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which means they have lousy water quality. I would plan on having a water filter or buying all drinking water. Cotton requires lots of pesticides...

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As far as housing in Larisa goes, those apartments closer to the city center are a tad more expensive . . 300-400 for a one bedroom. I live outside of the center but walk into town most everyday . . which takes 25 minutes so not far. Apartments in my area, which is quite nice, are a tad less . . . 250 a month, just because we are outside the center. However, you can find a place to park at anytime which isn't always possible in the center.

Other than that, the city itself isn't spectacular but it is situated nicely. The sea is a 30 minute drive as are the mountains. It has definitely grown on me. There is less English spoken here than you would find in Athens or Thessaloniki so learning at least some Greek is going to be very beneficial.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.


Larissa is known by many different names. It is the capital of the Thessaly region of Greece; the City of the Greek God Achillles; and the final resting place of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Expatriates have been living in Larissa for thousands of years, and the city is still growing. It is impossible to live in Larissa without thinking about its history, and the remarkable characters who have walked here throughout the ages. Expats living in Larissa would do well to spend some time at the local sights, such as The Ancient Theatre, The Fortress Hill and the Ancient Agora, in order to fully soak up the wealth of history in this beautiful city.



Larissa has a thriving tourism industry, but like the rest of Greece, it was impacted by the global economic crisis. Make sure you have a job lined up before you arrive, as you may face stiff competition from the local population. Browse through InterNations’ Expat Magazine and the discussion boards and forums for expatriate stories about what to expect when you are working in Larissa or Greece in general. Learning the Greek language would be an obvious advantage for anyone considering a move to Larissa, but thanks to the established local tourism industry, many locals speak at least a few words of English. If you intend to learn Greek before moving to the country, start early. It is a tricky language with difficult letterings and formations, but once you have had your first conversation in Greek with a local Larissa resident, you will know you have truly arrived.


There is only one book you need to read in preparation for moving to Larissa: Homer’s Iliad. Larissa is name-checked several times in Book II of this famous tome, and although the city has fewer Pelasgian spearsmen today, it can still feel very much like a place borne out of fantasy. From the tiny cobbled streets, to the majestic ancient architecture, the countryside dotted with olive trees, and the crystal blue waters of the coast, expatriates in Larissa might get the impression they have relocated to what is most people’s idea of paradise. Of course, the reality is somewhat different. European nationals will have few problems getting a working visa for Greece, but non-Europeans could run into obstacles, depending on their profession and academic background. Before moving to Larissa, make sure you have all your paperwork in order, and are aware of any potential issues, such as finding a place to live. Existing and former Greek expats are the best source of advice in this case, and you can get in touch with them via the InterNations’ forums.


In the region of Thessaly, a capital city lies surrounded by lush valleys, and some of the most imposing mountains in Greece. Larissa, with a population of approximately 130,000 residents, is a city where ancient history and long tradition in agriculture meet the modern way of living. To the north and east, Kamvounia mountains, Titaros, Olympus (with the highest mountain peak in Greece reaching 2,917m.), Ossa (or Kissavos) and Mavrovouni form a natural enclave. Here the micro-climatic conditions create an ideal wild life habitat. The soil of the area is also exceptionally fertile: cotton, grains, watermelon, melon, tobacco, vegetables, wine and tsipouro are only some of this land’s agricultural products. Larissa is also the centre of the economic activity in Thessaly with an ongoing development in industry, as well as the service sector.


Walk all the way to Larissa’s busy commercial centre, which is developed in an extensive network of pedestrianized streets. Go out on a late-night, or morning shopping; shop for you, your family, or your home, and stroll slowly around the city-centre. Combine your shopping experience with a visit to the Archaeological museum, or the Historical & Folk Art museum and the Municipal Library, or attend painting and sculpture exhibitions at the Municipal Art Gallery. When night sets in, enjoy musical concerts, or theatrical plays staged by the famous Thessalian Theatre, and discover the city’s bursting night-life in its numerous bars, night clubs, and interesting music scenes.


Therefore, Larissa has the largest urban café concentration in Greece and its main industry is selling coffee. Furthermore, this type of business has shown great resistance to the economic crisis that hit Greece. From January 1, 2011, to June 30, 2014, 447 coffee businesses started operating in the municipality of Larissa, while during the same period, 372 coffee businesses closed down.

Positive reviews

Carol Kariotis

I love Larissa. It is where my husband grew up and now that we are both retired, we spend at least 4 months per year there. However, I have had difficulty finding expatriates living there. My Greek is not good but I am learning. I would like to find some friends of my own and not have to depend on my husband’s friends. I am very interested in book clubs, the arts community and maybe even eventually exhibiting my own work.
Larissa is a perfect size, loads of history, beautifully planned city center, and has everything one needs and wants ........ just not expatriates that I have found.

Jye Dess

Beautiful city