and let live kinda vibe. Tampa is also extremely diverse (racially, cuisine, income levels, etc) whereas St. Pete is pretty much just white midwesterners and northern transplants, so there's more homogeneity in the food and type of activities you find.


St. Pete can be a bit expensive to live in. That's why someone recommended Largo, which is about 30 minutes away from St. Pete. If you are set on St. Pete, just stay away from downtown and the beach area. Those will be the most unaffordable.

Public transportation isn't the best in Pinellas county, but it's here. We've got a bus system and uber. It is a bit difficult to get around if you don't have access to a car. Unless you live downtown, there aren't many walkable places. Don't even get me started on how unsafe it is to bike around here.

We live in a retirement state, so there are duties and clinics on every corner it seems. I can't testify to the quality of the doctors you would need, but you definitely will have many options.

Each city has one public library, so you should have a library wherever you move. I really like Largo' s library.

I love the weather (I don't even mind the crazy summer weather, although I know it's brutal for most. ) I love that wherever you are in St. Pete you are always close to the beach and there is always something to do. The music and art scene is finally taking off. I dislike the extreme humidity, loads of mosquitoes, how it is almost necessary to have a car to get around, and how crowded it can feel in winter, due to the influx of snowbirds. The list could go on and on for pros and cons, but those are some of the major ones.

Hopefully, that was helpful! Good luck on your decision. Just keep in mind that although we do have extremely mild winters, we get extreme summers (heat, soup-like humidity, thunderstorms, sometimes hurricanes).


I've never actually been to St Pete or Tampa, I just started following this sub when a friend of mine moved there. I can tell you that I've had 3 different friends all move there within the past few years, all from either Pennsylvania or New York (not NYC). They all absolutely love it.

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The city looks beautiful!


I have lived in Moscow for 3 years, and I have been to St. Petersburg many times. Petersburg. A beautiful and wonderful city of Russia.

Ken Coley

My fiancée has an apartment there. It is a very nice city to visit 2-3 months out of the year (june-august). September to November starts to get cold and cloudy, December through February is brutally cold and snowy, march through may, it still is trying to warm back up.

The city center is very historic with narrow streets. Try to avoid driving if possible. Subway system is better than most eastern European cities. Outside the center is mainly residential (no hotels). Northern end is many new apartments and east side is mainly industrial.


All the best in St. Petersburg