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The university loves all things sport, which is mirrored in the sporting culture around the city. Newcastle United is the city’s major football club, and has a loyal following in the north east. There’s also two top level rugby clubs, the Newcastle Falcons and Gateshead Thunder.

Thanks to increased sporting investments, there’s also a number of places to take part in recreational activities, including cycling, golf, squash and tennis.


Taxi services are available wherever you are in Newcastle. You can order one over the phone, or you can generally find them in taxi ranks in popular areas like shopping centres and dining precincts.


If your budget is £1000 a month, you can move pretty much anywhere in Newcastle man! Maybe look around the Quayside?

It's a smaller city, like a 30 minute walk to see everything, there's a lot of places to eat or drink and you have access to pretty much any leisure activities you can think of, plus being near the train station, metro and airport means you can go pretty much anywhere


Newcastle is a smaller city but has some lovely suburbs. Most people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, it’s one of the few places you can have a chat to a stranger on the bus / metro.

I am going to guess you’re working in Cramlington or somewhere in that area, if so gosforth or the coastal area of tynemouth / Whitley Bay will serve you well for driving there.

What is it you’re looking for in the surrounding area? What are your hobbies etc.


I live in Low Fell and love it. I used to live in Heaton in Newcastle and have also lived in Gosforth. I also lived at the coast. Both nice areas but from a family point of view I love the fell. An easy journey to Newcastle centre for work, lovely parks, excellent schools and nurseries and a nice high street. Being just south of the river you get more property for your money.

The coast is beautiful but I found the journey to an from Newcastle a bind. Not everyone would but it irritated me.

Good luck.with your move.

Seven of Nine

I've lived in both.

Newcastle is so much easier and quicker to drive around, but the public transport isn't great. Housing is far more affordable. You could live in Hamilton or Newcastle for less than you would spend to buy a place in Newtown, or you could live in a new development near Maitland for sooo much less. Unlike Sydney Newcastle seems unused to newcomers so it can feel unwelcoming, but having family nearby might counteract this?? I know I would choose to live near family if I had the option.


If you don't have any family in Newcastle, be warned it is a big country town where everyone knows everyone, and since a lot of people have family here with established social groups, it can be hard to establish deeper friendships. If you have family in Newcastle, great idea.

Newcastle is a good place to live. But food-wise and culturally, it's got nothing on Sydney. If that kind of thing is a passion, re-consider moving to Newcastle. I know people who have lived in Newcastle for 5 years now and they still struggle to find a decent coffee (one of the things they miss about Sydney - the food!).

Salary/incomes are noticeably lower, but properties prices are generally lower as well. depending where you choose to live. Some places are exxy but there are still some pockets of affordability, more so than in Sydney.

ETA: agree public transport is sh*te in Newcastle. Majority of people have a car, or two.



Stockton has started to gentrify. The OP would be lucky to find a decent house on the beach side in her budget now. We considered it before we moved to New Lambton, there was a beautiful house (which ended up selling outside of our budget anyway), we liked that we could get to Newcastle by ferry, but the road in/out can be a killer!

I wouldn't live up in Nelson Bay, we spend a fair bit of time up there and love it but for me its too isolated, schooling options are not fantastic, it's quite hilly and with most places up this way the OP probably won't get a decent house within walking distance from the beach for the $$.

Carrington has changed a lot, there's some new cafes, restaurants and other businesses coming into the area. The prices are starting to rise there a lot and mostly the blocks are tiny and so are the houses.

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Areeeet! (Local greeting).

I've lived all over the UK and Newcastle is my favourite by a country mile.

For £1000pcm you can live basically anywhere, rent is cheap up north. £1000pcm in London would get you a slightly damp box of Rice Crispies to sit on, somewhere in Whitechapel.

Newcastle is very safe, particularly the city and northern suburbs. If you're a 30 minute drive and happy with that level of commute, I'd say Gosforth or Jesmond would be suitable. They're both very nice, and north of the city.

We have a huge amount of bars in particular but there's loads to do. The quayside is a great walk, the coast is a short metro ride away, a 12 minute train will get you to Durham, and an hour train will take you to York.

London is great to visit, but if you want a home then Newcastle will have your back.

Good luck!


So lucky! I loved living in Newcastle. Such a friendly city and so easy to get around. We lived in Gosforth and could be at the coast in half an hour via or in the city centre in 15 minutes via quick, clean, easy Metro.

Lots of kids activities. I was much shyer and quieter then but found it very easy to make friends and get involved in various groups.

JulesJules Fri

Newcastle is great, you won't regret it! A compact city centre, the river, lots to do, easy to get to the coast and a few miles drive and you're in Northumberland, gorgeous coastline, wildly romantic castles, lovely market towns etc


I've never lived in Sydney (and never would) but I live in Newcastle and everyone I know who has moved from Sydney to Newcastle says it's the best decision they ever made. Awesome place to raise a family, great lifestyle, beaches, restaurants, and the cost of housing is so much better. I could go on and on :)

Good luck with your decision.


I grew up in Newcastle but lived in the inner west of Sydney through most of my 20's, which I loved, however moving back to Newcastle was the best decision we made. My partner spent the first 38 years of her life in Sydney and loves living here also.

Newcastle definitely has a more relaxed lifestyle with access to great beaches, arts, live music and restaurants but with the bonus of not being too far from Sydney for regular visits.


I love Newcastle. If family were there I would so happily move back there - unfortunately family is in Sydney so unless we write them off, we are stuck in this rat race of a city.

That said, employment was always a concern for me in Newcastle - if you've got that bit covered, then it sounds like a great move.


Newcastle has some beautiful beaches - so living close to one would be my ideal to work - walk to the beach.