Moving to Liverpool discussion

Negative reviews


Not sure what to make of this as a tourist attraction. 

Found it a bit boring.

Not much happening.

There is tate gallery, the Beatles tour or museum some eating places and some boutique shops.

There was a fun fair on the promenade.

Not sure if I would revisit in a hurry. If you don't visit the Beatles or the Tate it is almost a half hour destination.

Bearing in mind it was winter so it was cold on the docks.

But even with the unfair present and the eye it juat didnt really seem like a exciting place.

I think i was expecting more.

Lawrence N

A friend and I have just spent a few days in Liverpool. One of the reasons for going was to see the cathedral. We arrived on Monday to find the entrance cordoned off and security guards standing around. We said we wanted to go inside but were told the cathedral was closed to the public for a week because they were holding graduations. Imagine our dismay. We voiced concern and were eventually told that we could probably look inside at 5 pm just before what was repeatedly referred to as "Eveningsong" at 5.30 pm. We were then told that if we walked round the side we could get into the shop. We had no wish to do that. The following day we went to the cathedral at 5.10 and managed to get inside but were almost immediately approached by a man who asked if we were there for the service so we said no and were promptly told to "make your way out". We felt unwelcome and unwanted and gave up. The following day we went to the Roman Catholic cathedral and enjoyed a much more positive experience but I will review that elsewhere.

Neutral reviews

Adam Ward

First bit of advice is, DONT. As a scouser myself if you do decide to move, keep all your valuables locked up VERY safe. Dont let your children out past 6pm, and do not make eye contact with the scally bag ed lads on the corner of the strand. Also keep your doors locked at all times wether in your house or out. Wether in your car, or out. As a victim of knifepoint for a gold Ford Focus X reg (2000) (yes, this is how sad and pathetic some scallys are) I advise just be safe and cautious. Other than that the night life's is AMAZING. Get to pop world have a boogey and get a delta taxi back home after scranning ur Burger King or maccies. you will make friends at every place you visit as we are genu friendly people and you will come to realise good and the bad of the city. WELCOME TO LIVERPOOL

Alex Palmer

Live on the Wirral instead. Areas such as Wallasey and Birkenhead are actually closer in travel time than most residential areas in Liverpool like Waver tree and often give you more bang for your buck in terms of housing.

If you have a car and plan on driving then you can go further to area like Heswall and get an even bigger house in an incredible neighborhood for a cheap price.

The Wirral is also packed with grammar schools should you have children.


I would avoid Walton and Bootle, having lived and know people who still live in both those areas I would advise against the areas plus Walton specifically has a few bigger gangs 

Liverpool is a nice place and I've lived there my whole life (only 17 but) and have only been victim to 1 crime which was a break in where only a wallet was taken, and that was in Walton :')


Im from Liverpool but live abroad in my Mrs' home country but I think the same thing applies regarding Brexit here or there, if you are thinking of going go now before it hits. I reckon that once it hits, in is in, will be harder for newcomers but I dont reckon people already there will be booted out.

Not sure but I would try to find some accomodation in the centre, shared if need be. Student style accomodation. There are a few bad areas, small scale gangs. The better areas Im afraid you probably wont be able to afford to live in at least at the beginning

There are a number of Brazilian restaurants and bars in Liverpool, I would deffo contact them. Other Spanish type tapas bars like La Tasca often have Mediterranean types working there.

Buses are expensive and a bit shit, loads of traffic. Central work and accomodation is the best idea.

Portuguese wont have any trouble, similar to Spanish, Italians, Greeks. If you were a "Pole"(basically anyone from Central-Eastern Europe) you might get a few mutters from people in not the best jobs as they are feeling the heat in competition and lowering of wages. But I havent heard of any specific trouble and Ive known Czech & Slovaks in the city who've had no trouble whatsoever. But yeah, Portuguese, no trouble, the opposite probably. Seems to be a Brazilian Liverpool group on Internations, not sure how well you fellas get along - I find Brits, Yanks and Irish tend to mix well as expats.

London is a rat race. Liverpool will have a similar bit of bustle but will be a bit more personal rather then anonymous.

Yep always something going on.

Positive reviews

Aditi Chawla

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for taking that decision.

I shifted to Liverpool from India in 2014, stated for a year and shifted back again in July 2017. I’ve travelled a fair bit and I must say, Liverpool is my most favourite place in the world.

It’s a wonderful place. It has all the charms of a smaller Cory and all the conveniences of a bigger one. The people are simple, warm and very friendly.

