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Public transportation in Kansas City is only subpar. The bus system for downtown, which is part of the Kansas City Transportation Authority, or KCATA for short, is decent. However, it’s a different story everywhere else. Buses do not often service the larger areas of the city. If you're moving to Kansas City, then you are going to need a car.


One thing that is definitely a pro when it comes to living in Kansas City: you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic very often. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Kansas City has some of the quickest commutes in the country when compared to the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. It averages out to about 22.9 minutes, which means Kansas City has the fifth shortest commute time in the US.


Kansas City offers a nice mixture of urban and suburban communities from which to choose. You can easily find an area of Kansas City that will make you feel like you belong immediately. A few of the more notable areas to think about living in if you’re moving to Kansas City are listed below.


Our best advice, move here! There are pros and cons to living in Kansas City…but it’s like that everywhere. The pros of living in KC, definitely outweigh the cold winters & stereotypes that you’re a farmer…

These Kansas City tips will help you adjust to KC in no time! All you have to do is get out there. 🙂


With an unemployment rate that is lower than the national average, Kansas City is a major hub for agribusiness, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. Beef processing, the federal government, and banking has always been at the heart of the economy here, but with the arrival of a number of high-tech companies, Kansas City is quickly becoming the center of tech development in the Midwest.


Moving to a new home can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be. If you're planning a move to Kansas City, we're here to help. As a full-service local K.C. moving company, we go above and beyond to make your move to The Fountain City as easy as possible. From helping you source out storage to providing you with professional packing services, our goal is to move you, not just your boxes.


Kansas City is growing rapidly, and you can breathe here.


I'm not sure what you mean by metropolitan hub. Kansas City metropolitan area is 2.1 million people.

If Kansas City were in Canada it would be the 4th largest city (and way bigger than the next one after).

If it were in France it would be the 2nd largest.

Like if you mean "doesn't have subways" we know it's not New York or London, but if you are looking for a mega-city don't beat around the bush.


One thing I notice about Kansas City is that it is green, forested, and rather hilly here, if you drive 100 miles west of here it is brown and dusty all the way to California. That was my perception on a motorcycle trip at least. :)

We have four seasons, which I like. The hottest of hot and the coldest of cold, with basically great weather in between.

I bet you find yourself going out in the country for fun, at least we do. Like Louisburg, Weston, Lake of the Ozarks is great (but definitely 'murican in a fun way)

What else... tons of diversity here, especially in tech, at least half my office is from India ( a big company).

You can fly to Colorado and play in the mountains in a little under two hours for $100 if you plan ahead. I rent a storage unit with a bunch of camping stuff and an older truck in it because we go every month or so.

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Relocating to Kansas City for a new job or new adventure? You won’t be disappointed. The city continues to earn national recognition for its cost of living, food, and world-class attractions. With many businesses headquartered in Kansas City, there’s a strong and skilled workforce. With affordable housing, it’s a great city to raise a family while maintaining your retirement goals.


The cost of living is similar on the Kansas and Missouri sides, although there are slight tax differences.

In Missouri, taxes are lower than Kansas.

If you live in Kansas City, you’ll pay a 1-percent earnings tax. While this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider when you budget. Keep financial planning top of mind when relocating.

The earnings tax pays for basic City services like repairing the roads, trash, and salaries for police, fire, and paramedics.


"I love Kansas City because anything you could ever want for, you can find here. We may not have the mountains or the ocean, but everything else we do have makes up for the things we "lack." There is such a strong sense of belonging and pride here. We are all the sum of our parts, Kansas City. I am definitely not a city-living girl, but being here, I get the same diversity and culture as the city, without all of the people. There are times when you can be in the heart of downtown, and there are people everywhere, and other times where you can lay down in the middle of the street because you are utterly alone. That is something that I have only found here. The sense that you're part of something much bigger, but still able to maintain that you're an individual, not just a number in a sea of a million others." — Beth


Kansas City is a great place to raise a family. There are tons of kids activities all over town and the people couldn’t be more friendly. Our city has a small-town feel with the comforts of city life.


Kansas City experiences is a great place for people who enjoy all four seasons. The summers are hot and humid - perfect for those long lazy days around the pool, or enjoying a round of golf. Winters here are cold, snowy and dry, with an annual average snowfall of about 14 inches. During the springtime, flowers bloom throughout the city, while crisp fall temperatures make for great fall color viewing throughout the region.


There are over 240 distinct neighborhoods in Kansas City, with a wide variety of both urban and suburban housing options. The River Market is popular choice among young urbanites who live in the converted lofts and condominiums that surround the historic Kansas City Farmer's Market. Westside ranks among the most popular neighborhoods for families, while Brookside offers sprawling detached homes, numerous schools, and several shops and restaurants.


Not only is The Kansas City Star the biggest newspaper in the entire surrounding metropolitan area, but it’s also got the highest number of readers of any other newspaper publication in the state of Missouri. Reaching more than 250,000 readers every day and nearly 360,000 on Sundays, The Star is well respected for its past accomplishments as well as for its high credibility in reporting news stories without political bias. A recipient of eight Pulitzer Prizes since its start in 1880, The Kansas City Star is published every day of the week and contains all a new resident needs to keep abreast of developing news and community events. The paper’s most famous alumnus is a writer you may have heard of: Ernest Hemingway.


I grew up in Africa and spent a couple years living in China. But I chose to make Kansas City my home. It’s just an overall good place to live. But China is a hell of a lot of fun too. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either.


I love KC and have no intentions of leaving. All of the pros that everyone has said about KC are true. That said, no it's not a major US hub nor is it close to an Asian hub. If all other things were equal and I had a guaranteed good living in a major Chinese city, I don' t think I'd pass that up for KC. Regardless, KC is still really great and you won't make a wrong choice.