Moving tо Sacramento discussion

Negative reviews

Geno Lopes, lives in Sacramento,

Don’t do it!

If you don’t mind a city that:

* is over crowded

* has MAJOR traffic congestion

* has a poor public transportation system

* has a very serious homeless population that is continuosly growing.

*has VERY bad air quality (heavily cross-pollonated and WILL cause allergies… oh yes, you’ll develop them if you live here in the valley)

* and also has over priced housing (One contributior to this problem is the high cost of living in the Bay Area, which in turn causes those employed there to seek home sites in surrounding areas… including Sacramento).

… then Sacramento is the city for you, however in 5 years time you may regret it.

Best of luck!


Avoid SACRAMENTO. This place sux, no kidding. It's no hot and dusty here and the traffic sux so bad--I am moving back to Jersey.

New slogan for Sacramento: "Sacramento-A nice place to work and get depressed."

Wait'll you see how much the housing prices are, to live in a place that infested with armed latino thigs.

Run, don't walk away--this place sux so bad. The only people that would live here just don't know any better, or they lived in LA and this place 'is not as bad as LA.

Neutral reviews

Jeremy Flash Adams

I've lived here for a little over five years. I moved here right when I graduated college in 2012 and started working. At first, I didn't like it too much, but that's also because I've lived in Northern California for most of my life. It has since then grown on me tremendously and I have enjoyed watching this city evolve.


1) Downtown/Midtown are great areas. Lots of different restaurants within walking distance with pretty good night life. Not a bad place to be if you're single.

2) Weather is pretty good. Not too cold in the winter, but the summer can get a little toasty (over 100 degrees).

3) Close proximity to everything. You get the benefit of living in a not so big city without feeling like you're living in a clown car. Close to the mountains, close to the ocean, and close to bigger cities for easy weekend trips.

4) Getting to and from the airport is super easy. I've checked in and been on the plane in less than an hour. Takes the stress out of traveling.


1) Rent has slowly been increasing and housing prices are out of the question at this point. It still is manageable, but pretty ridiculous considering the average income level for this area.

2) There are a lot of state workers. That's all I have to say about that.

3) It's slowly turning into San Francisco. I don't think it will ever reach that point completely, but as the city gets flooded, people migrate outwards and eventually land here.

4) They used to call it the "City of Trees." I call it the "City of Allergies." Shit is real up here during the summer, especially when you walk outside and see your car with a fresh new coat of pollen. Make sure to pack your Claritin.

Jenny Smith

First, be ready for traffic. Unless you are moving here from LA or SF, you are in for some pretty frustrating drive times. Second, we are now experiencing a housing shortage. Result: rents and home prices are sky-rocketing as more people relocate here from the bay area. Thirdly, weather is unpredictable. As the past 20 years here prove you can go from droughts and wildfires to flooding and record rainfall in a short period of time. The climate is temperate for the most part, but summers are long, hot, and dry.

Now the good parts! Bring your appetite for organic and locally sourced foods. We are the farm to fork capitol of the US. So many great restaurants, chefs, and farmers provide us with excellent quality meals year round.

Although we're not a 24/7 city, there's a ton of nightlife in downtown, regular big-name concerts and we have a brand new state of the art arena to enjoy. There are great private and public schools and parks everywhere. Two rivers offer great opportunity to cool off without trekking to the bay area as well.

There's good and bad like any city with a million people though. We'd be glad to have you.

La Viola

I would say network to meet people. Sacramento is the state capital so it is an odd mixture between big city excitement and small town calmness. If you network with the right people you can find some very fun events, there is always something going on out here. But it is not as electric as a place like Los Angeles or San Francisco… You have to put in a little bit of footwork if you are looking to engage in social activities. In terms of living, West Sacramento is the best rate for rentals that are actually nice. Don't move anywhere on Mack Road or on any of the avenues like 14th Ave. Just be aware of your surroundings, Greenhaven is very nice yet very expensive-- as is elk Grove and Roseville. Again, find someone that already lives out here Who can show you around a bit and I'm sure you'll be just fine. Also, Midtown and downtown have some great food spots, just give it a Google and you will not be disappointed.

Christina Mankin

I’ve lived in Sacramento for 14 years now (mostly in the Curtis Park area), previously living in San Jose and then Chico for college.

I suggest checking out various neighborhoods prior to commiting to a long term lease or buying. Walk around the area during the day, and drive by at night to get a good sense of the area prior to making a commitment. There are some great neighborhoods in Sacramento; a few examples are Curtis Park (I’m biased, I admit), midtown, Land Park, Boulevard Park, East Sacramento, Tahoe Park. Many of the spots I included have restaurants, bars, craft breweries, and parks within walking distance. Sacramento patios are very dog friendly so if you have a dog, this is a huge plus.


