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Manchester has been named as the most livable UK city on numerous occasions, so there’s little wonder it’s within the UK’s second most populous urban area. The city itself has changed tenfold over the last decade, with increased investment and business flocking to the area. As a result, it now has a very similar feel to London thanks to large companies seeing the benefits of moving further north.


Manchester's a big place, and so house prices and the types of property on offer will vary from place to place. In Chorlton there are some large properties with four of five bedrooms selling at prices around the £550k mark whilst in Moston and the surrounding area there are houses in need of complete renovation or plenty of TLC available for just £25k to £50k. Prices for apartments near Salford Quays and MediaCityUK start at around £85,000 whilst a nice one-bedroom apartment in the arty Northern Quarter could set you back at least £110k. Apartments in Sportcity overlooking the Etihad Campus start at around £70,000, though anyone looking to splash out might be able to purchase a luxury apartment for around £160,000 with a 24-hour concierge service.


Manchester is a big city... with lots of different people and culture, so sometimes you have tensions and problems but if you are carefull, don't worry too much, there are lots of cameras and policemen around the city and I am feeling safe and confortable here...

If you want a nice area, prefer the sud of manchester, I live in the north and work here, in a town called Rochdale, I like it but it's a very poor area...

You have some nice towns in the south, near manchester center, Old trafford, Chorlton, Althricham...

I hope you will like this city... It's amazing in fact!


Sorry for the late entry, just joined. I've lived in Manchester for several years now, in the town centre. All this nonsense about racial tensions and crime are ridicolous. Anyway, moving on.

Chorlton and west disbury are both quite nice with good transport connections to central Manchester. Manchester is big, but if you are such inclined, it is possible to ride your bike into town. But as others have stated, avoid north Manchester. It's quite deprived. I would also avoid TRafford and East Manchester (sports city in particular) with the football stadiums.

City Centre Manchester also offers a good range of decent apartments. It's a fairly laid back atmosphere in Manchester, and some Jazz in the Northern Quarter is always a great time.


1. There are plenty of neighbourhoods around south manchester that are nice enough to live, including Cheadle itself and the highly overrated Didsbury.

2. Apartments are rarely gated, but some will have a 24 hour concierge.

3. You can find either furnished or unfurnished, though furnished are considerably more available than in North America.

4. If you are working in Cheadle/Stockport area and do not want to have to live on the doorstep of work, a car isa must. Manchester public transport is pretty unreliable.


Welcome, hope you're liking it here!

If you like beer, 't hemelrijk is a nice belgian beer bar. and the bars on the Dusartplein are always packed with people.

I know there's a big street art festival in hasselt every year and perhaps you can check out Z33 at the begijnhof.


Started viewing for flats in Manchester, ideally within walking distance of Spinningfields whilst also having good traffic connections to get outside of the city (work is split 50:50 locationwise). Budget is max 180k.

Castlefield would seem ideal but is too expensive for my budget, seems most 2 beds are going for 200k+ with parking.

So I've been focusing my search mainly around Ordsall lane towards Exchange Quays. Some nice looking flats, but I wanted to check for thoughts on the area before I committed.


Moving to Manchester for Uni in a few days from the US, I have played rugby union all my life, anyone know of some good local union clubs near Manchester University?


Looking at moving to Manchester and wondering - is the tram more reliable than the trains? We're looking at a few areas where there's no tram (like Urmston) and wondering if it's just going to make the commute into the city centre a nightmare or if the trains compare pretty well to tram reliability.

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If you could give one piece of advice to people looking to live in Manchester what would it be?

Manchester is an incredible city, especially for young people. It can be rough and gritty at times but it has so much to offer. World-class museums, great music, an incredible Christmas market, enough restaurants and street food to satisfy any foodie and a buzzing hotpot of cultures. I guess my piece of advice is to move here?

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crime problems and racial clashes are the same as in every bigger european city. the media is exaggerating it! i live in central manchester and never had any problems! brilliant public transport links to other northern cities as well as to the rest of the uk.


I've just moved to Manchester too! It's so beautiful, I'm loving exploring the city ^_^ I'm worried I'm not going to meet anyone too, I get lost even in my home town so I need to meet some locals to show me around soon. :P

If you haven't found it yet check out The Thirsty Scholar, it's got some great street art around it, and a really friendly vibe :)