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Negative reviews


Born and raised in Los Angeles. Worked in downtown for most of my working years in the insurance industry. I can't believe you didn't show the home less tent cities. No mention of the terrible traffic, smog, taxes, crime, gangs, etc. Moved 11 years ago to Oregon.


I live further west from those areas. A lot of criminal activity. It's LA. Things get worse when the weather gets hot. Most likely thing to happen will be your car will be broken into. Make sure the place you are moving to has secure parking and the place itself has security measures in place.

Neutral reviews


Los Angeles can be whatever you want it to be, from a Zen retreat to a nightly drug-fueled party. Keep in mind the lines from the 1990 film, Pretty Woman:

“Welcome to Hollywood. What’s your dream? Everybody comes here. This is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t, but keep on dreamin’.”


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: If you can make it in Los Angeles, you can make it in New York. (It’s not the other way around).

With a population of about 4 million, LA isn’t a city for the mild-mannered. It’s a culturally diverse landscape of big personalities, hustlers, dreamers and people chasing after those people. And all of these storylines intersect and unfold on backlots, crowded freeways, in old apartment buildings and offices, shiny new condos and lofts, spacious mansions and quaint bungalows.


L.A. boasts some of the best nightlife in the States. Whether you love an intimate bar or a raging club, downtown L.A. is the place where you’ll find most of the action, especially if you fancy dancing the night away. Exchange L.A. and Club Nokia are two of the biggest and best urban clubs in the city but there’s an endless selection catering to all tastes. You’ll also find the epic L.A. Live, a vast entertainment complex housing everything from ballrooms to concert theatres. It has to be seen to be believed!

Sunset Strip is also a nightlife hotspot, with some globally recognised venues, such as the Viper Room and Château Marmont. Hollywood is home to some of Los Angeles’ glitziest nightlife, whether you’re posing poolside at the iconic W Hotel or showing off your moves alongside the acrobats at the opulent Playhouse dance club. For a more laid-back scene, head to Santa Monica for chilled out beach bars and fun at the pier.

Thinking about making the move to L.A.? First you’ll have to gain US citizenship. Read our guide to the US and becoming a US citizen.


It’s OK to be rejected– Your application has been denied for that apartment you really wanted or that interview you believe you just nailed, they never called you back. It’s OK! Don’t forget, you’re in one of the largest cities in the world! Competition can be tough at times, but keep going and you’ll find a nice apartment and job. Persistence is key in LA!


Business Casual– Going on an interview? Suit and tie need not apply. LA is a highly informal business place in comparison to other parts of the country. Million dollar business deals are completed in jeans, so keep it simple when interviewing–nothing too formal.

seany versace

I'll be brutally direct with all of you. In order to live with no worries in LA you need to make a minimum of 5000 dollars a month. Anything lower than that you will be struggling.

Mitzi Jane

I have such mixed feelings about LA. I love everything it has to offer but it's so grossly overpopulated and traffic is awful.


Most people moving to Los Angeles are amazed by the ethnic and cultural diversity of the city. Expats who want to make L.A. their new home can rest assured they will not be the only foreigners in town, and even among the native “Angelenos”, the ethnic and racial diversity is immense. The people from over 180 different countries living in Los Angeles speak 140 different languages. Even though no ethnic group forms a majority of California’s population, Hispanics are the largest single ethnic group (38.8%) with Spanish being the second most spoken language.

L.A.’s topography is no less diverse than its population. Some areas are flat, some are hilly, and there are seaside resort-style areas as well as highly urbanized and quasi-rural neighborhoods. From Downtown L.A. to the Santa Monica Mountains, there’s a place for everyone.


The city of Los Angeles (LA) is known for Hollywood, amazing weather and palm trees to name a few, but also known as the 'Creative Capital of the World’. Here in the City of Angels, roughly one-in-six residents work as an artist, dancer, writer, filmmaker, or actor.

This southern Californian trade, finance, technology culture and fashion hub has been ranked the third richest city and fifth most powerful and influential city in the world. It is also the second-most populous state in the US.


One of the world's most culturally diverse cities, Los Angeles (also known as the "City of Angels," or just LA), is home to people from 140 international countries speaking 96 different languages. The area is a renowned cultural center, with outstanding museums, theaters, dance companies and music venues.

