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So you are coming to my town? Beautiful place, great geographical position, but shitty, depressed people.

  1. All Supermarkets accept cards. Probably around half of restaurants do. I don't know much about public transport, but I think they don't.

  2. Bus. No discount for international or EU students.

  3. You can communicate for your basic needs, but don't expect to find many fluent english speakers.

  4. I have loads of recommendations and insider tips since I lived here for 30 years. Send me a PM with more details about your situation and I will reply.

  5. This depends on what are you after. There are not many significant landmarks near Patras, but loads of places worth visiting in my opinion.

  6. Wind Free2Go. If you buy 10 euros of credit online you get 1GB free, and can use the money in order to buy other packages. You can buy 200mins of talk time with all Greek numbers for 5 euros, or one more GB for 5 euros. They have other packages too.


I suggest bringing as much cash as you can with you. I've probably spent ~5 hours in Patra total so I'm not an authority on the matter, but from my experience bars, kiosks and taverns usually don't take credit/debit cards.


Griechenlands größte Hafenstadt im Fährverkehr mit Italien ist kein Ort, um dort länger zu verweilen. Der Verkehr ist laut und chaotisch, Bademöglichkeiten im Stadtgebiet sind nicht vorhanden. Für ein paar Stunden vor der Ein- oder nach der Ausschiffung aber ist die Stadt okay. Unbeindgt lohnenswert ist ein Besuch des 2009 neu eröffeenten Archäologischen Museums und der Andreas-Kathedrale. Schön sitzen kann man am kleinen Leuchtturm westlich des Fährhafens (kostenlose Parkplätze), an dem die riesigen Fähren ganz dicht vorbeifahren.

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Hi there, I study there for the past five years and I can pretty much answer your questions:

  1. Money is not really an issue , you can pull your money before you even come to Greece (to prevent the fee from ATMs). Life in Patras is actually really cheap compared to other Greek cities, there are plenty of placed to eat for less than 5€ per meal (trust me it's more than enough quantity to last for hours). Nightlife is really low cost , there are many places to drink extremely cheap (2.5€ per beer, 5€ per special drink) and transportation is the only "expensive" (1,5€ per Bus trip , although you can get a Card for 1 month for the Train for 20€ with unlimited transportation throughout the city AND the places around the city even beaches for 1 month). If you are active and have a place to live (relative or something) there is no way you would spend more than 1000€ and that's in case you are a party hardy person, as student there I was able to live with less than 200€ for food/entertainment,transportation per month.

  2. Cheapest way to get to Patras is getting the Subway from the airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) and getting to the starting point of the train for Korinthos (I think that will cost you about 8€ till that point) and then get a train from Korinthos to Patras (for another 8€ if I'm not mistaken). Although you can get a Bus from Athens (from Kifisos) directly for Patras (It has one every 30 minutes!) for 18€! To answer your other question : There is only a monthly ticket for the train , not for the bus.

  3. Most people that work in Patras are students (Patras population is nearly 35% students from age 18-16) so nearly everyone speaks English and can guide you everywhere you want.

  4. Unfortunately I can't recall any place worth visiting except the Castle of Patras (which is like in the center of Patras literally). Going close to the center of the city you will encounter many fast foods to eat from, but in general the places that are recommended are: Mr.Burger (for Burgers and Spaghetti , extremely cheap) , Ksilofournos (best Pizza in town , cheap as well) , Fasoloi (cooked food , cheap and very tasty) those are for the most common good places to eat from, but remember STAY AWAY FROM "LE COQ" THE FOOD THERE CAN KILL YOU. There are beaches (and bitches) all over the Patras city , you can visit Rion (about 5 minutes outside Patras) were you can find 2 great beaches , also Castelokampos , Agios Basilios (Those 3 are easily accessible with the Train) and you can also visit Kalogria Beach but you need car to get there since its kinda away from Patras , but definitely a great beach. My advice is if you visit the city in summertime try to stay inside for the mid-day once the sun there can kill you , really , it can cause you headaches , dehydration and exhaustion once it is really really hot there during summer, try to move around after 6 PM and visit places near the center of the city (for nightlife).

  5. Rion City ( as I said about 5 miuntes away from Patras ) , decent nightlife but really great beaches.

  6. You can go for Cosmote What's Up , for 10 € you can get enough internet to last like forever, unfortunately you will have to use your ID and get a real Sim Card once prepaid phones here were forbidden nearly 10 years ago.


What Error_404 said about prices and ATM, the 400€ you can draw will be pretty enough. But anyway since all these changes the last year, you can use your credit card everywhere.

I think the student card you own you will be able to use with train, with the busses it would be even more unclear. The bus is more expensive to earn just 45mins. The train is not actually a train cause the half route is with Athens suburban railway and the rest again on bus. Don't expect train qualities..

Patra also has a suburban railway and as already told is cheaper with monthly student cards and much better than the busses which are truly miserable to use. If you suffer from depression, Patras busses will kill you :P Also horrible quality for high price. Only the Express line for the university is worthy.

For summer the close beaches are good and easy to access with train or busses but not like those you see on net for Greece :D If you have company who owns a car then you will have access to some noteworthy beaches. Patras as a student city has mostly places for winter. Unlike Error_404 the center of Patras during summer is like he'll, too much humidity and too hot. As you can imagine during summer is empty city, but last 2years people are staying in the center. Blame less hot summers and financial crisis.


Patras's problem has nothing to do with Pasok. It has more to do with gradual lack of competitiveness that plagued most industries in Greece. A large fertile agricultural area around Patras produces a huge amount of fruits and vegetables of unparallel quality and taste. But as prices rose, more and more of these products could not be exported to Italy and elsewhere harming the local economy. The vibrant local wine industry (ie Achaia Clauss) also got impacted as Greek wines were pressed by competition. The textile industry (ie Peraiki-Patraiki) also closed down harming the community.

It is not only bad news however: the Rio-Antirio Bridge helped the economy greatly as goods can now be moved across the Corinthian Gulf from Peloponnese to the Mainland without the long wait for the ferries something that improves freight costs and travel time. 

The tourism industry is extremely strong as this area is only of the most picturesque of Greece. Wonderful beaches and long stretches of orchards create an amazing background for holidays.

Patras University has contributed greatly to R&D in renewable energy, Automation systems, Computer technology and Biotechnology.

Patras has a great cultural life enriched by the very strong local university.


Patras is a port and attracts immigrants who want to get a ferry to Itally and migrate to Europe. Thus, the abundance of immigrants in the area that are also employed in the farms which raises a number of problems with the locals that think that the newcomers take jobs away from them by reducing wages.


City of students, with half of the population is student. Great nightlife (bars are open till early morning), nice beaches (both sandy and rocky), Good connectivity with Italy and island of Greece,Very friendly people, but now a days be careful in some areas in night to avoid unpleasant experience.


perhaps the third largest city in Greece. has many villages in the surrounding area can if you want to be visited. Excellent nightlife and many students who give color in the evenings.