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By living in Murcia, you will also enjoy a mild climate with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. As a university hub, it also attracts many international students.


Hi,we have been all over the Murcia areas , and some areas don't get going until late May , shut in winter months .... We stayed where your on about and you sure needed a car , no corner shop .

We visited camposol ..... couldn't get out fast enough , even the local guy running a cafe said don't come here , it's ridden with flies , and as soon as your food came to the table they were swarms of them .

There is a few streets on sector D that are almost falling down , with paths and streets dropping into the ground .

We liked Algorfa the best , that's up from Murcia airport , about 15 min drive .the costa blanca areas we found much better .... but hey try before you buy . good luck , ps we are also in the east riding area


With the region of Murcia being so beautiful, healthy and such a wonderful place to relax and unwind, it’s undoubtedly the best location for any expat wanting to get away from it all and thoroughly enjoy life in their new, Spanish casa. Ahh, true bliss!


I'm not far from Murcia, bit further up the coast, couple of hours drive.

Although, I had an interesting tour around Murcia City Centre the last time I was there whilst trying to find my way to San Javier Airport.

Sitting in a traffic jam in Murcia City Centre an hour from my flight time wasn't the most relaxing time I've ever spent in Spain

Mercedes Hill

If you are looking for a British education in Murcia please consider Montessori British School.


Alhama de Murcia is a municipality of around 20,000 inhabitants. The area has a growing tourism sector and there is a small community of expats. There are some employment opportunities in the town, although these are mostly in the retail or hospitality sectors. Property is mainly traditional Spanish houses and those in need of renovation can be bought quite cheaply. There are some good schools in the area for those who are moving with children and the region has many shops which sell foreign goods, so you won’t miss too much from home.


Mazarrón is a completely different story from Murcia. The former is a small coastal location right at the beach, and Murcia is a proper Spanish city. Both are typical spanish places, offering a slow, cheap relaxed life with great food and good sunny weather.

Furthermore, consider that Mazarrón is far away from cities in the area. It is 45 minutes away by car from Murcia, and 30 minutes away from Cartagena or Aguilas. So you'll probably end up having most of your social life there. Public transportation is generally not good in the whole region, so if you plan to have some city life consider getting a car, or a bike to move around.

People are really nice there. Try to contact locals before going there, though typical social websites such as couchsurfing, meetup or conversation exchange. You'll have a great advantage to make social life by sharing your language, as most young people will be eager to practise it with you. I personally don't know the housing market in Mazarron, as only lived in Murcia, but locals from that town will surely help you out with that.


You can see all the tourist attractions in Murcia in half a day unless you want to go to the waterpark. It's a nice town but tue centre is not that big.


Im not from Murcia, but I live near (Albacete). 500 euros for a whole flat its fine, for only a beedrom you should accept 200 max (you should look for one of 170 euros because light + water = 30 euros).

In Spain (Except Ibiza/Bilbao/Madrid) everything is cheap. Markets (supermarkets) are open from 9:00 am till 21:00 pm. They open every day but Christmas and festivities like that.

Spain people is so funny and open minded, sadly only young people are able to talk in english (and they are so shy so...).

Spanish is easy to pronounce, 5 vowels (a e i o u) and everything is pronounced like its written. 500 euros a month its reasonable (you can spend even less, lol). Be care, Murcia's spanish is hard to understand (its terrible tbh LOL jk)

Murcia isnt a cold area so you will enjoy walking in streets and drinking something in pubs. If you need help about w/e, you can talk to me, I can talk english at a good lvl so dont worry :)


I will put a plug in for Murcia since I lived there for 2 years! I have only been to Salamanca as a tourist. What everyone says is correct, Salamanca is a party place and full of college kids. You will have a blast either way! But Murcia has GORGEOUS weather all year round, beaches close by, plenty of party if you are looking for it, and is super, super cheap. Also, I think because there are fewer students, you will have a more "authentic" abroad experience.

You really can't go wrong anywhere in Spain. It's such a wonderful country. Murcia IS made fun of but people always end up loving it :)


If you want to learn things, go to Murcia. If you want to party, go to Salamanca

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Murcia offers a taste of the real Spain, which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for both families and retirees. This region of contrasts has something to offer everyone, whatever they may be looking for in their new life in Spain.


I live in Murcia since 20 years ago. People use to make fun of the way murcianos speak, but the truth is that everybody who comes here, loves the city because: -people are really friendly -the city has a nice size (much larger than Salamanca) -it’s all flat and you can easily go by bike -it’s very safe -the weather is nice -many restaurants-bars with tasty food and very cheap If you want to study you can and if you want to party you definitely can. There are a lot of students here including many Erasmus.