LA is also the home of Hollywood - the center of the entertainment industry. Amusement parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Knott's Berry Farm lure you with their offerings. For sports fans, there are many teams, including baseball's LA Dodgers and California Angels, basketball's Lakers and Clippers and hockey's Kings and Mighty Ducks.


I'm also been looking to move to LA. I was up there a week or 2 ago looking at apartments in Hollywood. Mostly some complexes west of La Brea, which I really liked.


i don't really want to post it because Angelenos have intense city pride, but i just moved out of LA. i think its a great city but i honestly never want to live there again. in my opinion the bad far outweighed the good and now that i am out i am a lot happier. i understand that this has a lot to do with my own personality and whatnot, but if you are interested in some straightforward talk about what i didn't like PM me and i'd be willing to offer it up. FWIW i am also from the NE (not NY, but close), and have lived in a few different places in this country so i'm not coming from a place where i only know LA and the NE. i've been all over.


I just moved here 6 months ago.

It all depends on money. I personally live in Sherman Oaks, which is in The Valley. I work in TV Production and several of the shows I've worked at are based around here.

When I first came out here I was living just outside Beverly Hills. When I first moved there, the biggest issue was how expensive everything is. If you're from NYC and own a car, then you'll know how hard it can be to park. Once you find a place it can be expensive.

I'm happier in The Valley financially. I live in a good location, with one roommate and an apartment at a fair price of $1,400 a month for the two of us. It's cheaper here, not everywhere charges for parking, and the neighborhood isn't bad either.

Most people out here tend to avoid downtown LA. It's not the main part of the city. There are cool things to do there, and the prices of living in Korea Town are cheaper, but it's not the best area to live in for multiple reasons.

With all that said, I love living out here. I'm from Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL both of which were great cities, but LA is a great place to call home. There are tons of people of all sorts, always new places to go. It's a city with really unlimited possibilities. I've not been here yet in the winter, but I've heard that some times of year you can go skiing and to the beach in the same day if you want to.

If you'd like to talk more, feel free to personal message me. I just recently went through moving across the whole country from Orlando to LA and I know what things you might want to look into when you get here.


I grew up in one of those areas. There's a reason it's cheap. It's not as safe as other areas in the city, which is why those areas are more expensive. It's really up to you and what's important to you. Those are not the type of neighborhoods you want to frequent alone at night. But people from everywhere are moving into those neighborhoods because it's cheap compared to the rest of the city which is insanely expensive. So it's really up to you and your friends to decide if you want to be some of those people.

Positive reviews


L.A. is a rising star on the culinary world stage. In recent years, the Los Angeles food scene has become good enough to rival New York’s – bringing its fresh sunshine produce into the mix. Healthy eating is big here, with an array of fantastic sushi restaurants, alfresco vegan eateries and green juice bars. You’ll also find some of the best Mexican food outside of Mexico, a thriving Asian food scene in places like Koreatown, and a fine line in steak and burger joints. Basically, there’s an exciting new food treat to try at every turn.

To sample some of the best Los Angeles dining, head to:>

Urasawa for exceptional five-star sushi (with a five-star price tag to match)

A.O.C for quintessential Californian cuisine, pretty outdoor dining and cocktails

Guerilla Tacos for innovative farm-to-truck tacos

Lizzie Elle

I have wanted to live in LA since I was 11 (14 years ago), and I got the chance to visit in August. I was able to spend time in Silverlake (and at Intelligentsia) from your recommendation (loved it by the way)! I immediately felt home and that LA was where my soul belongs just as I thought from age 11. I have been working my booty off to save money because I want to have several months of rent money saved up so I have some security. I have been feeling a little discouraged lately from some setbacks but this video just revved up my motivation! I can't wait to live in LA!! My goal is to be there by the end of August!

Sata Monica

Come on out to L.A. It's a blast.

I moved here in 1986 (yep, I'm old), and I'm telling you, every year I love this city more. Contrary to stereotypes, I find the people here really friendly and down to earth. Just walking through my neighborhood, I end up in all kinds of cool, random convos with strangers.

Think of your move to L.A. like entering into a fun, crazy, colorful video game. You'll level-up as you go along...just get in the game and play!