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I live in Hasselt and it is a great city for younger people to live.


Why don't you drive to Hasselt or take the bus there? It is not far from Sint Truiden.

There is a train line which links Landen with Hasselt via Sint Truiden, that might be a starting point, as trains are faster than buses and cars. The trains to Landen usually continue to Leuven and Brussels. If you are under 26, I'd spend 12 euro on a GO UNLIMITED train card and spend a week travelling around to experience towns and villages for yourself.

I really would not choose on the opinions of others. Surely your opinions matter.

A quick way of comparison is to use google images and Wikipedia - you can see Sint Truiden is smaller but it is without more picturesque.

Your choice might come down to housing in the end. is the easiest way to find it.


I'm from hasselt myself. We have quiet a few bars but it realy depends on what you're looking for.

We have the more casual tapas bar ( it's realy nice, casual, nice wine and homemade tapas. if you're into beer we have a "dark bar" ( this is more alternative, allot of older people come here aswell (read 40-50ish).

We have "het hemelrijk"  this is a real beer bar, they have an insane amount of beers.


I was in Hasselt for 4 days three weeks ago. It is OK but not stunning. I would not consider staying there unless there are spectacular New Year celebrations.

Leuven would be a far more attractive city


Bars/restaurants in Hasselt:

- Irish Pub: good vibe, rather expensive though

- Right next to it is an Indian restaurant and a Thai restaurant (rather mainstream, European). Both are very good.

- Pocco Matto & Pizza, pasta e basta are 2 very good Italian places.

- Decent French fries on the 'Kolonel Dusart plein'.

- 20-25 euro restaurant: 't Magazijn

Everything is walkable in Hasselt. Have fun. It's a nice city with good vibe. Not that much to see though.

From the station there's the free 'boulevardpendel=BP' that drives around the city. It has several stops on the small ring around Hasselt. The free 'centrumpendel=CP' takes you to the grand plaza and back. I think they ride from 7.00-18.00.

Don't spend too much time in Genk.

You could also take the bus to Genk. There are a lot of busses leaving from Hasselt station. I believe 45 and 36 are the fastest to Genk station. Price will be 2-3 euro single.


Trains from Hasselt to Leopoldsburg (on the way to Mol) take 25 mins direct and cost is €4.60 single, €5.40 weekend return. That is 15 km from Peer, which is served by De Lijn bus 302 from Leopoldsburg Station (coming from Geel, direction Maaseik; takes 19 mins, once an hour, 6 mins past each hour: see, or you could take a taxi: Taxi BB (Bollen Bart) will come out from Peer, phone 0477 31 73 00 or you could try Taxi Patrick, 011 74 90 05, or Limburgs Taxipunt: 011 34 48 76, both in Leopoldsburg.

Alternatively, there is also a De Lijn bus from Hasselt to Leopoldsburg (29) but it takes longer than the train: 47 minutes from Hasselt Dusartplein - also calls at Handelsschool and Philips - to Leopoldsburg station.


If you like thai food, and maybe even if you don't, check out Tasty Bowl (Fruitmarkt 34, 3500 Hasselt). Fast foodish, cheap, and really good.


Hasselt has launched a smart city centre distribution system called City Depot. This enables shippers, distributors and investors to keep heavy goods vehicles outside the city centre and to offer a less noisome alternative. City Depot delivers goods to the city's central shopping area and pedestrian zone by electric trucks and cargo bikes.


Just moved to Hasselt and I need some places to hang out!

I just moved to Hasselt from America, and I'm taking Dutch language courses. I'm a 23 year old guy and I want to meet some people to hang out with! I'm interested in art (more street and pop art) and I'm an guitar player. Any suggestions would be helpful!


i live in hasselt! i'm in italia for the moment, i will pm you when i return to the ,imo, best town in belgium.

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Hasselt is a small city of only 77,000 habitants in the Limburg Region of Belgium. Street Art has become one the most important tourist attractions of the city for the last couple years. The city is known for having the first ‘legal’ graffiti walls in Belgium that allowed local and visiting artists to leave their mark. These legal walls opened up the street art scene in Hasselt, which is now receiving recognition for being the oldest street art city in the nation


I am moving to Hasselt!

Hello r/Hasselt! I am relocating to this lovely town for work. I am moving from San Francisco, to Hasselt! I have been here for a week now and I love it!

I was wondering what the best restaurants are around the Grote Markt area? I am staying here for a month, then returning permanently in September! I want to be sure to try as many delicious offerings as I can while I am here!