You may be aware that Sacramento is called America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. But you may not realize the gravity of this fact until you discover the sheer abundance of farm-to-table eateries in and around the city. The region boasts the ideal conditions for a robust agricultural industry — a year-round growing season, an ideal climate, and a mouth-watering bounty of crops within reach of the city. Sacramento is situated amongst 1.5 million acres of farms and ranches growing more than 160 crops sold to both local and global markets. Essentially, you can enjoy a meal featuring ingredients sourced down the road just hours before they appear on your plate!


Sacramento has become the unsuspecting refuge for weary Bay Area residents sick of expensive housing.

In Sacramento, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $1,400 a month, compared to $2,445 in San Francisco, according to a new report by HotPads, an apartment search site owned by Zillow.

If you can avert your eyes from San Francisco's astronomical rent for a moment, you'll notice something surprising in the report — and startling to those considering a break with the Bay Area. Over the past year, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Sacramento has increased by 8.7 percent. The price of a two-bedroom has grown by 8.2 percent.


Don't count out west sacramento, either. There is quite a nice re-birth going on in that community. There are some good values there and you are right across the river from downtown and mid-town areas.


I've lived in Sacramento forever (okay, 35 years, my entire life!), and midtown sounds perfect for you. Definitely stay away from Del Paso Heights and Oak Park. In the suburbs, try to avoid the southern part of North Highlands and Rancho Cordova. Parts of it are fine, but unless you are familiar with the area, it's hard to know.


I grew up in Sacramento and plan on returning as soon as I am out of the military. Avoid Oak Park, Florin area and Meadowview. You probably want to be near downtown, so midtown wouldn't be too bad. I don't know too much about rents, but W. Sac, just on the other side of the bridge, might not be too bad. But there are definitely parts of W Sac to avoid.


Sacramento overall is a great town, and it's trending even better recently. That being said, the absurdly hot weather is definitely my least favorite part about the area. It's nice in the winter, but spring/summer/fall are all much too hot (for me). For reference, I find the Seattle climate to be ideal. If I could trade with you, I absolutely would.


Native Sacramentin here. Loved I phoenix for a while. Sacramento is hot af. Phoenix is the sun. It’s illegal to walk you dog in the summer without leather shoes- in Phoenix. Sac is fine. It’s not that bad. Dogs are happy. Some days are hot but most are amazing.

I’ve also travelled extensively and realized sac is the best.


 Schools are excellent. My daughter bought her second home there and is really happy about her newish neighborhood. She has two kids in public elementary school. The district has good relationships with their teachers.

Positive reviews

Randy Harris

It's a beautiful city with more trees than any other part of California. It is not a typical California city in that most people are down to earth and very friendly.Fall is beautiful so Is spring. Winters are mild mid 50s and it rains quite a bit. Then there's summer I can consider this to be the main disadvantage to living in Sac town. It gets hot very hot. This year we have had 9 days in a row of triple digit heat. Some people are okay with long hot summers but not me. Home prices are starting to rise to the hard to afford area but still lower than San Francisco or LA. It's called the “2 hour city” because you are 2 hours to Lake Tahoe or San Francisco or the beach. Drive to the beach to beat the heat temperatures are usually 40 degrees cooler on a 100 degree day. Finally the restaurant s are great. Any kind of food you want you can usually find it.Its the Capitol but who cares Sacramento is a fine place overall. I've been here close to 40 years. Crime is probably below average for a city this size. Home to to Sacramento Kings beautiful brand new Sports Arena. Paul McCartney was the opening act so decent entertainment. Come on down!!


Whether you live in surrounding communities or right in the heart of downtown, there’s no denying that the Sacramento region is an exceptional place to call home. The city boasts an ideal location, an array of restaurants, shops, bars and other local businesses, a well-connected community, relatively low housing prices, and other charming features.


Sacramento is positioned in one of the best places in the state for weekend travel. In under two hours, you can be in Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, or San Francisco. That means you can hit the slopes in the morning and enjoy a dinner in the City by the Bay or sip on a glass of vino in wine country during the evening.


Sacramento is awesome! There is always a ton of things to do here, and for the most part the people are amazing. Midtown has a ton of different restaurants and bars to chose from. A pretty big art scene if you are into that. Summer is the best time to be here from 2nd saturdays, the state fair, and a ton of different concerts. Yes it gets hot here, that is true but every where I've lived here has great air conditioning. For sure talk to someone about areas to live in before moving because like EVERY city there is bad and good areas, but I highly recommend living here. I didn't grow up here, been have lived here about 8 years and it totally feels like home.