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I live about 10 miles away from Leeds in a reasonably sized town. I don't know where you live now or how much you intend to spend on a property. Are you wanting to move to somewhere fairly quiet with good commuting opportunities or nearer the centre in the hub of it? The train links are good to Leeds and there are lots of buses, but like cars you tend to get stuck in traffic jams at rush hour. I personally would hate to work in Leeds just because of the traffic issues but I wouldn't think it even compares with London traffic.

I don't really know much about the good and bad areas of Leeds but there are some grot spots as well as 'millionnaire's row'.

The wages up here don't compare with southern wages in many jobs but then the cost of living is probably less too. A nice, newish 4 bedroom detached house is around £200k in my town but slightly more nearer to the city centre.

I don't know how old your children are but I think the younger the better for a move and I personally think that it is unfair to move once children become teenagers as schooling and friends are much more important at this age.


I'm living on Welton Road in the Hyde Park area currently and we were burgled on Christmas day, all 130 rooms in our apartment complex

Unfortunately it seems to be the norm around here

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avoid beeston, hunslet, middleton and hyde park (students) and woodhouse

meanwood, headingley and kirkstall are quite nice areas,though central headingley is mostly full of students.


Leeds is like any other city - it has its good points and bad points.

Unfortunately, burglaries are quite common in the student areas e.g. Hyde Park, but that's because burglars know that students are easy targets and some students are not very careful - walking through the park after dark, leaving windows open, keeping the door unlocked to pop out to the shop for a couple of minutes, having valuables on show, etc.

From what I have heard Burley is supposed to be more mixed - students, families and young professionals, compared to Hyde Park and Headingley, which are highly populated student areas.

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Like anywhere there's Leeds and then there's Leeds. LS covers a large area, you need to think about where you're wanting to move to. Generally it's a great place to live imo and it just needs the council to stop faffing around about public transport initiatives that go nowhere.


Leeds is genuinely a really nice city, not dissimilar to what I've experienced of Newcastle, and I personally prefer it Manchester, although I'm sure others might disagree. It's particularly benefitting from the large amount of investment it's received over than last few years and is noticeably still on the up. I would say prices for renting in Leeds are perhaps a little higher than some other places, but that obviously depends on the location and how far out from the centre you are. Speaking of location, definitely do some research before you decide where in Leeds you'd like to move to, as some parts are considerably nicer than others and some parts you'd really do better to avoid. The other thing to look at is whether there's much going in your line of work, we got loads of hospitality stuff, lots of music and media, and lots developer jobs, but I'm sure a quick google would throw up if there stuff that suits you.


It's not a sector I know particularly intimately, but I would say there's a fairly strong healthcare industry in Leeds, with 2 large hospitals, a clinical testing facility and numerous GP's etc.

There's a bit of information in the subreddit wiki about various areas in Leeds. To be in an area with lots of other young people, I would personally suggest Headingley, which is a lovely part of Leeds, the only thing to be aware is that it's an area heavily populated by students, but whether or not that is a positive or a negative is down to personal preference. If you're earning a reasonable amount you could also consider city centre (places such as Leeds dock) which definitely costs a bit more, but is a great place to be, with easy access to the centre and to all the transport links.


I'm in my early 20s and moved here from Essex in September. Got a job here and living in the city centre with my boyfriend. I love it - it's such a nice city!


I can't give any pointers as to whether it's a good idea to move - your choice.

Being a long way from childrens grandparents does mean that visits turn into military operations, depending on the age of your children. Our trip to each set of grandparents is currently 250 miles each way. Not an enticing thought but has to be done.

Leeds is an excellent place to be. The amount of investment in the city is truely staggering. The town centre is lovely, and there are some wonderful areas to live in the nearby areas. Sure, there are some not so good areas, but every city has them. However, if you choose carefully there are plenty of great areas within an easy commute of Leeds/Bradford/Sheffield and even Manchester.

Yorkshire people are extremely friendly. I'm sure you'll meet people with no problem (through school organisations and such like).

If we could move from Surrey to Yorkshire, we would !. The pace of life is easier, people talk to you, shops have stock on the shelves and the places to visit are numerous. The Dales and Pennines are fantastic. Not to be missed and great for children.


My daughter is at uni in Leeds and to get there we drive through Ilkley, which is about half-an-hour away and is lovely. There are also Otley (even nearer) and Keighley - not sure how far that is - all really nice places and not too big.

Don't know where you live now, crystaltips - city, town or country? It could make a difference to how soon you and the kids felt settled, or you might prefer a change. My DD loves Leeds anyway, FWIW (different for a student though, I know!)


Yorkshire is a wonderful place to live, I lived there many years ago and absolutely loved it - busy, exciting vibrant cities plus beautiful countryside- and nice people. I think it's a great mix.