The first thing I’d recommend if you’re shifting here would be, take a home near the city centre, preferably walking distance. The houses near the city centre are relatively affordable (when compared to London). You’d be able to walk down to all touristy places. The Docks are wonderful to stroll through at any time of the year and theatres and most cultural events happen near the city centre. You won’t miss any of the happening events if you’re near the city centre (postcode L1, L2, L3).

You may not have to invest in a car. Public transport is accessible, affordable and pretty well connected, especially from the city centre area. Even the main train station connecting to other cities would be at a walking distance.

It’s a culturally rich city. Catch theatre and music if you can. Attend events, eat out at some amazing cafes ad restaurants and have an amazing time exploring the city, it’s culture and most importantly the lovely people here.


I live in liverpool, people always make jokes about it saying it's a **** hole and full of crime. But un my experience that's not the case. I feel very safe here, it's a great affordable place to live with everything you need at your doorstep.

If you're looking for somewhere to live but can't afford/ don't want to live in the city centre then I reccommend the L15/ wavertree area. Many lovely houses and flats, safe area and all necassary shops close.

If you don't want to live in the "rough" areas then avoid toxteth and croxteth. Though I've lived in both those areas and never had a problem.

Not all scouse women wear tonnes of make up no  but it is common on nights out.


I don't know if racism is a problem as I haven't lived there (though I know the city fairly well), but I wouldn't describe Liverpool as multicultural as such. It's largely white, much more so than other main cities. I don't really think there'll be any bother in that respect though, and I have found Liverpudlians to be friendly on the whole.


Liverpool is actually a very clean and interesting City. Visiting all the City sights via Open top bus was perfect. So much to see and do but it was easy to get off and on. The Cathedral tower was a strenuous climb to the top but the bells were interesting and views were great. We loved taking the Beatles Story Museum great history of the Fab 4! The River Cruise was a disappointment after standing in a long line for almost an hour. The engines were so loud you could not hear any narration and it was just a brief trip up and across the river. I visited the U-Boat Museum but it was so-so. I would skip this part of the excursion. We missed seeing Paul McCartney by a day and all the statues of the Beatles were interesting. I would have liked to have gone to the art museum but didn't have enough time.

We didn't take as much advantage of this as we could have. But we packed too much into our trip. The river cruise gives you a beautiful view of the city and a little history along the way. It takes about 50 minutes. The bus tours goes around and there are lots of places to get on/off - we just rode it all thru to get the highlights. The Cathedral is fantastic, but we didn't take advantage of the full ticket here. This is a great way to get an overview of Liverpool.

Alina G

I've just visited Liverpool with my family and we went to Royal Albert Dock.It was an amazing pleasure to see those amazing views that Liverpool offers you.Its a must !!

Sid S

Went to see the the Little Giants, what a great atmosphere it was. While we were there we saw an advertisement of fireworks so we booked a hotel by Albert Docks, we loved this experience, the synchronicity of the firework display from two boats was mesmerising experiences. Absolutely beautiful scenery surrounding the dock.Since last time we visited Liverpool, you can’t imagine that the city have done such a wonderful job by turnings old warehouses into a breathtaking setting of different attractions shops restaurants museums cafes and bars around Albert Docks. There is so much to see, the openness of the city, lot of relaxing places, we can’t wait to go back to Liverpool and stay by Albert Docks. 

Alina G

If you visit Liverpool its a must to visit the Cathedral,the inside views are really nice.You can even go at the top to see the views the Liverpool offers you.


Wirral!!!! Great schools, the beach, nice restaurants. We live in Meols but West Kirby and Heswall are lovely too. I commute on the train, it's 20 mins from Meols to James St for the city centre. Lots of my work colleagues live on the Wirral, it's a very popular option for commuting to Liverpool.


I think you do need to give some more info about you and your situation - Allerton is popular with young professionals, same with Sefton Park area - lots of bars and restaurants, easy commute to the city centre etc. Lots of flats. Mossley Hill is more family friendly. Southport and Formby are both nice - Formby is lovely, but they are both further out and the commute would be longer. As PP said, the traffic from Liverpool to Southport is horrendous at the best of times, but there is a train line - the Southport trains go to Moorfields and Central. 

Schools in Liverpool would be a concern if you have children. Wirral has grammar schools and there are lots of great primaries. The schools in Liverpool are much more varied and many of the better ones are private or faith schools. With a family, I would choose Wirral.


I agree with a pp in that you should maybe rent somewhere for 6 months to get a feel for the surrounding areas. 

You could get a 2 bed flat near the city centre within walking distance to work so even if it cost slightly more it would be offset by no commuting costs.

Both Liverpool and Wirral have some great areas. School wise it would be Wirral hands down, but with no kids and social life i'd go for Liverpool. 

I lived in New Brighton for a while. Right by the Beach and 20 mins by train direct to city centre for work.