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Negative reviews


It’s actually funny that everyone wants to come to Lisbon. I was born and live in Lisbon and I am waiting for my retirement (still decades to go :)) to go elsewhere. This city is pretty stressful, polluted and there are almost no parks. Portugal is a flower and if you are looking for quality of life there are better places to live over here.

Joao Reply

Lisbon is getting way too popular. I think expats should be considering other cities in Portugal where the weather is also great (or even better 🙂 I leave some suggestions of beautiful places/cities: Porto, Coimbra, Aveira, Braga, Guimaraes, Obidos, Ericeira (all north of Lisbon), Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, Alcochete, Costa da Caparica (around Lisbon), Comporta, Troia, Sesimbra, Lagos, Tavira, Alvor, Vilamoura, Faro (all south of Lisbon). These places are much cheaper than Lisbon, it is way easier to find a nice flat and arguably the quality of life is higher than in Lisbon, which can be a tough stressful city especially for older people.

Neutral reviews

Marek Reply

Hah I do hear criticism of Lisbon sometimes from locals. Try living in London for a while and Lisbon will seem like paradise 😉 Most people I know moving to Lisbon are young(-ish) and working, so having a working expat community in the city makes things a lot more interesting, and there’s a lot of fun stuff to do in the city. For quiet retirement, there are maybe better options around in Portugal.

Hila Schwartz

Amazing article! another tip, if you are moving to Lisbon and looking for a learning activity, I recommend on contacting They will find a place for you to do yoga, learn Portuguese and what ever you with to learn. Good luck in your move!


compared to the other capitals of Europe Lisbon offers an exceptional quality of life for a low cost of living. In the middle of an economic and touristic boom Lisbon is in transition with a big dynamism.


Haven’t had much time to explore yet, been sorting out paperwork. But so far so good. People are super nice and helpful. It’s not crowded like London and you are never too far from a beach haha.

Public transport is very cheap. Don’t think I’ll need a car for now.

I’m saving this and will update in a couple of weeks again. I’ll PM you my email, if that helps.

Positive reviews


I can definitely see why you guys love Lisbon so much, I only spent three days there a few years ago and I loved it. I can definitely imagine it would be hard to feel truly like you belong there, especially because English isn’t the primary language, even if it is spoken widely. I have lived in five countries but all of them are English speaking which massively helps in feeling a sense of belonging and understanding the intricacies of the culture. But in saying that, some of those countries I felt a stronger sense of belonging than others – I could live in Canada for the rest of my days and feel right at home, while Australia never felt like the right fit.


Great insights, I’m heading to Lisbon in the New Year, it sounds like a great place to work, write, and enjoy life without too much stress. Cheers !


Hi! I just came across your blog. I am so happy to see you are thoroughly enjoying Lisbon. I am Portuguese, American born but a citizen of Portugal since I have Portuguese parents. My children are now citizens as well. Portugal

Is a very special place. I adore Lisbon as well as we are also moving to Lisbon at the end of this year! We are very excited. i am going there to earn my PhD and so thrilled to raise out daughters in Portugal. Lisbon is definitely becoming a real tech hub, and it is projected to possible be the tech capital of Europe in a few years. I am sure you have visited LX Factory…great area to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Lisbon is getting more expensive but it is still much less expensive than most Europe capital cities, i.e., London, Paris, etc. I do wish you the best and thank you for sharing how wonderful Portugal is!

Alexa Likes

Incrediable!!! I just visited Lisbon in November and fell in love with the city and people! You'll love it


I’ve been to Lisbon like 3 times and love it!!! Seriously considering moving there this year too

Danica Christin

That's awesome! My sister lived in Lisbon for a few months, she loved it


Thanks to its coastal location, Lisbon offers easy access to delightful sandy beaches, and those along the coast at Estoril are particularly popular during the summer months. Head to Cascais for an upmarket beach vibe in the company of well-heeled Lisboetas, or further west for a wilder, more relaxed experience.


Lisbon is the best city in the world! Ok, I may be a little biased, since I’m portuguese (from the Azores) and have lived in Lisbon for many years… I’m currently living in Zurich, Switzerland, which I also love, but I think sooner or later I’ll be back. Sonja, let me know if you ever decide to move there – would be happy to give you some tips 😉


My husband and I are considering retiring in Cascais next year from the US. I had a short stay in Lisbon this month before heading to Italy, but I quickly fell in love. My husband was not with me on this trip so we are planning a trip together for next year. Such warm people!