I think moving can be really great, we did it three years ago - to a place neither DH or I knew, we knew no one, it was wonderful to get to know a new area, new friends, places to go etc - I think I was quite stuck in a rut before, it did me the world of good.


Hi, it depends what you are looking for, how far out of Leeds centre you want to be, and how much money you have to spend! there are nice suburban areas to the north (Eg Roundhay, Headingley and Calverley) which are still inside the ringroad. A bit further out, you can feel quite rural but without actually going that far. There are some delightful villages towards Wetherby and Harrogate, but it gets pricier.

If you are looking for a bit of the South East transplanted to Yorkshire, then Harrogate itself fits the bill. Basically the Leeds area is a real mixture, it's got everything from Emmerdale-like villages to nice big Victorian houses and parks to swanky city-centre stuff. And then some not so nice bits too. But you can take your pick!


He said he didn't want posh so Ilkley is out!

Basically in Leeds you want to avoid everywhere in the east and south and most of the west. Exceptions in the south are Morley which is generally okay and in the east Crossgates is generally okay.

Anywhere north of the ring road on the top side of Leeds is a safe bet, pretty much anywhere from Rodley through Horsforth (A65), Rawdon, Cookridge, Headingley (very studenty but desirable area to live - close to the town centre = high rents), Lawnswood, Adel, Bramhope (A660), Moortown (parts), Alwoodley (A61), Shadwell. You'll be lucky to see any change out of £500/month for a relatively small 1 bed flat in these areas (private lets, not via agencies). One you start getting out into the suburbs like Ilkley, Otley, Addingham etc, you'll be needing an extra £100-150 on top of that.

Other okay areas : Roundhay, Oakwood, West Park, Pudsey (parts), Yeadon (parts), Guiseley (parts), Meanwood (parts), Kirkstall & Burley (parts, very studenty), Chapel Allerton (parts), Churwell, Gildersome, New Farnley, Stanningley, Calverley, Holt Park (parts).

Avoid : Belle Isle, Middleton, Gipton, Beeston, Holbeck, Hunslet, Cottingley, Little London, Sheepscar, Burmantofts, Richmond Hill, Harehills, Halton, Halton Moor, Whitkirk, East End Park, Whinmoor, Seacroft, Bramley & Armley (some small areas okay, but most of it not good), Farnley, Scotthall, Chapeltown, Hyde Park, Woodhouse.

I can put you in touch with a decent private landlord with a lot of properties in Leeds if you like. He may be able to sort you something out. PM me if you want his details.


and avoid Belle Isle and Gipton - corpy, chav sh!tholes!

The really, really posh areas are Adel, Roundhay, Ilkley, Addingham etc.

Guiseley is a nice compromise. 10 mins by train (20 mins by road) to Leeds or (God forbid!) Bradford city centre, 10 mins by train to Ilkley, every shop you could need - including a Next, M&S and now a drivethru Boots! In 40 mins you're in the Dales and in less than an hour you're in the Lakes.



I think you will find the cost of living here much cheaper!.I was in Dublin in April and thought it was very expensive.

Leeds is a vibrant city,with loads of places to eat and drink.If you like shopping,you will be spoilt for choice.From one of the largest indoor markets where you can virtually buy anything,to upmarket retail outlets like The Victoria Quarter.

It's got open areas like Roundhay Park,museums etc.

We are really spoilt here because within 15 minutes you can be out and about in the countryside.Loads of places to visit within easy travelling distance.

If you are planning on driving here the city's 'loop road' can be a bit of a nightmare till you get used to it!.

Can't help with estate agents as not used one for years,just google it.If there are any properties that appeal post a thread on here about the area,we are a friendly bunch!.

I am sure others will be able to provide you with more info,good luck!.


North Leeds is very much more expensive housing wise. If you come to the south -east of the city (towards Wakefield) there's lots of choice of family housing, whilst keeping good communications and transport into Leeds. When we moved to the area many moons ago now, my husband worked to the south east of the city centre. We literally drew a circle on a map of ten miles radius round where he would be working, and then looked at villages that came within the circle. That meant he never had a big commute and could be home within 15 minutes of leaving work, which was a big plus as he worked shifts for a long time. Will you be renting at first or buying straight away do you think? Renting means you can 'try out' different areas. Towards Ilkley/ Otley is lovely and has good train links in to Leeds, but you sound as if you might have to work variable hours? It's also quite expensive to buy in that area.


Oh, forgot to say there are loads and loads of lovely places to visit in the general area, It's so central and caters for all tastes from shoppers to outdoor types! York is only 30 minutes by train for example. And with two young children there are the delights of the east coast at Scarborough and Whitby. Bet you can't wait to move now eh? :-) Plus it's only two hours by train to London!


Hi there

We (me, wife, 4 yr old and 2 yr old) live in North Leeds which is a really nice area to stay in- good schools, shops, easy access to city centre etc.Handy too for Roundhay park which is great and not too far from places like Harrogate for day trips